The country is well equipped with sea breeze from the Baltic Sea and is well dotted with unique architecture constructed using baroque style. It is an amazing destination. Many tourists are flocking this Eastern European country and discovering the fantastic features that many tend to forget. The people are socially easygoing, and they are full of life and believe that we have to celebrate everything that life has to offer. You can visit the country during some of the unique Lithuanian festivals and harmonize with the culture as you embrace the new trend of the local people and nature.

What is the Best Time to Visit Lithuania?

Lithuania is located in the far north of the European continent, and the climatic condition in this country is a cold polar climate. Since it borders the Baltic Sea, the weather is primarily influenced by the location and presence of water bodies. The best time that you can visit Lithuania is from May through September.

This is the ideal period because it is summertime and the temperatures are a bit fair, and there is so much green vegetation around the country. During the summer period, temperatures rise up to 25 degrees Celsius, and it is a perfect time to host festivals.

best time to visit lithuania

How to get to Lithuania 

Lithuania is a country that is well connected to major international airports, and you can get flights from virtually any location and land in the capital Vilnius or Klaipeda. Many airlines from London, Paris, Copenhagen, or Barcelona all fly into the capital, and you can catch a flight that flies directly into the capital to make your movement easy.

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There are three international airports in Lithuania, and you are sure that you can reach your desired destination easily. Besides, several intercity trains run across Europe, and some have Vilnius as part of their schedule, so if you are in one of the cities, you can easily reach Lithuania.

Lithuanian festivals – Which festivals offer a memorable experience?

Lithuania is the epitome of cultural diversity, and many of the people in this country value their independence and value enjoying life as part of it. Various Lithuania festivals will take you from a newbie to an experienced individual about the culture and diversity of the Lithuanian people. Here are some of the top festivals that you should attend.

Bliuzo Naktys

This is the international blues festival, and currently, it is celebrating over thirty years since being found. It is one of the oldest festivals in Lithuania, and it attracts thousands of jazz lovers. Lithuanian jazz and blues musicians usually father annual and make this event a success. During the event, other international artists are invited to the festival, ensuring that it is a success. If you want to enjoy some blues and jazz, then this is the perfect destination that you should visit.

Bliuzo Naktys is around the corner (7th and 8th of July), so be sure to check out the official site and get your tickets on time.


This is the most popular event in the country, and it always features electronic music in the country. During this event, you will only get the best in the industry performing, and with the breathtaking surroundings and environment, you are sure that you will have fun when you attend this event. The event usually lasts for three days, and if you are looking for something amazing that you must involve yourself in, then Sūpynės is what you should go.

Update: This festival won’t organize anymore, according to organizers.

Go to Vilnius festival

This is the most revered event in Lithuania, and it attracts thousands of people across the country and international audiences. The event usually takes place during the summer period, and it occurs in the capital Vilnius. Vilnius usually attracts thousands of legendary and talented musicians who visit the area annually to grace the event. In addition, the Vilnius festival attracts thousands of people from different parts of the globe. You should not miss this event because you have the chance of a lifetime to experience Vilnius in its original version.

International film festival

The international film festival in Vilnius usually attracts the best brains in the movie and entertainment industry to the event happening in Vilnius, Lithuania. The film festival occurs every year, and it highlights some of the best works from Europe and other continents. 

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This festival is popularly known as Kino Pavasaris, and during the event, over 200 movies are screened. On the day of the event, the movies are classified according to categories before they are screened. The event takes two weeks, and it is mainly during the spring season. During this period, you will get an opportunity to meet some of the best in the entertainment industry.

Learn more about this festival and the reasons it is one of the most popular festivals in Lithuania.

Klaipeda Sea Festival

If you plan to visit Lithuania during the summer period, especially in July, you are in for a treat. You should not miss this festival because it is one of the most famous events of the year in Klaipeda. The event’s theme is to celebrate the nature and diversity of the Baltic Sea and its contribution to the economy in the region.

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During the Klaipeda Sea festival, over a million people visit, Lithuania and they are usually part of the fun that occurs in this country. So why would you miss such an incredible event? The festival usually occurs in some sort of carnival mode, and you get to enjoy local delicacies and taste local beer. There are a lot of souvenirs that you can purchase on this day. There are exhibitions of art, artifacts, and music during the concert, and it usually lasts four days.

Learn more about this festival here. It is definitely one of the most thematic festivals you’re going to have a chance to experience in Lithuania.

Palanga smelt festival

This is one of the most unusual events in the city, and it takes place in Palanga, a coastal of Lithuania. The festival usually revolves around fried, smoked fish as well as pickled fish. Locals and tourists can participate in this event to not feel left out, enjoy and indulge in local fish.

The fishermen in the country take this event seriously, and you will find them celebrating and dancing. You can sample some fish and soup as well as you get to enjoy the entertainment provided by the fishermen.

Learn more about this culinary festival here.

Galapagai Rock music festival

Lithuania is one of those countries where events do not end during the summer period. You are sure that your summertime will be excellent when you are in the country because people always have a time of their lives in different events. If you are a fan of rock music, this is the perfect opportunity to check out the best in the industry.

Galapagai rock music festival is one of the most awaited events in history, and it attracts international and local participants. You will get international rock bands from Poland, Latvia, Belarus, among others performing. You should check out the event and grab a ticket.

Learn more about this awesome rock festival here.

Trakai middle age festival

The middle-age festival is one of the top events that usually attracts thousands of people to Lithuania, and it is something that you should try. Competitors from all parts of the world come and participate in honor of the international armed forces. You will understand the history of the country and the reasons why the event is held in Trakai, which is a city with history.

People usually dress up in ancient attire, and you will find them in the streets speaking and acting like ancient soldiers, among other things.

Want to learn more about Lithuanian history and at the same time have loads of fun? That’s the way to learn! Check out more about the Trakai middle age festival here.

Saint John feast

This is one of the festivals that happen in mid-summer, and you should be part of it. It is part of the most historic days of the calendar because Lithuanians turn up for real the celebration of Saint John, depicting the summer solstice’s oncoming. Since the Lithuanians take their events seriously, you will find the participants of this event on the streets.

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Family and friends usually gather in an open area, and they enjoy several meals together. It is time for wishing each other good luck, and they often lay a wreath of flowers at Neris River. During this event, when the dark sets in bonfires, fireballs are usually lit, and there is a lot of dancing and singing as the locals say bye to the cold dark days.

Mama jazz festival in Vilnius

The rock festival is the most popular event in Lithuania. However, the mama jazz festival comes in close to it, and it is an annual international jazz festival held in the capital. The festivals in Lithuania are not limited only to religious holidays. Lithuanians are known to celebrate art, craft, and jazz music is embraced dramatically in this country. They also encourage people from different parts of the world to participate in these events.

Learn more about this awesome event and prebook your ticket here.

Celebrate Independence Day with the locals

One of the most fun things you can do while in Lithuania is joining parades from the grassroots level. This gives you a chance to explore the traditions of the country and chant with them ‘Lithuania for the Lithuanians’. These parades are more popular, and you should take your time to check them.

In conclusion, Lithuania is a rich and diverse country, and exploring it, and its festivals is the first step towards having fun in the country.