Tahiti or what is popularly known as the queen of the Pacific is an island that is located halfway between the coast of Los Angeles and Sydney Australia. It is the largest island in the windward group of French Polynesian islands. It is located in the central part of the pacific and the nearest landmass to this island is Australia. Tahiti is made up of two parts the northwestern and southeastern parts. The major part is the northwestern part while the southeastern part is minor and it was made because of volcanic activity. The island is full of mountains, lush green forests, and scintillating white sandy beaches. Therefore, it’s got diverse wild species, including some dangerous animals. The mountainous region and the volcanic activities in the region have promoted the development of some of the best coral reefs in the country.

Tahiti has around two hundred thousand people and you can easily explore the whole country within a couple of days. There is an international airport that will connect you to major flights to Australian cities and Los Angeles California. The original people were Polynesians and they represent over 70% of the population the rest are British, French, Chinese, and mixed heritage. This is a perfect island for you to go on your honeymoon or if you are looking for something calm and relaxed then this is the perfect place for you. The island of Tahiti is made up of 118 islands and these are very unique landmasses that are in the Pacific Ocean. There are many tiny islands that are not inhabited by people because of accessibility. Since the islands are located far away in the pacific, the location remains unspoiled and you will find that most of the things are in their natural state. The beaches feature white sands and the turquoise blue waters are the perfect place that you have been looking for in a vacation spot.

Why Tahiti?


Tahiti is a group of islands that remain unique and tranquil and it features the pristine environment that you will enjoy during your stay in the region. There is a great contrast between the cool and calm islands and the wonderful resorts that are distributed across the islands creating a perfect location for your exploration. The capital is a vibrant city and it is multicultural hence you should not feel that you will be left behind. You can purchase souvenirs at the municipal market and check out the wares that are sold by the local Tahitian people. There are food trucks around the area and the meals are similar to gourmet chef meals because the people have perfected their art of cooking.

There are different events throughout the year that you are going to explore when you visit the region and it is critical that you take your time to enjoy your stay in the region. Polynesian dance and culture come to life when you visit this location. The people are charming and friendly. The deep fresh waters are home to different animal species. Here are some of the dangerous creatures that you should look out for in Tahiti.

Brown violin spider

Brown violin spiders are very rare but occasionally you might encounter them. Since the islands do not have very dangerous creatures these usually appear once in a while. However, you should always be careful when exploring different parts of the island because you might encounter spiders in the forested mountains. The spiders like to thrive under woodpiles, and rocks among other dark places. When they feel threatened they often release a very dangerous bite which then delivers a venom that will make you experience intense pain, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

It is important to note that these are largely nocturnal creatures and hence will attack you in the evening or at night. When exploring the islands always ensure that you wear protective gear and you have proper shoes to allow you to walk in different environments with ease and well protected. However, if the spider stings you then you should seek immediate medical attention. The antivenom will work magic in relieving the adverse effects of the venom from the spider.

Tiger shark

The Pacific Ocean is home to a wide array of dangerous species and one of them is the tiger shark. Tiger sharks are very aggressive creatures that are known to attack without notice. These tiger sharks usually grow up to 13 feet long and weigh over two hundred pounds. They have blunt snouts, their teeth are very sharp and dangerous. This can pierce through bones and muscles. The vision and sense of smell of these sharks are impeccable. They are known to attack people when swimming in the deep waters of the islands. They will not swim away after attacking the prey and this is very dangerous because they can consume you if you are not careful.

It is imperative that when you are exploring the pacific waters then you should be careful to avoid these sharks. If the sharks attack you then you should call for immediate help. Seek medical attention and always be aware of your environment and avoid the areas that you know are infested by these sharks.

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Yellow-bellied sea snake

This is a very rare creature to find in Tahiti, however, they are always in the ocean and if you tend to explore more parts of the region you will eventually encounter it. Yellow-bellied sea snakes are very visible because they have very shiny yellow colors on their bellies. They can grow up to a length of 35 inches long and they stay underwater for up to three hours. When they are going to hunt they usually swim in large numbers and they will drift with the current this is where the danger occurs because you are likely to encounter them when swimming.

