Bora Bora is an amazing tourist destination that has gained huge popularity in the recent past because of the fun activities that people can do as well as the things that they can see. The stunning beaches, turquoise blue waters, amazing fauna, and flora coupled with the charm and the friendliness of the people of the island are some of the best attractive features of the island. Whether you are visiting Bora Bora for the sandy beaches, the clear blue water, or if you are on an adventure and you want to explore the island hiking then this is the perfect place for all these activities.

The volcanic island may not cross your mind when it comes to hiking, however, recently it has been proven that it has some of the best hiking trails in the pacific. There are numerous landmarks that you can easily see and hiking trails that you can follow during your visit to the pacific islands. Bora Bora offers a tranquil environment where you can relax and unwind and enjoy the pacific breeze as you soak up the sun on the white sandy beaches. When planning to go on vacation to Bora Bora, you should always include all the amazing features that the island offers to you.

A guide to hiking in Bora Bora

When traveling to Bora Bora the most important part is that you should have a guide if you do not know the surrounding very well. When you have someone who understands the area properly then you are in a better position to enjoy your hike. There are inland trails that you can explore as well as those closer to the beach. It is recommended that you should have a guide if you are a beginner because they can help you make the right decision. Bora Bora has hiking trails for both beginners as well as advanced hikers hence you cannot miss some trail or somewhere that you can go hiking while on the island.

One of the most fundamental aspects when going for a hike in Bora Bora is that you should avoid hiking during the rainy season, especially in the mountains. The Bora Bora mountains are very steep and can be very slippery during the rainy season. You can peak the mountains easily however when it comes to descending it might present a challenge because the water has soaked the terrain and this may cause it to be slippery. Although hiking can be done during the rainy season it is better to be done by a professional or advanced hiker who has the right equipment and understand how to deal with challenging trails.

 When you choose to go hiking in some of the top hiking trails in Bora Bora, then it is critical to note that you should carry enough water, food, and sunscreen lotion. These are the most important components; however, you should not forget a wide hat that will help prevent sunburns as well. There are cabins where you can get your refreshments hence you should not be worried about the drinks since you can grab them when necessary. A backpack will come in handy when you are hiking in Bora Bora because you can carry the water and snacks you require during your hike.

Hiking gear

Hiking gears

This cannot be emphasized enough because it is the most fundamental thing to your hiking. You want to explore the island with ease without getting injured or suffering a heat rush during the process. When you have the right hiking equipment then you can deal with any hiking trail that comes your way. You should not be among those people who visit the pacific islands wearing flip flops and they expect to hike. You should have proper hiking gear, waterproof hiking boots, and a light jacket that can prevent both cold and rain. When you have the appropriate footwear, you can be able to have a better grip on the terrain and explore the island properly.

One of the most important things apart from the hiking gear is a map and GPS these are the most essential components because they will help you understand where you are going. The inland trails in the island of Bora Bora are not well marked hence it can be a challenge for people who are visiting the island for the first time. However, when you have a map, you can know where you are heading easily. Here are some of the best hiking trails in Bora Bora.

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Mount Otemanu Hike

The mount Otemanu hike is a 4-kilometer trail that is characterized as a moderate hiking trail in terms of difficulty and the elevation change is 400 meters. The hike will take you 4 to 5 hours and you will begin your hike at the base of the mountain. Mount Otemanu peak is the highest peak on the island and it is one of the most challenging hikes that you can explore on the island. The island is a result of the volcanic eruption that resulted in the ancient past and this formed rocks that are currently present in the area. The top of the mountain is very inaccessible hence you should not try something that has not worked for years. It can be very dangerous and slippery. The volcanic rock is very crumbly as well hence the need to have proper hiking gear.

There is a cave in mount Otemanu where you can hike from the base to the cave. This is the highest point in the mountain that can be accessed on foot. The views from the cave are amazing as you get to view the island lagoon, the lush green surrounding environment as well. Reaching this cave can be challenging to many people because there are major steep sections along the road and it can only be traversed using ropes. You will need some of the top-notch hiking gear if you are to access the mountain top. You will also need an experienced tour guide who will take you from the lower side of the mountain to the top.

