Austria is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Europe, and if you are planning to go on vacation, you must add it to your list. The jaw-dropping mountains, waterfalls, and ultimate backdrop are some of the things that should take you to this central European country. When it comes to hiking, Austria has some of the best hiking locations worldwide, and a popular hiking trail is the Eagle walk. The main reason it is called the eagle walk is that when you draw the trek, an image of an eagle that has spread its wings appears.

The Eagle walk is a multi-stage hiking trail, and it covers Tyrol and the alps region. You should go to this destination if you plan to have the time of your life in Austria. The stages are both accessible and challenging; hence it is suitable for everyone. The best time that you should visit the region is from mid-June to the end of August. This is critical because you would like to avoid crowds during the peak seasons. However, if you are a fan of crowd trekking, you are not limited in the time; you should visit the region. 

Details of Eagle walk 

The Eagle walk is separated into nine stages in eastern Tyrol and 24 stages in northern Tyrol. These are the main stages that make the destination one of the places you should visit during your vacation. The endless hiking opportunities present you with the right amount of hiking distance to travel with ease. Furthermore, you have the chance to choose the types of treks that you can explore as you visit the destination, which is over 250 miles long.

It is essential to understand that this hiking trail requires a lot of commitment to finish hiking. However, you can break the stages into manageable parts to ensure that you are not worn out during the process. For example, you can choose two and a half hours Zirbenweg trail located in Innsbruck to the longest one in Karwendelhaus, which will take you eight and a half hours. 

Why choose the Eagle walk?

The Eagle walk is the most outstanding destination in Europe, and you will find that the scenery is epic. You will cross over eight mountain ranges with a total elevation of over 100,000 feet, and you will get the chance to see the tallest mountain peak in Austria. However, you are limited to the commanding summit in the view, and the path will take you through exceptional natural reserves, deep valleys, and traditional villages. There are also numerous lakes on the trail.

Accommodation won’t be a problem

Huts for Staying

You should not be worried if you are looking for accommodation because the hiking trail provides some of the best huts after each section to relax and have some food. Besides, the huts are well equipped, and you can unwind as you admire nature and the surrounding environment. 

You will have a chance to mingle with other hikers as you get a hearty meal to fuel you on the next stages the following day. In addition, these huts will offer you more information about the remaining stages, and you will counter them with more enthusiasm and more knowledge. Most of the huts in these sections usually have a rich history, and you can learn more about the country, what it stands for, and how the locals approach different issues.

Luggage services

Luggage Service

One of the most exceptional features of this trail is that there are luggage services. This means that if you are traveling with your luggage, you do not have to tire yourself with a rucksack; instead, you can have them shuttle your luggage from one destination to another depending on your plan to hike the trail. This provides comfort and allows you to take pictures and make a memory of the beautiful country.

Austria has extensive public transport, and you should not be worried about your movements during your travel. You can begin the journey by using the bus or train. It would help if you took advantage of public transport. One of the beauties is that the trek is versatile, and you can trek it in any direction and still make it. You can discover the ranges, rivers, lakes, ridges and more.

How to trek the Eagle walk

The Eagle walk is it. Thirty-three stages are divided into two different routes that you can go and explore the region. In the eastern, you will find 9 stage trails, while in the north is a 24-stage trail. It is important to note that these trails are not connected. You can choose to trek one part of the trail before joining the next or do both one after the other. They are not connected. Therefore you will have to travel from one location to another.

Depending on the number of days you will spend hiking this trail, we have come up with an itinerary that will help you make the right decision. This will allow you to return fast to your original position and explore the entire area with ease. The first part is three days long.

Hiking the 9-stage Eagle walk trail from Innsbruck 

You can begin your trek with the nine-stage trail, as it will give you a chance to explore what this exceptional trail has to offer. You can hike from the top station at Goetheweg to Pfeishütte, and the region offers some of the most breathtaking views you have ever seen in the country.

The trail moves from the southern side of Peshitta Nordkette, and you will experience a flat region before you begin an ascend. There are smaller valleys and ridges that you will see on your way, and this is the best place you can visit. The first stage will take you about three hours, and you will not miss an accommodation spot on the trail.

