I have visited Klausenpass for the first time maybe 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it.

This time I decided to go there and hike to a bit harder places and made a video about it 😉

But first of all: how to get to Klausenpass?

You can basically get there two ways: with your own/rental car or a bus (there’s not train connection).

It all depends where you start your trip to Klausenpass, but mostly, the first leg of your trip you are going to do with a train, then the last stretch with a bus.

Just to keep it as simple as possible for you, please check out this official Swiss trains website (it includes all buses connections) – Swiss trains. Enter your start position and enter Klausen Passhöhe in the second and click ENTER. The engine will find you the best possible connection and here you go on the way to Klausenpass 🙂

My last hike in Klausenpass

So last time I went with my camera and made a short video of it: you can have a look at it here:

Overall, Klausenpass is not that high (almost 2000m), but it has a pretty special landscape. I felt like on a moon there as it is so rocky and grass is almost non existing, especially if you go to the right from that nice little glacier.

This time I wanted to reach the next valley and waterfall via these rocks, but in the end I got into pretty insecure situation as the rocks become pretty loose and slippery. That was not fun at all – it was rather dangerous. I would not recommend anyone to do so as you can slip, fall and get a serious injury.

To have a more pleasant hike, you should hike left from the glacier and hike down to Klausenpass or even lower to next destinations (which I didn’t do in the video).

I think Klausenpass is a really great destination which offers a pretty wide variety of hiking routes: I really love that you can actually go to any direction and amazing views await.

As well, there is one huge waterfall next to Klausenpass which is called Stäuber and you must see it: it’s massive.

Directions to it are here:



In my opinion, Klausenpass is a great one day destination: you can hike as much as you want, relax in the small restaurants which are right on the Klausenpass and have a great time.


I just must warn you, that Klausenpass is closed in winter and it’s mostly open from June till October.

As well, please visit the official Klausenpass website for more information: Klausenpass website.


If you have any questions regarding Klausenpass: let me know, I will try to help you:)

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