Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the most popular water sports across the world and it is very important to choose the best mask for you, in this article we look for the best snorkel masks for big noses. There are different areas where you can explore the different waterbodies across the globe and enjoy an amazing time in the area without the need to worry about because you have purchased or rented a perfect snorkeling mask for your face type.

Your safety should be at the top of your priority list because without this you are not going to enjoy your time in the region. You can take advantage of the different water bodies across the world to explore some of the iconic snorkeling destinations. Perhaps you could be wondering if you will be able to snorkel if you are not a good swimmer, the short answer is yes.

This is mainly because you can go with a guide who will show you different parts of the waterbodies as well as maintain your safety as you will have the best opportunity to explore your holiday destination perfectly. The most important thing that you must consider is the kind of snorkeling mask that you are going to purchase or rent. The best option is to always rent a mask or purchase a snorkel mask that will suit your face type.

Many people will find difficulty choosing a snorkel mask, especially for big noses because most of the snorkel masks that are manufactured by different companies tend to manufacture for the average population. However, you will get a snorkel mask that is perfect for your face type.  The benefits of the snorkel masks are that you can breathe naturally through your mouth or nose.

This also gives you the best opportunity to explore the different environments as the visor is large and has a wide viewing angle. Perhaps the most important factor that you should ensure is that it should not have any water seeping in or if there is any fogginess there. When you are selecting a mask, it is essential that you always consider the safety, comfort as well as durability of the product.

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Advantages of using a snorkel mask for big noses

There are numerous advantages of using snorkel masks for big noses. This is mainly because you have the right snorkel mask for your activity. When you do this, you have the chance to explore different parts of the world easily and with great comfort.

Easy to use

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of using a snorkel mask for big noses is that you do not have to worry about your nose interfering with your view or even with the possibility of it affecting the visor of the snorkel mask.


This is the priority when it comes to looking for snorkeling masks. When you are looking for the best mask then you should consider yourself when you are going to snorkel in some of these fine destinations. When you have a perfect snorkel mask you know that it would be safe for you to get deep into the ocean and see some of the unique features around the globe.

High volume 

In most cases, you will find people talking about the best mask being low volume. However, in this case, you want a mask that will protect you while at the same time giving you the comfort that you need.

A high-volume snorkel mask works better in this case because you want a roomier snorkel mask that will cater to your nose perfectly without interfering with your views.

The materials that are used in making these masks are usually light and this is vital because it makes it easy to check out different areas with ease without feeling tired or something heavy is on your face.

The silicon material that is utilized in the making of the skirt of the mask is perfect because it ensures that the snorkel mask fits tightly on your face and this is essential because it will not allow any water to get into your snorkel mask and cause fogginess.

Best snorkel masks for big noses

Various companies are known for manufacturing high-grade snorkel masks around the world. Here are some of the renowned snorkel masks for big noses that you can find.

Promate ocean owl

This is a legendary snorkeling mask just as the name indicates it is a top-tier mask that is perfect for people with large faces. It is designed for the ocean owls just like the snorkelers who want the best views of the ocean fauna and flora.

The extra wide design allows for ease of use as you can explore the different parts of the waterbodies without the need to worry about safety or the viewing angle.

The soft silicone filing is made to fit perfectly on your face which will then give you the best viewing angles and prevent any water from seeping into your snorkel mask. The rotating buckles allow you to adjust the mask to your fitting. 

The comfort-themed features of the snorkel mask fit equally for people with large or rounded faces.

ScubaMax oversize Abaco

This is the legendary snorkeling mask for people with big noses. It features a large size that can accommodate shapes of all kinds and as the name indicates it is designed to give you better breathing space and a wider viewing angle.

The extra wide design means that you can see different places without any struggle. Regardless of the shape of the face, you are going to enjoy your snorkeling expedition with this mask.

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

The oceanic shadow frameless dive mask is among the low-volume masks that can fit any kind of face even people with big noses. Whether you have a narrow face or you have a wide face there is always something for you and you should consider this snorkeling mask.

This mask is easy to use anywhere and you can utilize it to snorkel in different parts of the globe.

It is therefore important that you consult with the company that is selling you the mask to ensure that you get a high-quality mask that will serve the purpose. Perhaps the size of the visor will determine the kind of mask that you are going for therefore it is better to choose one with a large volume because it gives you a better viewing angle.

The snorkeling mask does not experience any kind of fogginess and it is perfect for you if you are a first-time snorkeler.

Aqua Lung Wraparound Single Lens Dive Mask

This is a legendary snorkel mask that is best for people with big noses and it is the most sought-after snorkel mask with a high reputation and maintaining quality.  It has been a usable snorkel mask in different parts of the world.

The mask is known to allow for a bigger volume and here your nose can fit in perfectly without feeling any discomfort or interfering with your views.

Perhaps it is one of the best masks that you can find out there.  The aqualung mask is also vital in performing even in difficult conditions hence the name and the ability to withstand some of the harsh conditions.

It is perfect for adults and young people. The three-window design offers a perfect viewing angle and you can see some of the most unique spots that you can find on the planet. It uses tempered glass therefore it can withstand the pressure of lower sea levels.

Scubapro Synergy 2

This is a legendary snorkeling mask that you are going to find in some of the top shops around the different places on the planet, especially the snorkeling destinations.

The mask is made of high-quality material and this creates comfort, reliability as well as excellent views that you will enjoy to your best. The brand has established itself as one of the best in the industry because you are guaranteed the best experience when you purchase this mask. 

If you are looking for a snorkeling mask for people with big noses then this is the perfect mask that you should choose. The dual sealing makes this mask the best possible because it does not allow water to pass through therefore you will have the best experience possible.

The synergy pro 2 also provides excellent adjustability that makes it easy for any kind of face to fit as you can adjust it to fit well with the straps or buckles.

TUSA M-1001 Scuba Diving Mask

This is another mask that has gained a huge reputation across the world for its efficiency and high-quality material that guarantees you the best experience possible. The innovation and quality that are made from the mask ensure that you get the best experience possible. 

The most important thing about this mask is that it can be used by people with big noses. The quality of viewing is impeccable because of the large visor hence you have the best experience possible during your snorkeling expedition. 

The snorkeling mask is designed in a way that will allow the human eye to adapt quickly and it is used even in professional diving. The silicon mask that forms the skirt of the snorkeling mask is made from high-quality material that guarantees the best experience and fit possible.

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