Switzerland is a unique country in Europe that should be on top of your travel destination list. The landlocked country has spectacular scenery, and it is ranked among the most traveled countries in the world. There is no doubt that there are various awesome places in Switzerland as well as many different ways to travel to this country, and one of them is choosing guided tours. 

Whether you are choosing to visit Switzerland during the winter or summer season, you are sure that you will have a fantastic time during your visit: walking along the glistening lakes, enjoying a magnificent outdoor environment, riding on the highest train ride in Europe, exploring the alpine region, skiing, climbing mountains, riding the cogwheel, and sample some local delicacies…

Choosing a guided tour in Switzerland is beneficial because you have a chance to explore a wide array of places within a short period. No matter you are visiting the country for a few days, a week or a month, you are sure that the guided tours will give you the best time in the country. 

Besides, Switzerland is a small country with a vast train and road network, transportation from one location to another is easy and fast. Therefore, you can easily move from one tourist site to the next, and the logistics are pretty simple. Or you can choose to buy a day pass, which will allow you to use public transport for free during that day. Here are some of the best Swiss guided tours.

Zurich sightseeing bus tour

Bus Tour

This tour will take you about two hours, and it is an exceptional tour because you will have enough time to explore Zurich. You can check many areas around the city ranging from the picturesque old town, Swiss museum, monuments, among others. 

You can get free cancellation when booking this tour if you notify your guide a day before the actual tour. With the tour, you get mobile ticketing, you will receive instant confirmation on your phone, and you can use this on the day of the tour to show that you have paid for it. 

The cost of this tour will be around $80. The tour guides are well versed with the city, and they will take you around as you enjoy some of the best views in Switzerland. Some of the features of this tour include:

  • Exploring the city’s landmarks on a tour bus.
  • Check out the St. Peter’s church, which has the largest clock phase in Europe, and you can learn more about the people of this fantastic country as you get enough time to mingle with them.
  • Get a fully guided tour with professionals who understand both English and German.
  • You will see parts of the city that would have been otherwise inaccessible if you traveled alone on tour.

During this tour, you will meet with your guide at the main Zurich train station. You can depart from here to the bus station where your tour bus will be waiting for you.

Swiss Alps Day trip

Swiss Alps

This day tour will take you from Zurich through Jungfraujoch and Bernese Oberland region. This is the ultimate tour because you will have a chance to experience some of the best sceneries across Europe. 

The tour cost will be around $300, and you can cancel your booking a day before or 24 hours before the trip. This tour is offered in English and German as well. 

You can explore the region with ease because the guides are well versed with the environment. You will ascend to one of the highest peaks in Europe, and the 10-hour trip will take you from Zurich through the Jungfraujoch region. 

The guide is well equipped with knowledge and expertise in these areas; therefore, you will get the best tour that you have ever seen. First, the luxury coach will take you through the unique Bernese Oberland region, and you will see the magnificent villages of Grindelwald. Then, you can board the gondola Eiger express, which will take you through these UNESCO heritage sites.

The alpine world is a truly mesmerizing location that you can have fun during your trip. You will encounter so much during your trip that it will be worth your time and money. During your tour, you can capture pictures of the majestic hills and valleys. You are sure that you will have the time of your life by going on this trip. You can choose hotel pickup or choose the Zurich bus terminal as your departure point. 

You will get the following:

  • An overview of the Bernese Oberland region as you travel over the region.
  • Enjoy mind-blowing views from the jagged peaks of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains. 
  • Enjoy a meal in one of the rustic restaurants in the area. 
  • Take pictures of the mountainous scenery that brings a whole new dimension to your tour.

You can travel through the towering peaks of the mountains from Bernese Oberland to Lauterbrunnen. You can use the cogwheel to take you to some of the highest points in Europe. 

Try to spot the Aletsch glacier at the summit of these mountains, and you will have the time of your life during this trip.

Gruyere’s day trip

Gruyere Cheese

This is one of those trips that you should include on your schedule because it covers some of the best views on the planet. During this trip, you can include the golden panoramic express train that will take you to the peak of the mountains. 

The trip will cost you around $285. However, it is important to note that you enjoy a 24-hour free cancellation when you book a guided Gruyeres trip. 

You will head to the mountaintop during the trip, where you will sample the famous Gruyere cheese. You can enjoy a perfect ride on the golden panoramic express, which gives you scintillating views of the environment as you head to the cheese-producing area. Some of the features of this trip include:

  • Transport to the chocolate factory 
  • Panoramic golden express train ride with a guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop off

First, you will visit the Broc chocolate factory, where you can sample some of the best chocolate in the country. You will then head to Gruyere, where experts will demonstrate to you the cheese-making process. You also have the chance to make your own fondue, and you can enjoy it while on the trip.

A day tour to the Rhine falls

Rhine Fall

This is one of the best tours that you should make a point of exploring during your visit to Switzerland. The Rhine Falls are the most picturesque features of the country, and you will part with around $80 for the tour. 

The tour will take approximately 6 hours, and it is offered in English. You will travel on an air-conditioned coach and visit Laufen Castle, where you can check out the falls from a vantage point. If you see this region during the summer period, you can choose to take a boat ride to the falls. Some of the features of this tour include:

  • Professorial guide
  • Air-conditioned coach
  • Food and drinks

The best location that you can choose as a pickup point is the Zurich bus terminal. Here you will explore all the features that the tour has to offer adequately from Zurich. You can take pictures of the majestic falls and explore all areas possible. You can cancel your booking 24 hours before the event.

