Kautokeino is a town in the municipality of Troms og in the Finnmark county. This is the administrative center of the Guovdageaidnu village or what is popularly known as Kautokeino. This is the largest municipality by area out of all the cities in the country. The population is about three thousand, and the area this means that the population density is relatively low. However, there are industries, reindeer herding, and theaters. It is one of the coldest places in the Nordic region.

The Kautokeino municipality was first created in 1851, and ever seen it has moved leaps and bounds until currently where it has become one of the major tourist destinations in Norway. It is the headquarter or center of the northern Sápmi, as you can see what the locals have and their culture.

The climate of this Kautokeino is classified as a subarctic climate characterized by long winters, calm and mild summers with temperatures that are lower. The average precipitation in this region is from 360mm to 405mm, and the summertime temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. The best time that you can visit this region is from May to August. 

How to Get to Kautokeino

There are several ways that you can reach Kautokeino, the nearest airport is located in Alta, and this is about 56 miles away. There is a small airport also in Kautokeino, and there are no commercial services in this area. On the other hand, you can choose the European route E45, which runs through the village.

This is the fastest way that you can link between southern Scandinavia and the western Finnmark region. The best time you can visit Kautokeino is from June until august since the rainfall can be manageable. Besides, the temperatures are not as bad as those of the winter season. 

What To Do In Kautokeino, Norway 

Kautokeino is a fantastic location that you should visit on your vacation. There is so much that you can learn and see. Here are some of the top things to do in Kautokeino.

Enjoy birdwatching

In the southern region of the county, as you head to the border region of Finland, there are birdwatching opportunities for you to explore. The area is filled with hundreds of species of birds, and you can check out the birds in the ecosystem. Since the area has numerous lakes and waterways, it provides a perfect habitat for different bird species.

Go fishing

One of the fun activities that you can do during your holiday is to go fishing. It may take time for you to explore a new region and the lakes. However, when you have a guide, you can check out the area and go fishing in one of the lakes in the region. A guide will offer much help when you are going to swim in new waters.

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Since they have a grasp of the area, you can easily use your time to explore more areas and catch different fish species. Besides, you will be able to go to the best fishing location. You have a chance to explore the fantastic arctic environment, and the blue waters make this region a perfect spot for fishing.

Visit Kautokeino church

Kautokeino Church

Kautokeino church is one of the oldest structures in the region, and if you are visiting during the Easter period, you will find the locals busy with different activities. The church was constructed after the second world war.

Explore the silver gallery 

The silver gallery is the first in the Norwegian Lapland region, and it is a perfect location where you can learn more about the history of the locals and the country as a whole. The gallery is like an oasis in the mountain, and it will give you a different experience as you can check out the beautiful designs and the art and gallery in the museum.

You can check out the intimate, exciting, and architectonic nature of the gallery. There is a myriad of contrasting elements that makes this place worth visiting. You can purchase a souvenir at the shop around or enjoy some refreshments there.

Join the locals for the easter festival

The easter festival in Kautokeino is something that should not be missed. It is an essential sport to the Sami people, and one of the most unique phenomena is reindeer racing. During the Easter period, the temperatures are exceptional, and you can easily explore the area with ease.

Sami People

The period is usually filled with activities such as weddings, christening, and confirmations, among others. It is a perfect time for families, friends, and acquaintances to chat and update each other on the year’s events. Weddings in this region usually feature over a thousand guests, and it is a unique opportunity to see the locals in action.

The Kautokeino locals usually set the entire easter week for different activities such as cultural events, church services, parties, and other exciting activities.

Watch reindeer racing 

Reindeer racing championships are usually held in Kautokeino. It is a perfect location where you will find locals enjoying the sport as part of their culture. Normally, the race is conducted in two categories – one on skies with behind the reindeer and the other while lying on the stomach with a sled.

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The atmosphere is usually filled with excitement, and you will find people enjoying the sport. Tourists have the chance to join the tourist classes if they want to enter the competition. The tourist race is usually done at a slower pace, and reindeer are not the fastest. However, you still stand a chance to win some cash prizes.

Visit the Kautokeino museum 

The Kautokeino museum is a favorite location for many tourists as they get a chance to check out the museum’s features. It is packed with the history of the Finnmark country. Inside the museum, you will find a massive collection of costumes, skies, and other historic items to help you understand where the local people have come from and their current situation.

There are multiple houses that you can visit the local hotels and sample the food and continue with your exploration. There is a faded aerial photo of the village from 1930. The picture shows that the semi-domesticated reindeers were a mode of transport for both the rich and the poor in the area.

Follow reindeer herders and enjoy the experience of animal husbandry 

Reindeer keeping is one of the local traditions in Norway, and you can explore this unique tradition with the locals by looking after the reindeers in their grazing field.

It is important to note that these reindeer usually migrate from between the coast and the country’s inland areas, depending on the season. 

Watch the midnight sun

One of the most impressive features of Kautokeino is that you can watch the midnight sun. The sun is usually up 24 hours a day. However, you should check out this phenomenon when the sky is clear.

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You can enjoy your summer by visiting the mountains or fjords in the region. Besides, there are numerous fishing opportunities in the many fjords in the area. 

Watch the northern lights

Northern lights

The northern lights are usually visible from April through August. This is the period when the skies are clear, and you can see the rays strike the atmosphere. The source of these lights is the convergence of the solar winds around the magnetic north pole giving a unique illusion.

Enjoy the polar night 

The seasons in Norway can be unique, and you can explore the features that this fantastic country has to offer. During the winter period from November through January, there is darkness for most parts of the day. You will see some blue light during midday, and that is usually it.

The rest of the day is generally characterized by cold nights and semi-darkness throughout the night. If you want to experience this region’s unique features, then Kautokeino is the right place for you to visit. The blue lights with a unique interface create a memorable picture.

Play some golf

The Kautokeino area is not limited to northern lights and fishing. You can enjoy some golfing activities at the hotels that are situated in the region. The winter is magnificent scenery, and you can enjoy some golf in one of the hotels on the leeward side of the mountain. There are tourist resorts in the area as well, and you can take a breather from your daily activities and enjoy some refreshments. 

Enjoy some arctic camping

snow camping

Camping in the artic can be one of the most fun activities you can do in the area. There are recreational ponds and lakes where you can pitch your tent and enjoy your stay in the area. Besides, you can rent cabins, rooms, or even a tent and have a comfortable place where you can stay as you embark on your exploration activities.