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Where to stay in vilnius, lithuania

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania, and it is one of the most diverse cities in the world. The capital is a fantastic destination for many tourists as well as digital nomads. There are numerous activities that you can do while in the city and also you get a chance to enjoy some time with the local people. It is the largest city in Lithuania, and it is situated in the southeastern part of the country. In the recent decade, many people have flocked Vilnius because its exotic nature, welcoming tourist spots, historical and cultural architectures, and vibrant nightlife are among the top reasons people have visited the country. It is important to note that Lithuania was under Soviet rule for the better part of the 20th century.

However, after they got their independence, the country has worked harder to improve the lives of the people and the image of the country globally. The climate in Vilnius is temperate, and the best time you can visit the country is during the summer, when the temperatures range between 15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

Vilnius is the best destination in Europe, and you can enjoy coffee from the restaurants during the day and some drinks at the major clubs and bars in the evening. There are three international airports in Lithuania. The best one that you can use is Vilnius international airport. There are flights from major European cities that you can connect to the Lithuanian capital. The city is small and well connected therefore you can get around quickly. 

Where to Stay in Vilnius – What’s the best neighborhood to stay?

There are multiple places in Vilnius where you can stay during your visit to the country. The location that you choose will depend on your reason for the holiday and your taste and preference.

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This is one of the best destinations, and it is often characterized by the unique features of the traditional wooden houses that date back to the 19th century. This neighborhood is situated in the northern part of the city, and it is close to the Neris river. There are multiple places that you can stay in this neighborhood. You will find excellent supermarkets, shopping centers, skyscrapers, luxury residential areas, and restaurants as well.

One of the major attractions to this neighborhood is the national gallery of modern art. The art gallery is one of the largest in the country, and you can check out all the artwork in Lithuania. There is a small natural oasis in the vicinity, and you can enjoy a meal of coffee while at the park.

The nightlife in this location is incredible as there are clubs, bars, and casinos in the area, and you can enjoy your night with some cocktails in the area. This region is well served by taxi and buses, and you can explore it either by road or on foot.

Old Town 

Vilnius Old Town

Senamiestis is the name that is used to describe the Vilnius old town. This old town is filled with numerous beautiful historic buildings that give the skyline a different meaning. You will see a place that is served by different architectural structures ranging from baroque to gothic architecture.

There are seventy-four quarters with seventy streets. This street is a beehive of activity, and you cannot miss the fun in the old town because it has all the amenities you have been looking for. The old town is the place you should stay because there are numerous hotels and other social amenities.

The narrow streets in the city are packed with plenty of eateries and shops, and there are many fancy restaurants in the city if you want to sample the best. With the fabulous streets and historical sites, the old town is the place to be in Lithuania. Besides, the nightlife is fantastic in this place. 


This is the business center, and it is classified as a luxury residential area situated in the western part of Vilnius. Naujamiestis is a modern and exclusive district home to major banks, embassies, cafes, hotels, and offices. The Vingis park is located in this region as well, and if you love history, then the holocaust museum is a place that you should visit.

The public transport connection to this place is well connected and coordinated. You are sure that you can sample the best of the destination when you live here without struggling.


Užupis Vilnius

One of the main aspects of choosing a place to stay is the quality of the amenities provided in a neighborhood. The integral aspect of Užupis is that it is the heart of all artwork and fantastic scenery in Lithuania. There are plenty of outdoor activities that happen in this destination, and it is a perfect place for you to stay as you can venture into the activities that the locals enjoy in this neighborhood.

If you are a fun of the trendiest artsy and trendy neighborhood that keeps up with the modern trends, then Užupis is the right destination for you. It is one of the best neighborhoods if you want to taste different types of food as well. There are parks, museums, and art centers in this place, and you can choose to enjoy your stay in the area.


This is a tiny area located in the southern part of Vilnius, and it is less explored. However, it is just ten minutes drive from the old town, and it has houses that were constructed for the railway workers and multiple villas for the citizens. The neighborhood has been in existence for over a hundred years now, and you can check out the regional park in the area as there is so much history that you can learn in the area.

The area has some of the best social amenities and churches that date back hundreds of years ago. You can find some restaurants in the area as well that serve Lithuanian and international cuisine.


Zverynas Vilnius

Žvėrynas is classified as the most expensive neighborhood in the capital, and it has numerous private houses with a green environment. The quietness, calmness, and serene environment show that it is a perfect place where you can stay if you do not want to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the central business district.

You can appreciate the quietness and the calmness of this environment as you get to explore the area. People who enjoy their naps and morning walks will find the best destination to stay while in Vilnius. If you are looking for a serene environment with no disturbance, this is a perfect location for you.

Belmontas and Puckoriai

This is one of the suburbs in Vilnius, and it is now known as the right place where you can get your cheese wedding photography done. Besides, there are numerous eateries around this region, and you can enjoy the best meals while in the Vilnius suburbs. 

You will be located right next to an impressive view of the river, and this will change your perspective as you get to explore the natural environment while living in the capital. There are multiple restaurants in the area, and you can sample the local cuisine.



This is ranked as one of the largest neighborhoods in the capital of Lithuania, and it is an extremely attractive place because of its location. Numerous forests and lakes surround this neighborhood, and it is located along the river, making it perfect for that urban and country life. If you enjoy your walk or want a serene environment mixed with modern city walks, then this is the right place for you.

Rasos and Markuciai

If you are looking for a town that will take you back hundreds of years, then the district of Rasos is where you should stay. There is a weird mix of private stone houses, monasteries, railway, prison, and a cemetery.

It is one of the places in Vilnius where you will find two worlds colliding with each other. There are modern amenities in the area, and you can reach the central business district quickly because the site is wells served with buses and other transport facilities.

Naujoji Vilnia

Very few people will make a visit to this fabulous destination, and it is a remarkable place if you want to be adventurous. There are multiple places that you can explore while in the area. It is a small neighborhood that is part of Vilnius now, and it was built in the 17th century. The town has grown over time, and it is less inhabited than other neighborhoods.

In summary, Vilnius is a vibrant, rich, and diverse city that offers various values and adventures for anyone visiting. You can explore the different parts of the town and live where you like. Since Lithuania is a safe country, you will get the best place near the capital.

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