Thailand or what is officially known as the kingdom of Thailand is a country that is located in southeast Asia and is in the middle of the Indochinese peninsula with a population of over 70 million people. The country is bordered by countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. According to recent research, Thailand is the most visited southeast Asian country. If you are planning to go on vacation in Southeast Asia then Thailand should be on top of your list because you are guaranteed the best experience. The climate is mostly tropical hence you will experience high temperatures and rains for most parts of the year. The people in this country are charming and friendly and you will not miss places that you can visit or things to do while in the region.

The exquisite country has a wide array of fauna and flora and over twenty million people visit the country annually. With its amazing white sandy beaches, clear seas, and tranquil environment, Thailand presents you with the right tourist destination where you should relax and unwind after a long day or the hustle and bustle of the cities. The diverse country allows you to explore different activities from outdoor adventures to the jungle forests and picturesque islands. There are interior national parks and inner cities with amazing modernized cities that have vibrant nightlife. When visiting you are sure that you will enjoy your time in the region.

Why Thailand?

Phi Phi Island Thailand

Thailand is one of the best countries in the far east and you are going to have a time of your life when you visit the region. The gorgeous beaches and the limestone cast islands and amazing coral reefs are some of the highlights that you should visit while on the island. It is critical that you should check out what this awesome country has to offer.

If you want to check out the inland areas of the country then you are sure to find some of the amazing wildlife that you will not see elsewhere as well as a lush green environment with bustling activities. There is a wide array of hiking trails that you should explore on the island as well as rich jungles that are adorned with beautiful creatures. The elephant sanctuaries are one of the places that you should visit because here you get to ride the elephants.

Thailand is a jaw-dropping destination and you will experience some of the best feelings and adventures when you visit the country. Over 10% of the earth’s reptiles, birds, and mammals are thriving in this country. The exotic animals and birds coupled with deadly snakes are what make Thailand unique. When visiting the country here are the animals that you should watch out for during your travel.


Ants in Thailand

These are some of the creatures that people tend to avoid or assume are not dangerous. however, this is not the case because the reaction that you will get when an ant stings you is different. They have a very nasty poison and they are known to cause swelling, numbness, swelling, and allergic reactions. Whenever you are visiting these areas then you should avoid the areas where the ants are thriving because it will be much better to avoid their attack.


Jellyfish in Phuket

The jellyfish are some of the most dangerous fish species that you will find in Thailand. These fishes are known to thrive in the deep waters and if you are an outdoor enthusiast and you want to go enjoy some swimming then you should be careful and watch out for these creatures because they can be quite dangerous. The jellyfish usually thrive during stormy weather because they are pushed to the shore by the strong currents. During overcast weather, the jellyfish thrive because they do not like the sun and hence you should not go swimming at this time of the day.

In a situation where the jellyfish stings you then it is critical that you remove the jelly from the skin before cleaning the area with vinegar. Jellyfish are the most poisonous sea creatures in the world and the effects of the sting are characterized by sharp pains, swelling of the affected area, muscle stiffness, difficulty breathing, and lowered heartbeat. Since the jellyfish is almost clearly even advanced swimmers are less likely to see it. Box jellyfish is one of the most dangerous fish out there and it is the most common to cause attacks.

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Giant centipedes

The giant centipedes are some of the most popular creatures in the country and they are thriving in cities and the forests as well hence you should be careful when exploring the region. The centipedes often grow to enormous sizes, especially during the rainy season and they like often like to search for an indoor environment to avoid drowning in the heavy rains. They have a venous sting and you should avoid them at all costs because they can cause severe injuries and in some cases paralysis. 

The centipede sting is often characterized by sharp pains, shortness of breath, swelling of the affected area, and muscle cramping among others. In a situation where you feel that the centipede has attacked you then it is important that you seek immediate medical attention because this will guarantee you the best result. The antivenom will work in reversing the effects of the venom submitted by the centipede. They are mostly found in damp places and you should avoid them whenever you can.

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Just as the name indicates, rockfish are fishes that often camouflage as rocks and you will encounter them deep in the waters. You must look at the different parts of the waters to avoid these creatures. Although their sting may not be as deadly as other fishes or crustaceans, it is important that you take your time to evaluate the benefits of staying away from areas that are infested by these fishes. A rockfish sting is often characterized by bleeding, swelling, vomiting, seizures, and breathing problems. It is critical to note that these fishes can swim to the shores and cause severe injuries to people when not attended to immediately.