Lucerne and Mount Titlis tour

This is one of the most special trips that you should make because you will explore the city of Lucerne and the surroundings, including the historical Mount Titlis. 

The tour will cost you around $188. The tour is offered in English and German. You can explore the region as much as you want because the tour guides are professional and well equipped with the necessary information to help you understand the area better. 

You can explore the old town of Lucerne before you go to check out the mountain. As you ascend to mount Titlis, you will be bombarded with some of the most exquisite views of the area below. There is a chair lift that you can use to check the frozen crevices, among others. Some of the features of the tour include:

  • An air-conditioned coach
  • Revolving cable ride to the mountain summit
  • Professional tour guide
  • Food and drinks

You must check with your guide minutes before departure to ensure that you understand what the tour is all about and what is expected from you. Lake Lucerne is just around the city of Lucerne, and it is one of the most impressive features of this location. You can enjoy the mesmerizing views as you head up the mountain. 

This is a fantastic tour because it will involve you walking on the highest European suspension bridge. You can take pictures of the amazing views as you enjoy your ride. Then, you can decide to ski on the beginner slopes. 

Paragliding tour from Interlaken 


This is one of the most exciting activities that you can do while in the region. Switzerland has impressive features that you should explore on your trip. The tour will take you approximately two hours, and you should explore as many areas as possible during your visit. 

Paragliding over the Swiss Alps in a tandem flight is one of the best activities you can do while in the area because you get to experience the best views that you have ever seen in the world. While you are flying above, you will view Lake Thun, and the alpine landscape is breathtaking. 

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There are professional guides who will help you navigate from the top mountains to the area below. The tour will cost you around $190. Some of the things that you will experience during this tour include:

  • Scenic views of the Jungfrau massif and the view of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun.
  • You can take pictures in the high-altitude region and get to explore the amazing features of the area.

You have the chance to explore Interlaken and the surrounding environment, where you will enjoy the authentic Swiss culture and heritage. Your pickup point is at your local hotel, and you can cancel your booking a day before the main event.

Go on a sightseeing cruise of Lake Lucerne

Lucerne Lake

This is one of the most exciting trips you can take advantage of during your trip to Switzerland. The tour will cost you around $30. The tour is usually done in English and German, and you have the chance to explore the wonderful environment with ease. 

You can choose a departure time that will suit your needs. The guide will take you and give you more information about all the lakes and the best views that you can get. You can spend your time exploring the panoramic view around the lake, whether it is in the evening or morning. 

You can purchase drinks and snacks at the onboard bar that is around the region. The area is accessible since you can go with strollers as well. There is adequate public transportation, and you can get to the site with ease. In addition, you can get an easy refund a day before the day of the tour.

Go On a Fondue and Wine Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk Tuk

This is one of the best trips that you can enjoy during your Switzerland trip. The tour will cost you around $120, and you are sure that you are to enjoy the best experience you can ever have on your vacation. 

You can cancel your trip 24 hours before the day of the tour, and you will get your money back. The tour is offered in English and German. Fondue is one of the most popular dishes in Switzerland, and you have time to explore what the locals consume. There are glamorous displays of different foods and drinks, and you can get to explore what the country has to offer. The tour will take you about two hours. 

Switzerland has some of the best wines in the world, and you can check out what the incredible country has to offer. The tour will take you two hours, and you can sit up to four people in one Tuk Tuk. The eco-friendly Tuk-tuks are the best because they are electronic. Some of the highlights include:

  • You can enjoy the views of Europe’s most expensive shopping street.
  • Take snapshots of the Grossmünster and Fraumünster, which are the most iconic landmarks in the area.
  • You will have a fantastic view of the city skyline and explore the best views from the lake and the environs.

You can get to sip some of the best wines in the world as you dip your bread to the best fondue in the country. You can choose a long or short circuit to get a full review of the city’s features and what the surrounding areas have to offer.

The bird tours

The Falconeria Locarno ticket is one of the most iconic tours because it offers a tranquil environment where you get to watch the birds in their natural habitat. 

The tour will cost you anything from $29, depending on where you want to visit. It will last for a couple of hours, and you should prepare all your questions so that you can ask your guide. 

All the birds are in their natural environment, and you will learn more about their history and how their evolution over time. Some of the things to expect include:

  • Watch eagles, owls, and haws in their natural habitat.
  • You can visit either in the morning or in the evening for the best views.
  • You can capture as many photographs as possible,

You will learn more about the birds in the region as well as their history. The breathtaking views of the natural environment are the best that you can ever get while visiting. 

Lucerne and Mt. Rigi summer tour

Mount Rigi

This is a tour that will allow you to explore the city of Lucerne and the mountains nearby. It will take you about 9 hours to complete it, and you should be ready to tackle a whole day of moving from one scenery to another. 

The tour price is about $153, and you must explore everything that this fantastic tour has to offer. The tour is provided in English and German, and you expect the following:

  • Exploring the dramatic mountainous scenery.
  • Enjoy the view of the charismatic city.
  • Ride a cable car to the mountaintop and take pictures of the surrounding area.

During the tour, you can enjoy a meal as you view the mesmerizing Swiss Alps. You can customize your tour to feature what you want to see and areas that you can explore during your trip. You will be picked from your hotel and enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Lucerne as you move around.

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