Fiji or Tahiti – Which one to choose for your holiday?

Yasawas, Fiji

When planning for vacation there are so many things that you usually have to consider from the budget, location, and what you expect from the trip. For many people going to the ranks of the pacific island is one of the must-do activities. When choosing a location, you should consider all the factors that include amenities, things to do, and cost among other aspects. If you are going to visit the south pacific islands, then Fiji and Tahiti should be ranking higher on your list. These islands enjoy some of the best features such as a tranquil environment, blue waters, and white sandy beaches. They also feature a tropical climate hence there are rainforests all of which add to the unique fauna and flora that you can find in this destination. It is important to note these islands are not just around that you can pop in and out anytime you want. They are located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean and you should prepare adequately before you visit them.

Why choose one over the other?

When choosing between Tahiti and Fiji, these islands tend to have similar features and some unique characteristics that make each one stands out on its own.


Leleuvia Island, Fiji

Fiji is an island nation that is composed of over three hundred islands and it is one of the most famous islands on the pacific coast because of its unique features such as azure blue seas, white sandy beaches, pristine coastline, and lush green forests. There is a lot of culture and diversity in Fiji hence you are not limited in the number of activities that you can do as well as places that you can visit.

Fiji has so many islands and you are sure that you will have time of your life on this island. The best islands are located in the western part of Fiji and you should explore these areas. There is no place where you will find this kind of tranquil environment in the pacific. Whether you are into outdoor or adrenaline rushes activities such as snorkeling, kite surfing, or watersports then this is the right destination for you.



Tahiti is a major island in French Polynesia and it is over 3500 kilometers off Fiji. This country is made up of 118 islands and it is known for its amazing coastline as well as the gateway to islands such as Bora bora and Moorea. It is a perfect location to hop into if you want to explore other parts of the pacific.

The single volcanic island in the country has fauna and flora that you have never seen anywhere else in the world. It is worth noting that Tahiti has unique culture and diversity and you can indulge with the locals in different cultural traditions.

Things to do


  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Parasailing
  • Diving


  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Scuba diving

 Fiji vs Tahiti


Fiji has some of the amazing beaches in the Pacific Ocean, the powdery beaches with turquoise blue waters and amazing views are some of the unique features that make Fiji the right destination. With over three hundred islands Fiji will give you the ultimate access to amazing beaches and tropical forests that you have never seen. The major breathtaking islands in Fiji are the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. The other smaller islands west of Fiji are where you will find pristine natural surroundings and amazing waters. The people of Fiji are friendly and they will guide you during your exploration of the island. You can visit either Mamanuca islands as you surf through different parts of the country. The Yasawa islands will require more of your time if you want to access them because of the terrain. However, it is home to some of the best surf breaks in the world. The Fijian islands enjoy warm weather throughout the year and you are sure that you will enjoy the most amazing environment during your tour.

If you have chosen to visit Tahiti, then you can explore the pristine coastlines and enjoy fun activities in the area. You can soak in the sun on the amazing coastlines of Tahiti. The Tahiti coast boasts volcanic sand and it is beautiful with golden features. You will enjoy the breeze on some of the uninterrupted coastlines. The lush green forests in the region allow you to explore nature and the coast as well. The dazzling shoreline is perfect for experienced and beginners if you are going for a swim. The waters in Tahiti are deep hence it allows you to explore different areas with ease. Whether you are going to this region for the first time or you have been to this region then you are sure that you will enjoy your trip on the beaches that are perfect for surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing among other fun watersports.


If you are a nature lover, then you are not left behind because Fiji has the right environment where different species of wildlife thrive. You will see some of the amazing marine life such as iguanas, parrots, dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles. If you want to dive and see the sea bottom of Fiji, then you will see all the creatures at sea level. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the popular activities in Fiji and you can see over a thousand species of fish, hundreds of sponges, and corals. A trip to Fiji is not complete without delving into the natural habitat and thick forests where different animals thrive.

Tahiti is an amazing destination that gives you a chance to see nature in its best form. The coast of Tahiti is home to a wide array of wildlife and you can snorkel in these waters too. There is a major botanical garden that has different plant species that will not only guarantee you high quality view but also fun items that you can see. The lush green forests are home to some unique wildlife such as rabbits, deer, and scorpions among others (see: Dangerous animals in Tahiti). The diversity of nature in this part of the world is truly unique and you should maximize your time in the area by covering all the places as much as possible.


Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Fiji enjoys a warm climate throughout the year and you are likely to see the sun throughout the period that you will be visiting the islands. There are at times when torrential rains appear in the country and this usually lasts for a few minutes. There are two main seasons summer and winter. The winter is not as cold as those in Europe and the Americas. However, it is often very dry and windy. The average temperature during winter is from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, in the summer period temperatures rise and you will experience anything from 22 to 33 degrees Celsius. The warm and sunny days in Fiji make it a perfect tourist destination that you should explore on your next trip. Depending on the islands of Fiji that you are visiting you are sure that you will find something to do.

