Heading to Vilnius and looking for a memorable night? You simply can’t miss a vibrant and never-ending Vilnius nightlife. The women dress up for the night and the music played by international deejays, and the locals are what you have been looking for. Besides, the drinks are incredible, and you can check out the different beers, vodka, rum, wine, and brandies from other parts of the world. Your night will never be the same again if you visit Vilnius at night and enjoy the nightlife.

What you need to know about nightlife in Vilnius

As the sun sets, so does a new experience, and people ready to have fun come out to enjoy their time after work. The city is an entertainment hub for different budgets, and you do not have to restrict yourself. You can explore other entertainment joints in the city and enjoy them at any cost. The beers usually cost 1.5 euros, and with ten dollars or euros, you are sure that your night will be fantastic. The nightlife is vibrant from Thursday to Saturday while you will find many people going to the bars and restaurants for the weekdays.

There are many bars and restaurants in the capital where you can eat food from different parts of the world before binging on some drinks from the bars served by lovely waitresses. There is a major road where the nightlife is concentrated in the capital, and this is the Vokieciu gatve, this is where all the action happens. It houses some of the best clubs in the country, if not Europe.

Vilnius has a wonderful vibe, and it is usually characterized by cocktails, the best music, and people from the country and other Baltic states. You can mingle with people from different countries in the region. Some of the music played in the clubs around the city include pop, electronica, house, hip hop, dancehall, ragga, techno, among others. You are sure to find a place that plays your type of music 

Partying in Vilnius 

Vilnius is a fantastic destination for going out. The thriving nightlife is an attraction to many people in Europe and across the world. The old town cobbles feature busy yet friendly, relaxed clubs, bars, and restaurants.

This street is the trendiest location, and you can expect to enjoy the value of your money on your night out. The action begins early in the evening, and the nights continue to grow older you get to see the real Vilnius. 

Culture and arts in the city

If you want to try something more refined and educated, you can check out performances at the Lithuanian National Opera and ballet theater. This is an exquisite location where you can have fun while at the same time learning more about the country and its Baltic state neighbors. If you feel thirsty while in the city, then you are at the melting pot of all kinds of drinks that you can take to quench your thirst.

There are mixology artists in Vilnius, and you should try some of the drinks that are served by the experts. You can sample some of the food from the major restaurants in the city before imbibing on a few glasses of beer and wine or a drink of your choice. You will realize that drinking is part of the culture of the Lithuanians. With a few meters and sampling different clubs in the city, you will have tasted the best liquid libations in Lithuania.

What can I drink in Vilnius?

Drinking while on a night out is one of the fun things that you can do in Vilnius. Mixologists in the city have perfected their art, and you are sure that you will find something that you have been looking for in the city. There is a wide range of drinks that you can choose from soft drinks to bitter ones like Apoteka. If you are wondering what you will take on your night out while in the city, you should not worry anymore because you will get virtually any drink you are looking for in Vilnius. 

As you drink, you can sample the drinks inspired by the survival era during the soviet period. However, since the declaration of independence, some of the past’s unique features are still part of the culture in Lithuania. Some of the ingredients that stood the test of time include wild berries, natural honey, and mushrooms, all of which you can sample as you try out the local drinks in Vilnius.

Vilnius Nightlife – Where to Go?

If you are looking for a place to hang out while in the Lithuanian capital, then know that multiple areas will blow your mind. The best bars in Lithuania are on a top-level category, and they rival the global cities such as London and Paris. You will find renowned mixologists who can serve international drinks that you can find anywhere in the world.

The young chefs in the capital are bringing a new feature to the restaurant scene so are the upcoming mixologists who are out to bring out the best drinks for you to enjoy. Here are some of the top places that you can go and hang out.

Club Opium 

If you are looking for the best electronic music club, then club opium is your home. The club owners are out to give you the best entertainment when you visit this incredible destination.

They have one of the best sound systems, and with a perfect taste of electronic music with bright lights and ever-changing dance, this is the right place to hang out.

Find out more about this place here.

Club Loftas

Club Loftas is one of the major clubs in Vilnius, and it is situated in one of the oldest industrial buildings, and since the building has a heavy industrial structure, the music can be blasted with the most severe sounds without worrying about structural damage.

Deejays from all over the world usually come to perform in this club, and you are sure that when you visit you will have the time of your life. You can join the revelers, especially when there is a live concert you will experience the best.

Find out more about this place here.

Club Bix

Nightlife in Vilnius

This is where the nightlife bursts into one of the most memorable scenes in the country. If you are a big fan of heavy music such as metal and rock, this is the right club. Club Bix plays some of the best rock music from across the globe, and you are sure you will find the top deejays to play your music in the night.

You can order some food on the top floor and drink your favorite drink before hitting the dancefloor on the ground floor.

Find out more about this place here.

Club Tamsta 

This is where the best live music concert happens, and you should check out their schedule to know which artist they are bringing to the capital next.

The music changes every night, and if you are looking for something that is diverse and can meet your expectations, then this is the place. There are live bands from different parts of the world playing at the club every day.

Find out more about this place here.

Club Salento 

Club Salento might not be one of the famous for the local people because of the too much international music, however, as a foreigner, you will find that you are more inclined to this club because of the music they play.

They are global deejays, and the staff is amicable, professional, and courteous. It is a perfect location where young people go crazy on the dancefloor to the trending or popular music from across the world.

Find out more about this place here.

Mojos lounge Vilnius 

According to the locals, you cannot mention the best clubs without mentioning the mojos lounge in Vilnius. The club features an exquisite international outlook, and the service is exceptional. You can mingle with local young women in the club. You will not feel too old or too young for this club. Dress up and enjoy your night at the best location on the planet.

Find out more about this place here.

In summary, Vilnius offers you the best place for entertainment and exploration. You can explore more locations in the capital and feel the local environment while you enjoy your favorite drink.

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