Greenland is one of the least visited countries; however, the country has gained huge fame as a tourist spot in the recent past. As a result, there have been numerous explorations ongoing in the country. Currently, there are different places that you can visit if you want to sail and check out the best fjords in the world. 

The Greenland glaciers are pretty unique. When you see them from the sky, they look like a big sheet of white material. Imagine now visiting the glaciers in the country itself and see them live. Greenland has not been explored fully. You can drive your adventure to this incredible destination and get to know what people in the region do.

There is a remarkable landscape, exceptional wildlife, and fjords that are choked with icebergs. The colorful tundra in the area is one of the features that makes Greenland unique. Maybe you have had the buzz going on in the recent past, and you want to check out what the country has to offer. You should strive to check out the beaten remote areas because it offers a unique dimension to the world as it is one of the coldest places on earth. While on your trip to this region, you have the chance to see the northern lights. 

The pristine arctic wilderness offers a rich and diverse environment where you can explore and understand what the world has to offer.

Top fjords in Greenland

Amerloq Fjord

fjords in greenland

This is a fjord located in the western part of the country, and it is about 25 miles long. This fjord empties to the Davis Strait in the southern Sisimiut. This fjord is popularly known as Rammel’s fjord as well, and it was discovered in 1612 by a Danish navigator. 

It is located in the southern part of the town, and there is a ridge that encloses it spreading over six kilometers long. As you head to the eastern part of this region, the range flattens, and you can see the ice sheets rolling from one area to the other. 

This fjord has an unusual head because it connects via a narrow waterway into the Ikertooq fjord. When visiting Amerloq fjord, there are also various fjords in this environment, and you are sure that you will have the time of your life during the exploration. 

It is important to note that there are two settlements in the area, and you can get the locals to explain to you how these fjords were formed and how their life is in such a cold place. In addition, there are ferry services that will take you to the fjord, and you must make early arrangements to the best decision. 

The ship will sail through the entire length of the fjord, and you will have a firsthand experience of seeing the whole fjords. Besides, you get to learn so much about these fjords while on your exploration tour.

Danmark Fjord

This is a famous fjord situated in Greenland in the northeastern part of the country, and it is practically frozen all year round. In the surrounding is the Greenland national park, and it is one of the areas you should explore on your next trip. 

This fjord was discovered by a person called Danmark hence the name. In 1907, the researchers came to the unknown Danmark fjord and this at first seemed to be unfruitful exploration. However, after thorough research, they concluded that there was a fjord that spanned several kilometers. This fjord and independence fjord are some of the highlights of this region because they incorporate modern features and unexplored areas where curious explorers have visited. 

The Danish military has a base around the area, and you can explore the area with the help of a team from this area. However, you must always check out the prevailing weather conditions and the severity of the snow to avoid extreme temperatures. Furthermore, it is essential to know that there is no large glacier calving at the head; hence it is icebound all year long.

Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord

The Kaiser Franz joseph fjord is located in the northeastern national park area. The fjord is 120 miles long, and it is 16 miles wide. This fjord has its mouth in the foster bay area in the Greenland Sea. Two tributary fjords join to form the major fjord at the end of the area, and this is the most exceptional place you should check out. 

In the southern region, the Dusen fjords join Kaiser Franz fjord near the end, while the muskox fjord joins it at the narrow end of the channel.

This fjord is bound by the Ymer Island on the south and the Suess land peninsula on the north, with the Antarctic sound being the barrier between them. There are multiple branches of the Kaiser Franz fjord, such as Isfjord, Kjerulf fjord, and Antarctic Sound. The structure of this fjord is made of deep valleys; there are no islands on the inner side. 

Alanngorsuaq Fjord

This fjord is located in the arctic region, and the open sea source is the Labrador Sea. In some cases, this fjord is often called the Coppermine bay, on the southern part of Greenland. The fjord is 40 kilometers long, and it has a width of about 17 kilometers. 

Here you will find icebergs floating in the ocean, and you should take your time to enjoy the fantastic natural environment that offers all the tranquility you need. 

The shores of this fjord do not have any settlements, unlike the other fjords in the country, and you will find some settlements about 30 kilometers away. There is a wide array of wild animals that you can see in the area, and going on a guided tour is more effective when compared to individual exploration.

Ammassalik Fjord

This fjord is located in the arctic region in the northern part of the country, and it is one of the least visited places in Greenland. The length of the fjord is about 41 kilometers, and it is unique because of the location and the feature it has to offer.

According to recent history, the fjord was formed after merging two tributary fjords that were created earlier. It is characterized by a northern to southern orientation It is one of the highlights why many people tend to visit the area. While the shores of the north part separate the peninsula from the mainland, there is a wide fjord that separates it from the Ammassalik Island.

