Africa is a continent that is rich in biodiversity, wildlife, and things to do. With over fifty countries there are so many places that you can visit in Africa on your next trip. When planning to go on a safari then Africa is the best place that you can visit and enjoy some sun as well as pristine beaches. Since the continent has different climatic conditions, it is home to different animal and plant species. Some of the animals and plants are very dangerous and you should investigate these when going on your visit. We are going to explore some of the dangerous animals that you will find in Africa. We have highlighted some of the species that are known to cause a large number of deaths in different parts of Africa.

The list that we have highlighted here is a representation of the animals that are dangerous and very volatile. These creatures can easily attack and kill you when they find you in their habitat. However, this does not negate the fact that other animals are dangerous and you can find them in different parts of the continent. The diversity of the continent and different climatic conditions and the tropical rainforests are the best places where different animal species thrive. Many people think that when we say dangerous animals they expect that lions, hippos, or elephants are the main cause of death in Africa. however, this is not the case even very tiny creatures such as mosquitoes are known to cause fatal diseases such as malaria and the zika virus. Here are some of the dangerous animals that you will find in Africa.



According to data from the ministry of health from different countries across Africa, mosquitoes are responsible for over a million deaths annually in the continent. The mosquito usually transfers these infections by biting the victims. Although it is assumed that mosquitoes are tiny creatures the mosquitoes in sub-Saharan Africa carry infections such as dengue fever, zika virus, yellow fever, and malaria. The mosquitoes are often active at night and they bite animals from different parts. When they suck blood, they leave the disease-causing bacteria. The best way that you can control this is by using repellants and sleeping in a mosquito net at night.

African Elephant


The African elephant is one of the biggest land animals that is found in Africa. These elephants usually thrive in the savanna and the wild areas of the African continent. They are known for their high level of bonding, intelligence, and power. The elephants do not attack humans regularly, however, these beasts usually become largely angry when they find you in their habitat or when they are nursing their babies. The older and young elephants are the ones that are dangerous because they can be curious and at times erratic. The African elephants have been known to kill people in the wild in the recent past and it is important that when you are exploring nature you should be careful about them.

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Black Mamba

The black mamba is a very dangerous snake because it has a high venom that is fatal. these snakes are usually in sub-Saharan Africa and they are very sharp and quick. The black mamba is long and it has a highly sophisticated vision that it uses to attack victims with ease. These snakes usually thrive in the rocky slopes, savanna, woodlands, and forests in Africa. Since they are active both during the day and during the night, you must stay away from the areas where these snakes are located. Various aspects make this snake dangerous because it can attack from a significant range and it will deliver bites in quick succession. This is unlike any other snake in the world. The venom from the snake is a neurotoxin and they usually affect the central nervous system causing paralysis. A single bite from the black mamba can kill ten adult human beings. In as much as these snakes are highly dangerous, it is important to note that they will not attack humans anyhow and they often tend to avoid humans and they will not strike unless they are attacked or they feel threatened.

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Reports indicate that hippos are responsible for three thousand deaths in Africa. These are very dangerous animals because they are very heavy and they have sharp teeth. Although the hippopotamus is known to be an herbivore they can kill because they often feel threatened and they can attack quickly and very fast. Many of the attacks from the hippos are from male hippos because they are very territorial and they will fiercely attack anyone that will make them feel threatened. These hippos are usually found in lakes and rivers and the female hippos can get aggressive whenever they are lactating because they are protecting their young ones. An adult hippo can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes and it is among the biggest animals in Africa apart from the elephant. The hippos are very agile both on land and in the water hence the need to avoid them.

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

The Nile crocodile is responsible for around five hundred deaths a year in Africa. The Nile crocodile is found in most waters in Africa and they are the continent largest freshwater predator. These crocodiles are very aggressive and are known to inflict pain and injuries on humans. The crocodiles are known for the way they ambush and they are indiscriminate hunters that will attack any animal that comes in their way when they are hungry. The mode of attack is through clamping the victim to the water and drowning them in water. Their jaws are very powerful and they have very sharp teeth that can pierce through flesh. 

The attacks on humans usually happen when people are swimming or washing clothes on the lake shores and rivers or when fishermen are coming out of their boats. Over half of the crocodile attacks are fatal. The Nile crocodile attack usually occurs during the warm months when many animals are looking for water to quench their thirst.