These snakes usually have neurotoxic venom and it is known that when they bite you they deliver a venom that can kill ten men. It is critical that you stay away from areas that are infested by these snakes. However, they are always timid creatures and they tend to avoid people. This does not mean that you should go poking them in their habitat. Stay safe when doing your watersports and visit a physician in case of any bites.

Cone snails

These are often underrated yet they are very dangerous creatures that you can find on the islands. There are over twenty species of these snails in the Tahitian islands. They are characterized by intricate patterns on the shells and this beauty does not denote anything you should stay away from these snails because they pose a very great danger to your life. These snails might sit pretty and you tend to assume that they are harmless, however, this is not the case because they have very dangerous venom. The venom is known to cause anaphylactic shock to humans and you should be wary when exploring the different parts of the island.

The toxin from the marble cone snail in one dose is enough to kill ten people, hence you should stay very far away from this creature. When exploring the islands, you should always take care and ensure that the places you are passing through are safe. In the event that the snails attack you then you should seek immediate medical help to prevent any danger that might happen because of the venom.

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Box Jellyfish

Box jellyfish

Perhaps this is the most dangerous animal that you are going to find in Tahiti because the box jellyfish has some of the highly toxic venoms that can kill ten adult people. The box jellyfish thrives in the southern hemisphere of the Pacific Ocean and they can grow up to 10 feet in length they have tentacles that cover a wide area and with over five thousand barbed stinging cells this creature is very dangerous and you should avoid the area that it inhabits. They slay feed son tiny creatures such as fish and shrimps. When the venom is injected into human beings it is very dangerous because it attacks the central nervous system, the heart, and vital organs. Even when someone is to make recovery they are left with gnarly scars hence the need to avoid them.

Some of the side effects that you are likely to encounter when the jellyfish stings you include nausea, difficulty breathing, hallucinations, intense pain, organ failure, and eventually death. It is not necessary that you go deep diving in the ocean for you to interact with the jellyfish. You can interact with them at the shore because they are often drifting with the tide. If this creature attacks you then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Moray eel

Moray eel

The moray eels are some of the creatures that you are going to find in the Pacific Ocean. These eels usually have legendary bites and you should not find yourself in areas where they inhabit because they are going to be a disaster to your life. There are over eighty species of these eels and they often thrive under rocks and the seabed. They often grow up to 13 feet long and they have bulging eyes coupled with razor-sharp teeth which often are very dangerous. When you are going to swim in the Pacific waters, then it is important that you always swim in a safe environment. If the sharks attack you then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Great white shark

White shark

This is one of the sharks that are less common because they like thriving deep in the waters. It is imperative to note that you should avoid the areas that you know are infested by sharks. 

The legendary creatures are the greatest predators on earth and they can grow up to 15 feet long and some of them weigh up to 5000 pounds. This means that they are very dangerous and they can attack and injure you within a few minutes. These sharks have over 300 razor-sharp teeth and this is very dangerous because they can cut through bones and muscles. They also have a very high sense of smell and are known to enjoy a wide array of food from sea lions, whales such as orcas, crustaceans, other sharks, and sea birds.

According to research, great white sharks are responsible for half of the shark attacks across the world. Even though some of them are not fatal attacks, you would not want to gamble your life with a shark weighing over four thousand pounds. Fatal attacks often occur when the sharks mistake the swimmers or snorkelers for seals. It is always important that you stay safe and swim in an environment that you know is safe for you.



This is another creature that you should avoid by all means when you are traversing the islands of Tahiti. Urchins usually have very long spines and these are often used to deliver the venom to the victim. The depth of the Pacific Ocean is home to a wide array of sea urchins. Some of them are mostly static and when they are interfered with they will give you a punch that you have never experienced before. The urchins’ spines are pierced through the skin and venom is delivered. In as much as the venom is not lethal, higher doses of this venom can lead to anaphylactic shock and death in people who are highly allergic to these creatures.

It is important that when you are exploring the waters of Tahiti then you should be careful and watch out for these creatures. They often attach to rocks and other submerged surfaces and you will tend to assume that it is a rock and when you step on them is when you will get a very nasty sting. It is recommended that you always wear sea shoes if you are going to explore the ocean. However, if the sea urchin attacks you then you should seek immediate medical attention. The area could become infected hence you should visit a clinic as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Tahitian islands are some of the most tranquil and picturesque locations that you can visit in the pacific. There is so much to do and see on the islands and you should visit them.


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