Tahiti on the other experiences roughly the same climatic conditions with profound winter and summer seasons. When visiting, you must know the time because when you are aware of the preexisting weather conditions then you can explore as vast an area as possible. During the hot months of the summer period, the country usually experiences torrential rains that last for less than half an hour. This means that you can enjoy fun activities throughout your stay in the country.


Yasawas, Fiji Island

Fiji and Tahiti are very remote located islands and this means for most people across the world arriving at these destinations will take time and resources. The journey to these islands is quite long and you will have to travel for about 11 hours to reach this region. Traveling to Fiji is easier than Tahiti this is because there are more direct flight options to Fiji than Tahiti. You can get flights from Los Angeles, Singapore, San Francisco, Auckland, and Sydney via the national carrier Fiji Airways. Once you book your plane ticket you will arrive at Nadi international airport which is situated on the Fiji main island and you can venture to different parts of the country using boats or cabs. If you want to check out the other islands you might be forced to get a helicopter or seaplane.

When it comes to Tahiti the movement to this island can be a tricky business as it involves traveling from Australia or New Zealand for about 9 hours using the national carrier air Tahiti. If you are visiting Fiji and Tahiti, you can combine the journeys. It is critical to note that you can travel around Tahiti using boats and in some cases a few cabs or cars around the main islands.

When is the best time to visit Fiji and Tahiti?

The best time that you can visit the islands of Fiji and Tahiti is during the slow season from November through March. During this period the temperatures are fair and you can enjoy different fun activities without interruptions from too many people. However, the prices might remain high even during the low and high periods. It is important to note that the rates are more affordable in Tahiti than in major islands such as Bora Bora. Fiji has more private resorts and if you are thinking of exploring the island on a budget then you should evaluate what both islands offer and your budget so that you can come up with the best price model that you can use during your trip to these islands.

Romantic destination

When it comes to romance, Fiji and Tahiti are the perfect gateways for that romantic getaway or honeymoon that you have been waiting for. Fiji is perfect for couples that are looking for a tranquil romantic getaway to the smaller islands and resorts or you can choose to stay on the main island. The beaches in Fiji are nicer and you will have a true experience of the Fijian culture. Most of the villas in Fiji have the traditional influence and you can enjoy your honeymoon on the pristine white sandy beaches and explore all the fun activities in the region. Some resorts cater specifically to couples and you can get all-inclusive. All these resorts have the privacy that you need. There are also Fiji-inspired spa treatments and you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

In Tahiti, the honeymoon destination is amazing because you will have no interruption that characterizes many pacific islands. It is a perfect place where you can enjoy your day in the blue turquoise waters in a bungalow as you watch the marine life. You can enjoy fun activities with your partner in the Tahitian lagoons and other places. French is the most spoken language as well the food is mostly influenced by France.


Both countries are located in the south pacific and they have a unique cultures. You cannot simplify the culture because there is so much that you can learn from each one of them. If you want to explore the culture you better mingle with the local people. The traditional Fijian fire dance or kava ceremonies are the highlights. In Tahiti, you can check out the heritage through music, tattoos, handicrafts, and dance.

Food and drink

When you opt to explore the islands of Fiji and Tahiti, then it is important to understand what to expect in terms of food and drink. You can get all your meals in a resort in Fiji. Most of their food has traditional influence as well as international cuisine. You are not limited to the type of food that you want to consume, although seafood is dominant you can still get Italian, American, and French cuisines.

In Tahiti, the food has a huge influence from France and you will see Polynesian coupled with French twists in their food. Seafood dominates most of the food menus and you should be ready to explore different local and international cuisine as well. The restaurants offer gourmet foods and you can enjoy the fresh ingredients that are used to deliver high-quality food.


The cost of traveling to Fiji will largely depend on your budget and the things that you want to do when you reach your destination. If you are on a budget you will spend around $2200 per week. If you are on a medium-range budget the cost moves to $2600 and any value above that for luxurious travelers. You can choose meals, accommodation, and transport based on your budget the essence of the trip is to enjoy as much as you can.

 When it comes to traveling to Tahiti the average cost for a budget traveler is around $2000 per week and you can change this depending on your taste and preference. Mid-range budget travelers are likely to spend anything from $2500 per week and go upwards for luxurious travelers. You save up costs or increase them by changing your mode of transport, accommodation, and food.

In conclusion, Fiji and Tahiti present you with a unique opportunity to explore French Polynesia. A destination that gives you all the opportunities to enjoy culture, diversity and so many things to do and see on the islands.


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