Paragliding in Interlaken

Interlaken is maybe the capital of paragliding in Switzerland.

It is very very popular over there and there are hundreds of people flying down from beautiful Alps down to Interlaken each day (especially in summer weekends).

Then we came to Interlaken this weekend we saw maybe 20-30 paragliders up there at the same moment. So it’s huge there and that is really the place to enjoy it.

How, where, when?

If you want, you can reserve a place online here: Interlaken paragliding.

It’s always cheaper to buy tickets for whole family or for a group, but if you are alone, you should expect to pay around 170 CHF for a session of paragliding. Or you can simply go to Interlaken and buy a ticket there. There are many places and booths where they advertise paragliding, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find one.

When you buy a ticket they take you with a car up the mountain to a beautiful vast meadow where you will take off. On the way up to the mountain they give you a short briefing about paragliding, but actually it’s a no-brainer. You have nothing to worry about. The instructor will take care of everything and you just enjoy the flight 🙂

After arrival to the top, you will get the needed equipment for paragliding and get ready for your flight. The instructor will always be behind you and he takes of everything, you just sit the whole flight and enjoy the views.

I highly recommend to take a camera with you to commemorate the moments as surroundings are stunning over there: huge lakes, green alps, snowy peaks and even a glimpse of glacier, all the different nature aspects in one view 🙂

You are going to fly for 25-30 minutes and later on will softly land in the meadow in the middle of Interlaken 🙂

That’s a pretty cool experience and I highly recommend it!

Just go to Interlaken and have a flight of your life!

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