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African Rhinoceros

African Rhino

The African rhinoceros are herbivores and are very powerful and dangerous animals. Despite the size, they are second in size to the African elephants. These rhinoceros can run and charge at you and with their massive body and strength, they can cause severe injuries and in some cases death. The rhinoceros have poor vision by their sense of smell is very sharp and they can locate their prey within a long distance. It is imperative to note that rhinoceros attacks are few but they are reported in Africa. These animals are dangerous when they are nursing their young ones or when they are hungry. It is recommended that when you are visiting Africa you should stay at a safe distance from them.

Cape Buffalo

Cape buffalo in Africa


The cape buffalo is responsible for two hundred deaths in Africa annually. You must be careful when visiting the areas where these animals are staying. They have very dangerous horns. They are very dangerous beasts and they can weigh up to 1 ton and they stand at 1.8 meters tall. They are fearless and can attack you at any moment. These animals usually travel in herds and they can easily attack you when they feel that you are threatening their young ones or habitat. They were a popular choice for poachers who were hunting them for meat and ever since these animals developed a dangerous trait to protect themselves hence, they see humans they are ready to attack with their sharp horns.

African Lion

African Lion

This is the apex predator in Africa and it is the most advanced predator that is found in Africa. These animals are very dangerous and you should avoid them. The African lions can kill anything that comes their way including elephants and their predatory skills are top-notch. When the lions are hungry or when they are nursing their young ones, they are very dangerous. Their teeth and claws are very sharp and dangerous and they can tear through flesh anytime. You must stay away from these creatures. Stay safe when watching your wildlife and always follow the rules from your guide.

Great White Shark

The great white shark is a dangerous animal that is responsible for two deaths per year and it is a very dangerous animal when you encounter it. It is the most aggressive shark that can cause fatal attacks. In Africa, the shark is very dangerous and it will cause bleeding by cutting through the flesh. These sharks do not usually see humans as prey however, when they are hungry, they will cause injuries and severe bleeding. The great white shark can go up to forty kilometers per hour and you must avoid areas where these sharks reside.

Puff Adder

The puff adder is a dangerous snake that can grow up to one meter long and it has a wide girth that can consume animals as big as an adult goat. The puff adders usually have different colors depending on the region that they are living in. the puff adders are found in different places in Africa and while they may not be a venomous snakes, they are known to attack prey by constriction and since they are very good at camouflage then you should be careful.


Hyenas in Africa

These are less dangerous but they can be very critical when they are hungry the spotted hyenas are scavengers and they are successful hunters. They are very intelligent and sociable animals. Their jaws and claws are very sharp and strong and these can cause severe injuries and danger to you. Attacks from the hyenas are rare but they are known to cause gruesome death whenever they attack. The hyenas wait for outside homes and they pounce on the victim out of nowhere. Since they are carnivores, they become a major problem in areas where the hyena population is huge.

Tse Tse flies

The Tse Tse flies are known to cause trypanosomiasis or what is popularly known as sleeping sickness. When you are on safari in Africa, you should be careful when moving through the jungles because these animals are quite dangerous. The best way that you can prevent these creatures is by applying repellants to your skin. When you are bitten by the Tse Tse flies they inject you with the bacteria that cause severe problems such as sensory deprivations, and confusion and the victims usually face challenges recognizing things and movement. Other characteristics of the condition include swollen lymph nodes, fever, and headaches. There are over three hundred thousand problems that are seen in Africa.


Leopard in Africa

Leopards are very successful predators and it is critical to note that they can ambush within a short period. The big cat usually has spots on its skin and when they are in the wild, they camouflage in the area and they usually consume small animals such as deer, and rabbits among others. Leopards usually avoid humans and they are very good at hiding and you will be less likely to encounter them. African leopards attack and even though they may seem like kind animals they are very dangerous and you should avoid them.


The African python is one of the dangerous land creatures that you will find in Africa. This is the largest snake species and as much as they are not venomous, they are very dangerous because they can kill prey through constriction. These snakes are ill-tempered and they have very strong muscles that usually squeeze the prey to death. They usually consume deer, goats, and other small animals. They can grow over 32 feet and they are very heavy. Their flexible jaws mean that they can swallow a whole prey after it has constricted it to death. There are many cases of python attacks in Africa and you should avoid areas where these creatures live because they can cause harm.

In conclusion, Africa is a perfect continent where you can go and enjoy all kinds of activities whether in the wild or in the oceans. However, there are dangerous animals that you should be careful of when exploring the different parts of the continent.