What Are The Most Dangerous Animals In Indonesia ?

Dangerous animals in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most unique countries in the world, this is the largest island in the world with an area of 735000 square miles. The country is located on the equator and this means that the climate is tropical featuring five months of heavy monsoon rains each year. If you are looking for a tropical island vacation and you do not want to go to the Caribbean, then this is the right place to visit in the east. The tropical climate is perfect because it supports a wide array of fauna and flora and you should try to visit this destination for your vacation. The country has some of the most pristine white sandy beaches and the mega diversity of the area means that you will be so much to see and to do in the region. There are over two hundred mammals that are endemic to Indonesia and the country promises more because it has the right climate and conditions to promote a thriving environment. With its natural diversity, you can see many different creatures, including some dangerous animals in Indonesia you may encounter during your trips. 

Many people know Indonesia because of Bali. This is a place that guarantees you the best holiday feeling and experience because if you want that tranquil location, perfect white sand beaches, and the amazing experience that you want during the holiday then this is a perfect location for you. The lush tropical islands ensure that you get the best from this region and you must always go to the region when the rains have subsided. Since the island is on the equator you will experience sunshine and higher temperature throughout the year. There is a myriad of creatures and animals that you will see in the country during your visit and you should be ready to explore the area.

Indonesian wildlife is known to coexist with people because with the rise in population people have been forced to explore what could otherwise be the natural habitat for the animals. During your visit to Indonesia, you must explore the culture, cuisine, and diversity of the local people. They are very friendly and there is so much that you can see in the country. However, with the perfect tropical climate comes other creatures and animals that might be dangerous to you. It is important to understand that there are dangerous creatures and animals in Indonesia. Some of the dangerous creatures include the following.

Java Rhino

The java rhino is the largest mammal that you can find on the island of java. These rhinos are known to grow up to 13 feet long and they weigh up to 5000 pounds hence they are very humongous creatures. They are usually thriving in the rainforests in the country and although the population is dwindling, they are still the most dangerous creature on java island. You will find others in the national park around the country and they have a horn that can use to kill the prey apart from trampling. You must keep your distance from these creatures.

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Sea Wasp

The sea wasp might seem to be a tiny delicate and beautiful creature. However, this is not the case because these creatures are known to be very dangerous creatures. After all, it is the largest in the box jellyfish family. The wasp is the most venomous marine creature and it is very dangerous because of its camouflaging features. Since it is composed of over 95% water, you might not see it as it is transparent or slightly bluish. These creatures are capable of swimming and you should not be fooled by the tentacles that they will be unable to swim in the waters. They are very good swimmers and can even propel themselves up to 4 knots speed. They have four eyes and this means that they know the location that they are going as opposed to the perception that they are carried by waves.

They can stalk, surround and kill their prey with their long tentacles that are used to deliver a highly venomous substance to the system of the prey. There are over 14 jellyfish species that you are going to encounter during your trip to Indonesia. They have over sixty tentacles and can grow up to 10 feet long. Whenever they come into contact with the skin of the prey then tiny harpoon-shaped creatures will inject the venom into the body of the victim and this will cause heart failure, difficulty breathing, nervous system breakdown, and death of tissues and organs. The venom that is released by the creature in one sting is enough to kill ten adult people hence the need to stay far away from them.

Blue krait

Indonesia is one of the exceptional islands with exceptional snake species. Until the recent century, there have been no sightings of snakes in the country. However, with the changes in the climate and people trying to introduce other creatures to the island there are have survived especially in java. The Malayan krait or what is popularly known as the blue krait is the most venomous snake that you will find in Indonesia and it is among the deadliest creatures on the planet.

These snakes are usually nocturnal and they will hide during the day and appear during the night. During the night they are very dangerous and you are likely to see them roaming across the country. The blue krait grows up to a meter long and according to data over 70% of the bite usually ends up in fatalities.

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Sumatran Tiger

A Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia

Just as the name indicates this is a tiger that is endemic to the region and is known to kill about a hundred people each year. It is imperative to understand that these wild creatures are always dangerous and you should keep your distance whenever you explore their natural habitat. They are mostly found in Sumatra and Bali and although the numbers are diminishing, these creatures are very dangerous that they can attack you anytime. There are only about five hundred of these tigers and it is imperative to note that since some are in zoos then the rest are in the wild. The influence and encroachment of the human population have made it difficult for the tigers to thrive in the wild.

