What are Dangerous Animals in Mongolia?

dangerous animals in mongolia

The state of Mongolia or what is popularly known as the Mongol nation is a country that is located in East Asia and is landlocked. China borders the country to the south and Russia to the north. It is occupied mainly by pastoralists and is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries. Since the number of people versus the space of land is small, a vast array of creatures are thriving around the country. It is important to note that you will find these creatures around the country. This country is less explored because of the region’s terrain and adverse climatic conditions. Most parts of the country are covered by mountains, grassy steps, and the Gobi Desert in the southern part of the country. The capital Ulaanbaatar is home to more than half of the country’s population. Keep reading as we are going to share the most dangerous animals in Mongolia:

Bactrian Camels

These are some of the most dangerous wildlife you will encounter during your trip to Mongolia. It is essential to note that the Bactrian camels are two-humped camels and their ability to thrive in the harshest climatic conditions has made them an iconic creature worldwide.

These camels are on the verge of extinction because of human activities and very few studies have been done on them. Their domestication has led to a rise in their population, however, the dangerous predatory features of other creatures still put their existence in jeopardy. It is imperative to note that when exploring the Mongolian region, you should avoid them because some of them are highly wild and they can attack you anytime.



There are some stories indicating that these creatures no longer exist in Mongolia. However, it is important to understand their major contribution to shaping the culture in Mongolia and the way people exist. They are wild bovines that moved around the region and their number reduced after people domesticated cattle.

They have been cases of these species adapting to the natural environment and making one the species such as zebu cows and taurine cattle in Europe. Their size is incredible and they have huge horns which are used to attack their predators. Their size is very huge and they are known to attack people and any creature that threatens their existence. It is essential to note that some of the features that make them outstanding are what have prompted their growth and development over the years.


This is the main animal and symbol of the country and it is popularly known as the Mongolian horse. These are usually smaller than the regular horses found in most parts of the world. It is critical to note that you can get the horses roaming across the country during summer. These Mongolian horses are closely related to zebras and they tend to have black stripes on the back they are more domesticated because of their frequent use in Mongolia.

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It is imperative to note that these creatures are usually very versatile and you should take your time to review the region before the visit. When you have all the necessary information before a visit, you are aware of your environment. The Mongolian horses are powerfully designed and can withstand the country’s extreme cold and windy conditions. These horses are meant to thrive in the wild and there is a high chance that they might be very dangerous.


Mongolia’s ants are unique creatures because they usually come out during the wet season and burrow themselves down during harsh climatic conditions. They are very well adapted to the Mongolian climate, thriving in the Mongolian steppes. The ants have very sharp claws and are carriers of pathogens and bacteria. It is essential to understand that these ants usually attack in swarms, and if you find them in their habitat, then they are likely to attack you in large groups.

The bite from the ants is usually dangerous because of the pathogens it carries and the ability to cause fatalities for people who are highly allergic to any kind of venom. They will deliver their venom and this makes them dangerous. Some of the symptoms include severe swelling, burning sensations, and difficulty breathing, among other major side effects.

Common adder

Common adder

This is one of the most dangerous creatures you will find in the region. It is one of the most venomous snakes that you can find in the country. It is critical that you take your time to find a perfect spot because the common adders are thriving across the country. This is a very dangerous creature because it is known for its ability to camouflage in the environment that it inhabits hence it can bite you when you least expect it.

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It is important to note that the adder is usually a nocturnal creature and they are likely to come out at night to search for food. During your trip, if you plan to go outside in the evening, you should watch out for this snake. They are venomous and their poison is known to creature a breakdown in the nervous system, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the affected location. If this snake bites you, then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Mongolian wolf

Perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures you will encounter in the steppes of Mongolia is the Mongolian wolf. This is a wolf that is characterized by its gray color and they are a very elusive creature that you can hardly see. However, they are very lethal and they usually have their predatory skills on top of their charts. They are very good with their smell, agility and exceptional hunting skills then you will know that the wolf is a very dangerous creature. It is imperative to note that they have very sharp teeth, claws, and their movement is usually impeccable.

When they hunt, they go in groups, making their attacks lethal. You will find these wolves in the grassland in the country. They usually consume smaller creatures, but when there is drought and there is no food, human attacks have become more rampant. You must stay away from these wolves because their bites contain a myriad of pathogens that could cause serious infections. Besides, they are very angry if they are nursing their young ones hence the need to keep their distance from them.

Mongolian death worm

This is one of the iconic creatures that are endemic to Mongolia and is among the species known to thrive in the Gobi Desert. There is so much controversy about this creature because many people believe in mysteries, myths, and folklore among other stories that are usually passed from one generation to another about death worms.

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It is characterized by the feature to spray its venom on the victim and they grow up to 2 feet long. There is so much to be discovered about the creature because many people still believe that the fatality of the snake is very high then they cannot get closer to it. The venom is highly dangerous and it has been shown to cause organ failure and eventually death. You must keep your distance from these worms during your trip to Mongolia.

Siberian musk deer

These are some of the exceptional creatures you will find thriving in Mongolia. It is imperative to note that they usually enjoy the grassland area of Mongolia. They are perfect when it comes to their agility, speed, and ability to elude some of the apex predators in the wild. It is imperative to note that during your trip, you should observe these deer carefully.

They are very common spread across Mongolia and although the harsh climatic conditions usually lead to their death and moving across the borders. The deer are known to play an essential role in the life of the local people. You must keep your distance during their mating period or when they are nursing their young ones. When you do this then it is easier because it will help you make the right decision. They have very sharp horns and they are known to attack immediately when you least expect them.

Haly’s Pit Viper

Just as the name suggests, this is another very dangerous creature you will encounter during your trip to Mongolia. The cases of people bitten by the snake have not been documented, however since most of the population are pastoralists most can be seen in the effect the snake has on their livestock. The pit viper is characterized by its unique scales and a triangular-shaped head. It is a very high precision when it comes to attacking because of the infrared vision it uses to see.

It is critical to note that they are very good at camouflage and hence will fit perfectly in the environment they like to inhabit. Some of the symptoms that you are likely to encounter because of the attack by the Haly’s viper include bruising, swelling, blistering, problems breathing, lowered blood pressure, and blurred vision. It is imperative to note that if the bite is not treated immediately it could lead to severe damage to the central nervous system, the cardiac system, and the respiratory system. This can lead to death eventually hence to need to be efficient and seek immediate medical attention when bitten by the snake.

Adelie Penguin

These are some iconic birds you might encounter during your trip to Mongolia. These birds are known to have some of the most exceptional features making them stand out from the rest. Their ability to thrive in harsh climatic conditions such as in Siberia and Antarctica are some of the most outstanding features, making them one of the best birds you can find in the region. It is imperative to understand that these are migratory birds, and you will find them in Mongolia during the favorable seasons when it is raining and there is adequate food.

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However, during extreme weather, the bird migrates to other parts of the Asian continent. They are characterized by their exceptional feet with claws that allow them to climb to any of the rocks, and other extreme conditions that you are going to find in the region. They carry the most dangerous bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Their droppings are filled with dangerous pathogens and can cause severe respiratory and cardiac diseases when you encounter them. The viruses are known to cause death.

In conclusion, Mongolia is one of those less toured places and you have the chance to explore some of the most pristine locations on the planet. You should always keep your safety first during your travel to the region.

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