Explore the Pfeishütte to Halleranger Alm trail

This is the best part of the trail as you will hike from Pfeishütte to Stempeljoch, and along the trail, you can take a detour and explore what nature has to offer. 

While at the top elevation, you enjoy some of the most stunning views of the Karwendel massif. The trail narrows on the first part over meadows before ascending over the rocks to a summit. You will have to get fantastic hiking shoes for this journey because it can be pretty challenging. 

Trek the Halleranger Alm to Scharnitz trail

This stage covers a more downhill trail, and you should be prepared to tackle what the day ahead brings to you. The wide trail begins from the top of the valley, and it will take you about an hour at the Kastenalm. You will find that the trail does not have any significant difference in terms of elevation. Once you are at Kastenalm, you can take a train to take you back to Innsbruck.

Explore the Western Eagle walk trail

This trail covers seven stages, and you can begin at any convenient spot, depending on your taste and preference. Innsbruck is the most convenient place to start this hike as it allows you to have a central location where you can operate from. We have divided it into the following hiking trails.

Innsbruck to Solsteinhaus trail

The trek begins from the Karwendelbahn, and it will take you to Hochzirl station. This is where you will start your trek to Solsteinhaus. The first part of the route is steep, and you should have a walking pole and sturdy shoes that will help you move from one direction to another.

Next, the trail will take you over the forest roads and gentle alpine meadows. This is a perfect location that you should explore if you visit Austria and want to hike in the best trails. There is a hut along the trail, and you can enjoy some meals as you take a break and unwind. 

Trek the Solsteneinhaus to Leutasch hiking trail

This is a hiking trail that will make you go uphill, and it will require stronger feet, a hiking pole, and a little experience in hiking. However, at the summit of the trail, you will see the green alpine pasture and reach Eppzirler Alm where you will find a charming number of huts that will give you a chance to take a break and dine. The views from the high heights are exceptional, and you should take time to explore them.

Explore the Leutasch to Hochfeldernalm

This section of the hiking trail will require you to have a good physical state as it is pretty demanding, and you should be ready. It follows the Leutascher Ache before later joining the amazing alpine meadows and further into the valleys of Tillfussalm. Once you are in this location, you can trek to the mountain top and get downhill to Hochfeldernalm hut.

Hike the Ehrwald to Lorea Hütte trail 

In this section, you will descend from Ehrwald to the lower region called Moosweg. Here you will walk through the villages and follow a path that takes you to the summit. There are some ups and downs in this hiking trail, and you should be well prepared if you want to explore the best destination in Europe.

In the upper region, you will see the fantastic Blindsee lake and a path that leads you through the forest of Tyrol. Once you are at the Tyrolean roads, you can continue to Lorea hut, a few meters away.

Trek from Lorea Hütte to Anhalter Hütte

This is a demanding stage, and it begins with a gentle climb over the amazing pastures before gaining elevation steadily. You will experience ups and downs while hiking this trail, and you should be ready to counter any problem that may arise. It is important to note that some sections might be wet, and you should dress appropriately for these sections. After trekking the wet area, you will find a route downhill that will lead you to Anhalter Hut.

Anhalter to Hanauer Hütte trail

The trek begins with a major ascent to Steinjöchl, and ropes secure this section, and you should be well prepared to tackle the section. Finally, the path will lead you to the picturesque villages in the Tyrolean region, and you can take a rest at Hanauer Hütte.

Trek the last part from Hanauer Hütte to Boden 

The descent from the hut brings you to a different look and feel of the destination as you move from the softer regions to areas where you will find debris of melted snow, especially during the spring season. You will cross the forest and two bridges before reaching Boden. The trail ends in Boden, and you can choose to travel and hike more sections of the eagle walk. 

In conclusion, the Eagle walk trail is expansive, and you are not limited in the areas you can hike. However, you can choose the trails depending on the popularity, difficulty, and preference on what you want how your trip to be.

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