Kirkenes is a tiny town that is located in continental Europe. The metropolis is known worldwide because of its unique features and is part of the greater series in the Nordish tourism trail. There is more than it meets the eye as many people tend to underestimate Kirkenes, but in the end, they come to appreciate the uniqueness of this destination. The town is located in Sør-Varanger Municipality in the far northeastern part of the country. Kirkenes is on the peninsula along the Bøkfjorden, and this is a 530-acre town with unique features, and this brings everything to a different perspective as you will have a chance to explore what this town has to offer.

When planning to visit Norway, Kirkenes should not miss on your list because it offers a great companionship, exceptional weather, and fantastic opportunities to explore and enjoy your stay in the country. Most Norwegians know little about this region, and it is around 500 kilometers north of the arctic circle. The town is just a few kilometers off the Russian border. Since the town is located closer to the Russian border, it has acquired unique culture and diversity both from the Norwegians and the Russians as well. However, it is good to note that many Russians live in this region, hence the common language is Russian. It is a unique destination because they see the midnight sun from May 17th to July 21st. How amazing is that? You can visit the region and check out the tranquil and picturesque environment.

Reasons to Visit Kirkenes, Norway

Kirkenes is the best tourist spot because of its location on the arctic circle, and you can visit this place any time of the year. However, if you plan to visit the area during the winter period, you should always carry protective and warm clothing. The northern coast in this region is barren, and you will rarely find people in these parts of the world. However, there is one popular location that has gained traction in tourism. The crab village attracts people because of the humongous sizes of the reared crabs in this region.

The windswept coastline provides you with unique scenery changes that will be worth the visit. Deep in the forest is a beautiful town that you can see the birch trees, pines, and a free natural environment that you can watch birds and animals. You can see the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in this region, depending on the season you visit the area.

How to Get to Kirkenes?

how to get to kirkenes, norway

Kirkenes is an exceptional location that you can visit any time of the year. The town has an airport that is twenty kilometers away hence you can explore the region quickly. Since the airport is small, you can visit them any time of the year. You can link your flight from major international airports in Norway to this destination.

However, it is essential to note that there are no regular flights to this destination, hence preparing adequately and book early. Here are the fun places that you must explore when visiting the region.

Visit the borderland museum

It is commonly called the Grenselandmuseet, and it is a fantastic museum located a few kilometers from Kirkenes town. It is a perfect place that you can go and enjoy the history and diversity of this location. While at the museum, you can learn about the things that have happened over time and the unique characteristics of this location.

The museum is an uphill walk, and if you plan to go and check out the museum, then the best time is during the summer period when the weather is accommodating. 

Explore the ice stadium in Kirkenes

It is one of the most fun and exciting activities that you should do while in the region. People are exploring the environment regularly, and this is the best time that you should visit Kirkenes.

You will explore the area with people who understand it well therefore, there are no chances that you will get lost. You will find people gambling in the area. 

Watch the midnight sun

Midnight sun

In the northern region of the arctic circle, there is a place in Kirkenes which enjoys over two months of the midnight sun, if you are looking for something fun and interesting, then this can be a suitable activity for you.

During this period the sun is up the skies for a considerable amount of time, therefore seeing the impressive escarpments and mountains is a fantastic experience that you must enjoy. In addition to this, the green rays of the northern lights can be seen from Kirkenes, and during the winter climate, you can check out the fantastic illusion.

Explore the bear country

The deep forest located in Pasvik is one of the unique locations with a few inhabitants, and you can see the most unique destinations in the region. It is significant to bear territory, and you can explore it with the locals and other foreigners. You will see bears, and you should be careful when you are in this region.

Bear attacks can occur anytime hence you need to ensure that your security is guaranteed before visiting the area. It is a border region, and you can get controversies from the Russian Federation, Norway, and Finland. The bear country borders the river, and you can explore the Norwegian side before embarking elsewhere. 

Spend your time with the local people

It is a fantastic destination that you should take to explore with the locals. The locals will give you a better perception of the region and understand the area from the perspective of a local. The Norwegians are lovely people, and you will be greeted with smiles and laughs.

Since they are Pasic friendly people, you will get to know more places and explore what the great environment offers. There is more to life in Kirkenes than just things to do, when you spend time with the locals, you will get to know why they behave in a certain. 

Explore the Nordre Namdalen Arctic Settler Home

Artic settler home

This is a house that was home to the settlers in the regions and it has been converted into a museum. The house is impressive as it features a golden wood laid inside, and it is an indication of the artic settlers who first came to Kirkenes.

The settlers moved from the area after region after electricity was delivered to the region. 

See the soviet liberation monument

There is a significant world war two history in Kirkenes Norway, the city was featured a lot during the wars, and there are numerous buildings that survived the war.

There are multiple monuments that you can visit and see the ancient history and the lessons from the war. You can board sleds and move around the area as you explore the region.

Visit the snow hotel

Snow Hotel Kirkenes

The snow hotel in Kirkenes is one of the major attractions in the area. It has gained massive popularity across the world because of the unique environment and the activities that you can do in the region.

This hotel is mostly made from ice blocks and snow, and the rooms are well-themed. You will never find a hotel elsewhere in the world like this, and the art is terrific. It is much better if you can book it early to avoid any congestion of the schedule.

Go dog sledding

dog sledding

It is a fun activity that you can enjoy while in the area. You can find huskies ready for the trip and move from one area to another as you embrace the unique outside environment.

You can explore the different territories in this region. You are not limited to the few surrounding Kirkenes. You can join the dog sledding activities during the winter on the frozen lake.

Snowmobile along the fjords

One of the most favorite activities that you can do while in Kirkenes Norway is snowmobiling. It is a fantastic activity that you can do as there are numerous snowmobiles you can use while in the area.

You can book them or just hire them once you arrive at the destination.

Go ice fishing

Since Norway is located in the arctic circle, one of the most popular activities is ice fishing. There are various spots where you can enjoy this port. Besides, the locals can teach you ancient fishing techniques. You will have a chance of drinking black currant tea as you wait for your fish to be ready. 

In summary, Kirkenes is a perfect tourist destination, and you should not be left behind. Visit Norway and Kirkenes in particular and get to know what the arctic world has to offer.

What are your favorite things to do in Kirkenes, Norway? Share your thoughts below.