Zambia is one of the top tourist destinations in southern Africa, in this fascinating country you can find many wildlife areas, so what dangerous animals in Zambia you can meet?

The country is located at the crossroads of central Africa and South Africa.  Zambia borders the democratic republic of congo, Tanzania to the northeast, Mozambique to the southeast, Malawi to the east, Botswana to the south, Zimbabwe, to the south, and Angola to the west.  The capital is Lusaka and it is among some of the cosmopolitan cities in the world. The capital is among some of the top destinations in tourism. The country located in central Africa lies between 1000 and 1600 meters above sea level and therefore it experiences moderate climatic conditions.  There is a high tropical climate that is all over the country.  Ideally, because Zambia has a tropical wet climate then the biome in the country is quite diverse and you are going to find different creatures around the country. There are national parks, reserves, hills, valleys, and falls that you can explore during your visit to the country. When planning a tour to southern Africa then Zambia should be among the top destination that you should visit.

The rainy season in the country usually runs from November through April while the dry season is vast from May to October, you can visit during the hot and dry season from September to October or the cool and dry from May through August.  Depending on your preference then you are sure that you are going to get the best experience in the country when you choose the right time to visit the region. The people in the region are friendly and they are going to guide you on the best way to see and explore the different parts of the country.  The vegetation types that are present in Zambia include grassland, woodland, thicket, and forests.  There are over 12500 species that are known to live in Zambia. About 64% of these species are animals while the rest is plant and other microorganisms. If you are visiting the region for the first time then you are bound to have some of the best experiences in the world.  There are numerous species that are endemic to Zambia and it is a perfect chance to see some of the creatures that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Why visit Zambia

Zambia is the perfect tourist destination if you are looking for a place to visit in southern Africa. There are over 500 species in the country and the natural gems that are nestled in the country will give you an amazing experience of the region. You should have a tour guide if you are visiting for the first time as they can help you see different places easily.  The accommodation in the region is exceptional, with amazing natural attractions; game reserves and a huge variety of wildlife are some of the attractions of the country. However, during your trip to the region, it is essential to understand that there are very dangerous creatures that you are going to find in the country hence the need to take care. Here are some of the dangerous animals that you are going to find in Zambia.

 African elephants


These are some of the exceptional creatures that you are going to find in the region. These elephants are known to be roaming across the forests and savanna in the country.  They are the most impressive animals on the planet.  The African elephants tend to be very aggressive species because they are territorial and will attack any creature that is going to disturb their habitat. They have a very muscular trunk that has a signaling device, digging among others. This is the largest animal in the country and it can grow up to 11 feet tall weighing up to 12000 pounds. 

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These elephants are found in the national park and the game reserve in the country. The elephants will not attack you if you are going to mind your business. However, if you provoke them then they are going to charge at you. It is essential that you avoid the areas that are inhabited by the elephants, or visit them in a touring car to avoid attacks. However, if you are attacked by them then you should visit your nearest hospital immediately.

Greater Kudu Bull

The great kudu is an antelope species that are known to inhabit regions of South Africa. These antelopes are usually very dangerous when they are in their habitat. Poaching and other human activities have made these creatures to be very dangerous. They can easily attack you and you should always keep a safe distance. They are characterized by a narrow body, long legs, and a reddish to brown coat.

The great kudu has four to twelve white stripes along the head and torso and the males are usually very large and territorial. Although another wild animal still preys on them, they can be very defensive. When exploring the different parts of the country then you should be sure to check out the kudus.


These are some of the animals that are native to Zambia. They are usually a subspecies of the antelopes and they are found roaming in the country. These animals are also found in the neighboring countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland. The tsessebe antelopes are the fastest antelopes that you are going to find. When running these creatures can attain a speed of 90 kilometers per hour they are usually 2.3 meters long and they weigh about 250 pounds. 

They have horns and these are the dangerous parts of the animal because they are going to attack you with their horns whenever they feel that you are interfering with their habitat. The females are very dangerous when nursing their young ones and you should keep a safe distance. On the other hand, during the mating season, the males are constantly fighting and with the high testosterone, levels then you should stay away because they can attack you.

