Macedonia or what is officially called the republic of north Macedonia is a country that is located in southeast Europe. It is a landlocked country and it borders Kosovo to the northwest, Bulgaria to the east, Serbia to the north, Albania to the west, and Greece to the south. The capital of this country is Skopje and it is home to a quarter of the population of the country.  The country is made up of people of different ethnicities and if you are visiting for the first time then you will enjoy the diversity of the people you will find in this awesome country.

It is important to note that the country has so many things to see and do during your vacation.  Since the country has a history that dates, back to the 6th century BC it is a place where you will learn so much about ancient and modern history as well. Macedonia is defined geographically by the central valley that is formed by the Vardar River and the mountainous ranges that moves across the country. The terrain in north Macedonia is mostly rugged and there are three major lakes, which define the country, and they include Dojran, Prespa, and Lake Ohrid.

According to historical data, Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in history and it dates back to the biotope era in the world. This region has been seismically active and currently known to be a site where earthquakes tend to occur frequently. It is imperative that you take your time to know the region very well before you begin your trip to this region.

The country is unique and it has a very warm and friendly people who are ready to show you different parts of the country and the fun things that you should do.  There are two different mountain ranges, which are the Sar Mountains and the Osogovo-belasica mountain chains. The regions form places where different fauna and flora thrive and it is important that you should take your time to review the region. The Aegean basin is the largest in the country and it covers over 80% of the country making it essential for communication and agricultural activities in this region.  The Vardar region is an important part of the country because it is the sole place where major activities, which affect the country, take place.

 Why Visit Macedonia

The country is unique because the climate can be classified as a temperate climate. It features warm and dry summers with cold and snowy winters. The Aegean Sea has a major influence on the climate of this country and it is important to note the season that you are going to visit the country so that you have the right attire. If you want to explore urban life then you can pitch a tent in Skopje, however, if you want to enjoy the outdoor environment of the country then you should explore the mountainous parts of northern Macedonia. There is so much that you are going to learn during your trip to the region. During your exploration, here are some of the dangerous creatures that you should watch out for when hiking or moving around.

Balkan lynx

Perhaps this is one of the most common creatures in this part of Europe. The Balkan lynx is considered a critically endangered species and it is important that during your visit you should stay away from their habitat for, they are highly territorial. This is a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx and they are mostly found in the western part of Macedonia.

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Human activities such as farming, poaching, and hunting among others have driven this creature to the brink of extinction. You should watch out for them because they are only a few hundred presents in the country. The Balkan lynx usually consumes rodents, small animals, snakes, and other things. This makes them carriers of a high amount of bacteria and other pathogens.   It is important to note that when cornered these creatures can be very dangerous and will bite or scratch you with their sharp claws.  Always keep a safe distance from them when in their habitat.

Caspian whip snake

The Caspian whip snake is one of the creatures that you are likely to encounter during your trip to north Macedonia. It is often found in the grassland vegetation of the region. They are known to hide during the day and will come out at night to hunt for food.  It is known to be a general predator because it feeds on a wide array of vertebrates from small mammals to other snakes, birds, and reptiles.  They are very dangerous because they attack without warming and their venom can cause organ failure.  Always put your safety first and watch out for such creatures.

Wild boars

Wild boar in Israel

Wild boars are some of the most dangerous creatures that you are going to encounter in north Macedonia during your trip to the region. They are popularly known as the wild pig or Eurasian wild pigs. These creatures have been increasing in numbers in the recent past because of the lowered numbers of the grey wolf, which is their main predator.

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This has resulted in aggravation among humans because they will go to farmlands to look for roots, rhizomes, and other food from the plants. They are usually hunted for meat in this region and since the human conflict is on the rise, they have become very dangerous. They will rarely attack you, however, if they feel that you are a threat then they will attack you with their sharp tusks.

Eurasian otter

This is one of the creatures that you are going to interact with in north Macedonia during your trip. They seem docile and they are usually hiding in the wild. However, whenever they feel threatened these otters can be dangerous and will attack at any moment. It is important that you always know the environment that you are going to explore this will reduce the instances of an animal attack.