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Street dogs

Street dogs in Changmai Thailand

Yes, you heard it right. One of the dangerous animals that you should avoid during your trip to Thailand is street or stray dogs. These dogs have become huge numbers and often cause severe bites or injuries. Since it is not known if the dogs are vaccinated against rabies, they might bite you and cause rabies.

Rabies is a very dangerous disease and if it gets to the central nervous system, it might cause insanity. While exploring different parts of the country, you should ensure that you avoid these dogs at all costs because their bites can be deadly. Always walk in areas that are safe and you know them.

Deadly coral

This is one of the things that you should avoid when visiting Thailand because it can cause severe swelling, numbness, and even in some cases organ failure. The corals are razor sharp and they can cause severe cuts hence the reason to avoid areas where these corals are thriving. Living corals usually have stings that are similar to that of jellyfish hence the need to avoid them as well. The waters of Thailand are rich in these creatures and you should always avoid the areas where you know that they are thriving. when you do this, you are less likely to suffer from the deadly cuts of the corals.

Black scorpions

The black scorpions can often be confused with the centipedes that are thriving in the country. These creatures are known to thrive in different parts of Thailand and hence the need to avoid them at all costs. The scorpions have a deadly sting that you should avoid. They have a sharp proboscis on the back and this is used to deliver the venom. The scorpion will deliver venom that can paralyze the victim. In a situation where the crustaceans are in large quantities then it might cause death.

The cases of death from a scorpion sting are less reported, however, it is possible because you can encounter a large group of scorpions, and if they all sting you then it is likely that you might die from the venom. The common side effects of the scorpion venom include severe swelling, numbness, difficulty breathing, sweating, and lowered heart rate among other severe side effects. If the scorpion stings you then it is important that you seek immediate medical attention. For allergic individuals then they should seek immediate medical attention because this can be very dangerous and life-threatening. You should always check your hotel environment or where you are relaxing for these creatures to avoid any mistaken sting.

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Thailand experiences a tropical climate and it is rich in dense forests and frequent rains it is in this context that you are likely to experience a higher population of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are known to irritate and they often thrive in damp environments. The mosquitos are known to spread a wide array of deadly diseases such as chikungunya, zika, dengue fever, and malaria among other protozoan conditions that can be detrimental to the health of the individual.

It is critical that when you are visiting Thailand then you should avoid areas that are filled with mosquitoes because this is critical in avoiding mosquito-related diseases. In addition, you should always carry a mosquito repellant which will help you avoid bites from these insects.


This is another creature that is often good in camouflage. These fishes usually camouflage themselves perfectly so that you will not sense that there are there because of the body markings. However, unknowingly they will attack and you will be shocked by the sharp pains after it has attacked you. They have very nasty stings hence the need to avoid them when you are exploring the country. You must follow the guide suggestions on the safe areas where you can go swimming or do other activities.

Red Lionfish

Red lionfish

This is another creature that you should avoid while in Thailand. The red lionfish is known to be one of the most venomous fishes that you can find in the waters of Thailand. It is popularly known as the dragon fish in this country and it is often characterized by yellow and red stripes. There are over 18 dorsal fins and these are used to deliver venom to the victim which can be quite dangerous. The venom might not be poisonous but it might cause severe pain and, in most cases, cause numbness, sickness, difficulty breathing swelling among other side effects.


Thailand is home to one of the largest groups of wild monkeys and you will find them across the country hence the need to understand how to deal with them. It is critical that when you are visiting the country you should avoid areas that have huge monkey numbers. The monkeys are a nuisance because they are very aggressive animals. The number of monkey attacks on humans has been on the rise in the recent past hence you should be careful in the areas that you are visiting while in the country.

The monkeys will want food or any treat from you and it is from this context that they might attack during the process. If you are traveling to Thailand then you should be aware of the monkeys and the signs that have been put in place to warn visitors about them.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous animals that many people tend to forget or underestimate is the leeches. These are very dangerous creatures that thrive both on the seas and inland. They are found in wet vegetation and wet areas. Whenever they feel a disturbance in their waters, they will often swim towards it and it is here that they might attack you. The leeches usually stick to the skin before sucking blood through a very complicated mechanism. The probes penetrate the skin and this can be extremely painful. You should be aware of the leeches when exploring the different parts of the country. Whenever you are in still waters or areas that have thick vegetation then you should avoid them.

In conclusion, Thailand is one of the very diverse countries in the southeast and when looking for a place for your vacation then you should consider it. However, with your exploration, you always exercise caution to avoid dangerous attacks by some of the animals and creatures found in the country.