Christmas in Greenland features the colorful traditions similar to the colorful houses in this town.

Christmas in Greenland – Customs and Traditions

Celebrating Christmas in Greenland is one of the unique things to do during your visit to the Arctic. The coziness of the families and unique food, decorations, and the regional customs and traditions will make you fall in love with Greenland.  Christmas is very festive in Greenland and people celebrate […]

Paamiut, Greenland

12 Best Things To Do In Paamiut Greenland You Must Try

Paamiut is a town located in the Sermersooq municipality in the southwestern part of Greenland. The location of the town on the Labrador Seashore and the Kuannersooq bay has made it a major fishing location because the water does not freeze to ice. The locals practice fishing throughout the year […]

Dangerous animals in North America
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What Are Most Dangerous Animals In North America ?

The North American continent is one of the most visited continents in the world. There are many places that you should visit in North America. The continent is in the western hemisphere and it is often considered a single continent it borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the arctic […]

Dangerous animals in Greenland

What Are the Most Dangerous Animals in Greenland

Greenland is gaining huge popularity in the recent past because people are looking for areas that they can explore. Despite the land being filled with a sheet of ice throughout the year, Greenland is a unique destination that you should explore in your lifetime. The country’s mountainous region is entirely […]

Greenland Fjords

11 Fjords in Greenland You Would Like to Visit

Greenland is one of the least visited countries; however, the country has gained huge fame as a tourist spot in the recent past. As a result, there have been numerous explorations ongoing in the country. Currently, there are different places that you can visit if you want to sail and […]