Cape buffalo

The cape buffaloes are some of the dangerous creatures that you are going to find in Zambia. These buffaloes have huge horns and these are used to fight predators or attack any creature that presents a threat to them. They are similar to regular cattle; however, they are bigger in size and will grow up to a height of 5.6 feet tall and weigh about 2000 pounds.  The natural buffaloes have a brown or black coat depending on their habitat.

It is imperative that you keep your distance when exploring the areas that are inhabited by these creatures. You should keep a safe distance when visiting the areas that are inhabited by the cape buffaloes. This way you have a glimpse of the majestic creature while at the same time keeping safe.

Puff Adder

The puff adder is a snake that is known to thrive in the grasslands of Zambia and it is imperative that when you are visiting the region you should keep an eye on the places that you are visiting. When you are sure about the areas that you are visiting then you can avoid those areas that have a high number of these snakes. According to recent data, the puff adder is the snake that kills most people in Africa. They can grow up to 40 inches long and can weigh around 13 pounds.  The males are known to be larger than the females. 

Depending on the region that you are going to visit they usually vary in color from reddish, light brown, and brownish. This snake usually relies on camouflage for protection, they are terrestrial creatures that inhabit the grassland areas in the country and they are good swimmers as well hence the need to be careful if you are going to take a dip in the waters. These snakes usually feed on mammals, lizards, birds, and other creatures. They have venom that can kill an adult man. In the event that you are bitten by the snake then you should seek immediate medical attention.


The giraffes are some of the most iconic creatures that you are going to encounter in the region. These animals are very tall ranging from 14 to 19 feet.  They are usually found in the grassland areas of the country and they have very long necks and distinct body patterns. They are very essential creatures because they balance in nature. They usually consume leaves and twigs of branches and can weigh up to 2600 pounds.

The giraffes are very dangerous creatures because they can attack you especially if they have their young ones around the area. The mothers are usually very defensive and with their horns, they are going to attack you. Their neck muscles are very strong and one blow can break your bones. Always keep some distance while watching them.


This is the fasted animal that you will find in Zambia. They are listed as vulnerable creatures hence you should be careful in areas that you are visiting to avoid any altercation with these creatures. The cheetahs can usually attain speeds of up to 70 miles per hour when running. They are characterized by slender bodies, deep chests, and very exceptional muscles. It is essential to note that you should avoid them because they are territorial and very aggressive creatures. These animals are usually characterized by brown feet and their head is rounded.

They can weigh up to 200 pounds depending on the habitat that they like inhabiting. It is essential to note that you should know the places that you are visiting and avoid the areas where these creatures thrive.  Their claws are very sharp as well as their teeth hence you do not want to gamble with your life in such areas. Always keep a safe distance from these ferocious animals.


This is a species of antelope also popularly called the Oryx in southern Africa. They usually like to inhabit the arid and semi-arid areas of the country. The population of these animals is large in Zambia and Namibia. They are usually found roaming in the grassland areas of the country. The gemsbok is characterized by a light brown skin tone and the tail is black in color.

An adult Oryx stands at about 4 feet and they have very sharp horns that are about 33 inches long. These animals are very dangerous especially if you are dealing with males during the mating season or when the females are with their young ones. They usually attack with the horns and this can cause a severe bruise or even break bones.


Indian rhinoceros

The rhinos in Zambia are the most endangered species and they are found in national parks and conservancies where they are closely monitored by the government.  The rhinos are very dangerous and aggressive creatures that you should stay away from if you are visiting this region. They have a very sharp horn that is used to attack any predator.

They also have a huge sense of smell hence will track you and attack you if you do not keep a proper distance.  They can grow to 1.5 meters tall and weigh over a ton.  If you are going to see the rhinos then it is important that you keep a safe distance to avoid any altercation.


Mountain lion in Colorado

Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous species that you are going to encounter during your trip to Zambia. They are known to inhabit the savannas, woodland, and grasslands of the Zambian territory. The African lions are huge in nature and they are the apex predators that you are going to find in nature.  They usually like to live in groups and it is critical that when you see them you keep a safe distance.

These lions are dangerous because they can attack you at any moment. The males are territorial and with their sharp teeth, claws, and precise attacks they can cause fatalities. It is essential that you keep a safe distance when exploring areas inhabited by lions. The groups usually range from 10 to 30 members and the females are usually the ones hunting for food hence you are likely to find them easily in the grassland areas.


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