The Sumatran tigers are smaller when compared to other tigers in the world. however, this does not mean that they miss their monster touch because they can attack within seconds. They have very sharp claws and teeth and with their exceptional predatory skills, they can cause severe damage to your vital organs and body. They grow to a meter and a half tall and weigh over two hundred pounds. They have a very precise cut and grab technique that will not allow the prey to leave unless dead. You must avoid the areas that are inhabited by these tigers. Alternatively, always have a guide with you to show you where they stay and maintain the recommended distance.

Komodo dragon

The Komodo dragon is not just something that we watch on television, they exist in real life and you will find them in Indonesia. These monstrous lizards can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds. They are the top predators in the category and they are known to be very lethal when it comes to predatory skills. The Komodo dragon will kill you in seconds and it is imperative to understand that this creature is very dangerous. they will eat anything from wild pigs, buffaloes, and even their young ones. Since their predation is on a higher level, consuming humans is not a big deal because they can do so. There is no fire breathing as we tend to think or see in movies, they kill very gruesomely.

They have a technique of catching their prey by stalking them before charging at high speed and slicing their jugular, this will lead to instant death. They have 60 teeth that are razor sharp and they can teat through flesh, bones, and muscles. Besides, after the attack they inject anti-coagulate toxins which are known to increase blood flow, when this happens the victim will often bleed to death. They will continually consume them as they bleed. There have been over 30 attacks in the last three decades. You must stay away from the habitat of these creatures.

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Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

This humongous creature is the world’s largest reptile and it can grow from 12 to 19 feet depending on the sex of the creature. These are very dangerous creatures because they can consume anything that comes their way. They have a very weird way of camouflaging as they will hide half of their body in water while the nostrils are up. When this happens they can see the prey and wait for it before they can grab and drown them in the water. The saltwater crocodiles usually thrive in river deltas, and mangrove swamps and they can even stay under the water for an hour at ago. These creatures are known to be very patient when waiting for their prey and they will do this before ambushing and crushing them. If you want to explore the Indonesian waters, then you should be sure that there are no crocodiles because they can bite with a pressure of 200 per square inch. This means that their bite is enough to crush the prey and consume them within minutes.

It is important to understand that salty water crocodiles can attack anything on their path and even swift birds are usually caught by their creature. They have a death roll technique in which they grab the victim and roll with them in the water and this often leads to the drowning of the prey. The crocodiles of Indonesia do not necessarily hunt humans, however, if they catch you in the river then they will make you a meal. Always stay at a safe distance from the habitat of these creatures.

Pygmy Elephants

The pygmy elephants that are inhabitants of Indonesia are some of the most dangerous creatures that you can find in the world. these elephants are known to kill over a hundred people annually in the country and there are studies suggesting that the number could be higher. It is imperative to understand that the dynamism of the natural habitat coupled with the ever-changing climatic conditions are causing these animals to be rowdy. The elephants can weigh up to 5 tons and with their sharp tusks and large feet, they are very dangerous creatures. They pose a major threat to humans and you should ensure that you keep your distance from these creatures because they can cause some of the most excessive damage.

These pygmy elephants are mostly found in Borneo and deforestation is causing major challenges to their habitat. This has caused some of the highest numbers of human-animal conflicts in the region. These elephants usually maim or trample on the people in the region. They have become rogue and very dangerous and can attack at any time hence the need to stay safe when visiting the region. They do not need any kind of provocation. Stay safe when traveling to Indonesia.

Java spitting cobra

Perhaps this is among the most dangerous creatures that you are going to find in the country and you should take your time to avoid such creatures. The spitting cobra is one of the most unique snakes and you can be unable to differentiate it from others. They usually do not sit up like other cobras and they usually bite so that they can inject the toxin, unlike the other cobras that usually spit. Venom is very dangerous because when it comes into contact with your skin then it is going to cause severe injuries to your body. You must watch out for these creatures because they can be very dangerous. The venom from the cobra is known to have hemotoxic and cytotoxic properties hence when it enters the bloodstream then it is likely to cause organ failure and the degrading of the central nervous system.

In conclusion, Indonesia promises to give you the best experience in Southeast Asia, and it is a perfect spot for your natural healing, tropical experience as well as pristine beaches. You should visit the country once in your lifetime.


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