Fresno County is located in the central region of the larger state of California. The population of this county is about one million people. The county is in the northern part of Bakersfield and the central valley south of Stockton. Since Fresno is situated in the central part of California State, it is easily accessible, and many people often visit this fantastic county. There is wilderness, lakes, rivers, and mountains that make it a perfect location for hiking. There are different hiking trails that you can choose from in Fresno County. There is so much history in the county, and you are sure that you will have the time of your life when you visit the county for your hike.

The weather in Fresno County is conducive to hiking, cycling, skating, and recreational running. You must visit a place if you want an incredible destination where you can go for your hike. There are well-paved trails that connect Clovis and Fresno, which is perfect for reaching different recreational locations in the country. Since it is an ideal spot for your hiking escapades, you must always be well prepared to explore these places with adequate clothes and hiking boots. Most of the hiking trails in Fresno County are easily accessible, and you cannot get lost on your way to these well-marked trails. Here are the top Fresno hiking trails.

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Willow creek hiking trail

The willow creek hiking trail is considered a moderate hiking trail, and it features easily accessible areas and mildly tricky sides that require proper footwork. Some beautiful mountains and trees dot the creek, and you can explore these areas. At willow creek, you will find impressive waterfalls and pools in different areas of the region. When going to willow creek, you must have proper hiking gear. 

There are a few places where it can get a little tricky, and you need proper hiking boots and warm clothes that will help you maneuver the area with ease. The rocks that follow where the creek is located are very slippery, and do not be deceived by their color as you might fall if you step on them. It is always important that you should always ensure you have a support stick if you are hiking in such an area and always get a sure footing before moving up or down.

Lewis’s creek hiking trail

The hiking trail covers four miles and is categorized as a moderate hiking trail. It will take you about an hour or so, depending on the pace you have taken to cover the trail. There are many items that you can see while in the region, and these include waterfalls, pine trees, wildflowers, and birds and butterflies. This is a familiar trail to many people, and depending on the time you have chosen to visit it, you will find people in the area.

The Lewis creek trail is an exceptional location, and you can enjoy the beauty that nature gives you as you hike in the area. You can enjoy the views below as you watch from the redwood observation deck. There are places in the trail that can be quite tricky; hence, the two always wear your hiking shoes. If you are hiking with your children, you should ensure that you have them close to you and help them if need be because it can be slippery and steep. There is a restaurant close to the hiking trail, and you can visit the restaurant for some food after hiking the region. Finally, it is a perfect place to get some air after a long trip.

The bridge hiking trail

The bridge hiking trail is one of the best destinations that you should visit while you are on your visit to the county. This hiking trail is suitable for cyclists, people of all ages, and a short trail covering only two miles. Since the area is primarily flat, you are sure that you do not have to stress yourself on this trail because it is well suited for people of different categories and is not slippery. You can see so much while on this hiking trail, and these include the oak forest, the big sandy creek, San Joaquin river, among other things. If you are going to hike during the fall period, then there is a high chance that you will encounter tarantulas. 

The bridge hiking trail is unique because there are well-equipped bathrooms at the end of the trail that is perfect for anyone seeking to traverse the area. If you plan to visit the region or hike on this trail, it should be vital that you have five dollars with you because they usually charge five dollars to park your car in the area.

Sequoia national park

In the excellent sequoia national park, you will find several hiking trails that you can explore. The exploration will take you about three hours to complete, and you must carry all your hiking gear during this trip. The park charges twenty dollars as entry fees, and this is usually valid for one week. The area is breathtaking as you get to enjoy the fauna and flora in the park, as well as the amazing sequoia trees.

Cedar Grove Trails

The cedar grove trails are located at Kings Canyon National Park in California, and it is one of the destinations that you must visit on your next trip. The park is located a couple of hours east of Fresno county and is sure to take your time to explore what this incredible location has to offer. While hiking in the cedar grove trails, you will view the incredible Sierra Nevada Mountains and the lush green landscape, which will bring alpine memories of Switzerland. There are different hiking routes inside the park, and you can choose a hiking trail that is suitable for you depending on your level of fitness and the people around you.

Natural Feature Hiking Trail

This is one of the best destinations that you can visit while in Fresno country. It is one of the most popular hiking locations in Fresno in the northeastern part of the city. The hiking trail is in a 38-acre natural, and it is a popular location for amateur and seasoned hikers.

Numerous events are held annually in this region, and you can check out the website for more information about the current circumstances. The hiking trail is characterized as a moderate hiking trail. It covers about four miles, which should take you an hour. There are parking facilities for people visiting the region. There is a lake around, and you can bring your bathing suit to indulge in fun activities in the lake.

Saint Joaquin river gorge hiking trail

This is in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and it is classified as a moderate hiking trail. It is a perfect hiking location as well as for cyclists. The trailhead is about twenty minutes from Fresno city, and you can drive to this location and enjoy your hike. The trail usually splits into two before merging at the end, and if you want to trek a few miles, this is the right trail for you.

You will see the fantastic San Joaquin river gorge in the area, and the trail can be narrow at times; therefore, the need to take extra caution when visiting the area. During summer, the heat brings all kinds of animals and reptiles to the area. Therefore, you should choose perfectly over the summer period.

Fresno-Clovis hiking trail

This hiking trail is an ancient train line, it connects the two cities, and you can explore the area while visiting the region. It is a superb destination for your next trip. The hiking trail features thirteen miles, which will take you to Clovis. It will take you about three hours to complete your hike hence the need to be well prepared when visiting this location.

This trail moves from sugar pine before reaching the river park shopping center, and it will take you east to willow avenue. Once you are at Willow Avenue, you can now join the Clovis trail, which will take you to Clovis town, and you can hike in both directions or choose one location to be your reference point.

Dinky Lakes hiking trail

This hiking trail is situated in the sierra national forest, and it is a perfect location that you should visit on your next vacation. The trail begins at Dinkey Creek, and this is about an hour’s drive away from Fresno. You are sure that you will have the time of your life when you visit this location because there is more diversity, and you can stretch your hiking limits with the distance covered. The 11.3 miles long trail is perfect if you can cover it with a backpack because you are sure that you should be well prepared. There are lush green meadows and large pine trees across the area.

In conclusion, there are numerous hiking trails in Fresno, and you should explore different hiking trails when you visit the county. However, you must always prepare to make the best decision during your hike.

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