This fjord has a rich history because of the ancient history associated with it. There are narrow waterways in the area, and the island connects the fjord to the other parts of the country. The Ikaasaartik Strait is known to connect this fjord to the northern Atlantic region. 

According to the history of the 1880s, there were over 220 Inuit’s living in this region. However, it is essential to note that three settlements are located near this fjord in the modern era. The settlements offer a unique feature of the country and the region because of the diversity of culture and heritage.

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Nuup Kangerlua

This fjord is located in the northeastern region of the country. It is popular by its ancient name of the Godthaab Fjord. The fjord is close to the capital of Greenland. It is one of the most extended and most inhabited parts of the country. 

This fjord is located in a deep inland region, and there are two glaciers, which drain to the fjord. Thus, it is a unique destination that you should visit on your next travel. The fjord flows in the northwestern direction before turning to the southwestern part and splitting into three arms.

There are settlements in the region because the fjord is located close to the capital of Nuuk. 

The tributaries to the fjord begin from the outskirts of the capital before joining the main fjord. It is a place that you can learn more about the history and diversity of the area.

Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord

This fjord is incredible, which runs about 75 kilometers and has a width of 5 kilometers. It is located in the western part of Greenland. It is a place that you can learn more about geographical features and what the ancient people understood about the region. The fjord flows into one of the deepest canyons in the area and into the mountainous region, which is often uninhabited. 

This fjord is unique because it has a tributary that flows into two different fjords. Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord flows in the southerly direction, and Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat, which flows in the northerly direction. 

As the fjord meets with the other, it is an area bounded by mountains, and the range is about 2000 meters above sea level. The mountain in this region is one of the best areas for mountaineering and heli-skiing. 

The forbidding nature of the surrounding area of this fjord prevents any kind of settlement in the region. The only settlement that is in the area is the Kangaamiut. However, there are plans to construct a hydropower plant in the vicinity generating about 1000 gigawatts per year.

Kangerlussuaq Fjord

This is a famous fjord located in the eastern part of the country. It is known for its unique features that make it one of the best places you should visit on your next vacation. 

The fjord is 120 miles long, and it is 2 to 5 miles wide. It empties its water to the Davis Strait. It is important to note that the Kangerlussuaq Fjord does not have any tributary, but a relatively uniform coastline. There are tiny hills in the area. The highlands dominate this area. When you head towards the fjord’s mouth, there are steep mountain ranges.

The alluvial sediments are the main contributors to the ocean’s emerald colors, and it covers several kilometers in the region. The accumulation of silt at the estuary has formed newer structures, and it is a marveling place that you should explore on your next vacation. There are no settlements in the area except that at the fjord’s shores in the northern part of the river. It is imperative to note that the fjord can navigate throughout its length. Cruise ships usually navigate the area giving you the ultimate exposure and sightseeing fun activities.

Umivik Bay

This is one of the most unique bays or fjords in Greenland. It is 31 miles long and has a width of 16 miles. It is located in the southeastern part of the country. Unlike other forbidden appearances of many of the fjord systems in the country, this fjord has a gentle shape, and surround it is large sheets of ice. Besides, it is a smooth shore, and it is a perfect place for launching your expedition. 

There are numerous islands that you can explore during your visit to the islands and the exquisite location of Greenland. Two archaeological sites are closer to this fjord, and it is worth exploring them on your next visit. The Inuit people used to go fishing in this region, and they enjoyed the best seals in the area. It is a perfect place for hunting and camping. They could build winter houses in the area, which has been under expedition and exploration for a very long time now. 

The weather can be quite extreme during the winter period. It is not the right time to visit unless you are well equipped and familiar with these temperatures.

Tunulliarfik Fjord

This fjord is located in the southern region of Greenland. It is a perfect spot where you can explore what the country has to offer. The fjord is 4 miles wide, and it is 40 miles long. There is a settlement that is believed to have been a residence for the Norse men. There is a glacial outflow lake that originates from the fjord. The fjord is bounded by a low-lying island and tributary, and it is known to empty to the Labrador Sea.

It is imperative to note that there are multiple settlements at the shores of the Tunulliarfik Fjord. Further, when you move to the southern part of the peninsula, there are more settlements there. However, on the lower side of the fjord, you will not find any settlements because of the adverse climatic condition. Nevertheless, you can find major ships traveling to that route. There is so much that you can see and explore in the region. 

Sherard Osborn Fjord

This is one of those fjords that you should take the time to explore because it has so much to offer in the northern region of Greenland. The fjord opens up to the Lincoln Sea. The length of the fjord is about 63 miles, and it is 10 miles wide. The glaciers from the Greenland ice caps are the main fillers because they largely contribute to the volume of the fjords. 

In summary, if you are planning to go on a trip to Greenland, it is critical that you understand the adversity of the climatic conditions and all the safety measures you should take to ensure that you have fun while staying safe.