They are usually semiaquatic creatures and you will find them in wetlands across the country. They are very territorial and will attack you the moment they feel that you are threatening their habitat. Depending on the region that you are going to visit, it is important that you always stay at a safe distance to prevent any kind of attack from these creatures.

Brown bears

Brown Bear in Tierpark Goldau, Switzerland

The brown bears are some of the animals that you will encounter in northern Macedonia. They usually like the dense forests in the mountainous regions of the country.  This is a very huge creature that grows over 5 feet and they weigh over 300 pounds in the adult stage. They are usually close relatives of the grizzly bears and depending on the region, that you are visiting you will hear different names but mean the same species.

The numbers of these bears have been on the rise ever since the government took the initiative to prevent human activities in their natural habitat. The bears usually do not attack people unless they are provoked. You are likely to find them during the summer, spring, and autumn periods when they out hunting for food in the different parts of the country. However, in the event that these creatures attack you then you should seek out immediate medical attention.

Grey wolf

Perhaps this is the most dangerous species that you are going to encounter during your trip to Macedonia. These wolves are known to thrive in the mountainous region of the country and they usually hunt for deer, antelopes, and other smaller mammals in the area. Just as the name indicates their grey, colour and distinct ears characterize the grey wolf.

It is one of the largest wolf species and there have been numerous human interactions in Macedonia. You must always maintain a safe distance when exploring this part of the country because you never know when these creatures will feel threatened and attack you. They have very sharp teeth and claws. The grey wolves are known to be carriers of bacteria that cause rabies hence when they attack you, they are likely to infect you with rabies. You should always stay away from them.

Common raccoon dog

This common dog is also known as Neoguri or mangut in Asia. It is an Asian raccoon dog that is native to Japan, Vietnam, and the continental eastern Asian continent. It is imperative to note that they were introduced to Europe because of the fur trade and ever since their numbers have been on the rise. These dogs have sharp teeth and they are known to be agents of rabies because they carry the bacteria.

They look like raccoons because of the black facial mask and you will find them in different habitats across the country. You should not provoke them in the event that you meet them during your tour of the country.

Roe deer

Perhaps this is a common species that you are going to find in the country and it is often in the deep forest and mountain regions. Their numbers have been dwindling in the past because of human activities; however, the government has put in place measures that have improved the population.  This deer is popularly known as the European roe and it is a smaller species of deer that is found in most parts of the European continent.  The deer usually likes to hide in dense vegetation during the day and they come out at night or dusk to look for food.

The roe deer consumes shoots, leaves, tender grass, berries leave among other things. The main issue has been during the summer period or dry periods when food is scarce and they wander to human plantations. Hunting and poaching as well as farming activities have posed a major risk to their numbers.  These creatures are very dangerous especially if they have their kids around or during the mating period hence, you should be careful when visiting this region.


The chamois are one of the unique creatures that you are going to find in northern Macedonia. The rugged mountains provide the best environment for these creatures to thrive.  This is a subspecies of a goat and an antelope they are found in most parts of Europe from the Alps to the Carpathian region.  The male species are known to be very aggressive in nature and will attack you immediately whenever you are in their habitat. It is important that you stay away from them because they can be very wild and dangerous.

People have been hunting them because of their tasty meat and this has resulted in the creatures becoming overly wild. It is important that you keep a safe distance. They like moving to higher ground in the mountains to spot danger immediately.

The golden jackal

The golden jackal is a species of the canine family, which is similar to the wolf. However, they are different creatures. These jackals are known to inhabit southern Asia and eastern and southeastern Europe. You are likely to find them in the dense forests of Macedonia. You should always be wary of the places that you are going to visit during your vacation.

You can take a guide with you if you do not know what to expect in this region.  The number of golden jackals has increased in the recent past because of the decline in the grey wolf population in Macedonia. You must be vigilant of these creatures in the forest parts of the country. They are very good hunters and often move in groups hence they can viciously attack you.

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