 The hike begins at the base of Mount Otemanu and goes up through the winding paths. This hike will take you 2 to two and a half hours to complete. It is not possible to hike without a guide because there are chances that you might get lost in the unmarked trail. In addition, there are areas where the trail passes through private land and you will need a local to ask permission. The beginning of the hike might seem simple and you may be tricked that the entire trail will be like this, however, quick vertical climbing is the next component and this requires you to have proper hiking gear. It is important that you carry enough water and snacks when hiking the mountain because this will make your work easier.

Faanui WWII Guns trail

This is one of the best hiking trails that you can explore during your visit to Bora Bora because it is filled with fantastic scenery. The hike is about one kilometer and there is no major elevation change. This is characterized as a moderate hiking trail in terms of difficulty and it will take you twenty to thirty minutes. The guns from the second world war are one of the best places that you should visit on the island because they will give you a different perception of the island and the changes that it has undergone over time. In as much as the trail is short, you might experience some steep areas on the trail. It is possible to hike to the guns and back to your original location in half an hour.

The World War two hiking trail is opposite the Chancelade base and this path goes up the hill as you head to the monument. You will follow this path until you see the second world war artillery. You can take your time to see the guns and what the Americans used during the second world war. The panoramic views are exquisite and you can never see such a place on earth if not in Bora Bora. There are wildflowers and creatures around the area. You get time to explore the best of the ancient guns and you can take photos of the amazing environment. It is important to note that this hike can be done without the need for a guide.

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Mata Pupu Hike

Mount Pupu hike is a two-kilometer trail that covers an elevation gain of 240 meters and it is classified as moderate in terms of difficulty. The hiking trail will take you 1 to 2 hours depending on your speed and it is critical that you come with water and sunscreen because you will be exposed to nature. Mata Pupu is a popular landmark in Bora Bora and you should not miss the experience of hiking to the mountain. This mountain stands at 235 meters above sea level. Since Bora Bora is an island and the sea level is just a few meters away you can have the best views from the top of the mountain. The trail begins at Povaie bay. The surrounding resorts as well as the amazing sculptures of the island make it a perfect place that you should go for hiking. The panoramic views that you will have at the top of the mountain are something that you will never forget when visiting Bora Bora.

The hiking trail will take you through an access road and a transmission tower, here you are going to see the amazing views of the resorts in Bora Bora. There are numerous landmarks along the trail and you should always have your camera to capture some of the most amazing places on the mount. 

Once you reach Mata Pupu ridge then you can know that you are headed in the right direction. It is important to be sure foot during this part of the hike because it can be very physically demanding and slippery.

Bora Bora Island Loop

This is one of the best hiking trails that you can explore during your next visit to Bora Bora. The hiking trail features a 30.6 kilometers trail and this one will take you 8 to 9 hours to is the most comprehensive hiking trail with an elevation gain of 1000 meters. It is classified as hard in terms of difficulty hence the need to be very well prepared before the hike. You can start anywhere on the island and finish at the point that you started from hence completing a loop. The 8 hours of the hike includes a quick detour to the largest mountain in Bora Bora and you can explore these areas with ease because they present the best location for your photography.

It is recommended that you begin your hike on the southern part of the island because this way you will access and ascend mount Pahia earlier in the day. The climb to the mountain top is the most challenging part of the hike and you should be well prepared and with proper hiking gear when choosing to go on this trail. The island loop hiking trail follows the main road in the island and you can get to see the beaches as you walk around the island.

Mount Pahia Ascent

This is one of the best hiking trails in the country as it features a 3.4-kilometer trail that is characterized as hard in terms of difficulty levels. The elevation gain is about 610 meters and it will take you two and a half hours to complete it. You will begin your hike at the trailhead near the church and head up to the mountains. Mount Pahia is the tallest mountain on the island and it is accessible to hikers who want to try something new. It is possible for you to hike to the top of the mountain where you can have some of the majestic views of the island and the pacific sea. The panoramic views of the mountains are something that you can never want to miss because they give a glimpse of the nearby mountain, mount Otemanu and the lagoon. The hike is challenging as it involves quick elevation changes, switchbacks, and scramble among other features. It is better to have a guide if you are visiting the island for the first time.

In conclusion, Bora Bora has amazing hiking trails and you should take some time to explore them during your next visit.