It is not a secret that Switzerland will be harsh on your wallet. The country offers advanced infrastructure, education, nice-paying jobs, but it all comes with extraordinary living costs. Did you know that Switzerland ranks in the top 5 most expensive countries for living in the world?. However, if you want to lead a pleasant and active lifestyle, Switzerland has everything to offer. If you live in Switzerland and want to enjoy local dishes, the best and cheapest way is to cook at home, and this is where the grocery stores come into play.

Eating out in Switzerland will cost you at least 30 CHF per person per meal. However, you can still enjoy the same meal cooked at home using the finest ingredients available. Not only you’ll save tons of money, but you’ll learn how to prepare hearty and mouthwatering traditional dishes. By cooking your meals, you will save more money and further explore the country. At least, that’s how I manage to go hiking almost every weekend. 

You can find affordable stores to get your groceries and anything that you want for your food. Here are the best stores you should visit for your groceries and other essentials.



Prices: It’s a bit more expensive than Lidl or Aldi, but still you can find nice discounts there. If you’re into coupons, then Migros is your go-to supermarket.

Rate: $$

Migros is the biggest supermarket chain in Switzerland. The chain offers a diverse selection of fresh ingredients and other essential items. You will find everything from staple foods, fresh produce, drinks, toiletries, precooked meals, confectioneries, among others.  

Migros was established in 1925, and it has been evolving since then. You can get your groceries in this supermarket, and you are sure that you will be dealing with only fresh produce. However, this supermarket does not sell alcohol and cigarettes. The founder had a long understanding that they should not sell alcohol and cigarettes in his stores.


Prices: It’s funny how people are divided when it comes to supermarkets. Probably half of the population will vote for either Migros or Coop. The prices vary, but on average, Migros and Coop have similar price tags.

Rate: $$$

Coop is considered the second biggest supermarket chain, and it is similar to the other counterparts. However, this supermarket allows the sale of alcohol and cigarettes in its chains.  

The supermarket is diverse, and you will get all the groceries that you need. Be sure to check out what you need in the supermarket before you can go shopping. It is vital because you will visit your local supermarket chain with your mind made. 


Prices: Same as Migros – a great choice if you’re on a tight budget and looking for crazy good discounts. Be sure to check if you can find any coupons for Denner.

Rate: $$

Denner is the third biggest supermarket in Switzerland, and it is as comprehensive as the other counterparts. Although Migros took over this supermarket, they still maintain a unique feature of supplying products from different parts of the country. 

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You are sure that you will get the best products when you visit this supermarket. Besides, this chain sells cigarettes and alcohol. You can visit the supermarket at any time of the day, and you will get your groceries anytime.

Spar and Volg

Fresh Fruits

Prices: These two are way smaller chains than the rest of the list, and that’s the reason you can only find these in small villages or touristy places. Of course, it comes with an increased price tag.

Rate: $$$

Spar and Volg are typical village grocery stores, and no matter how remote you are visiting, you will always get the groceries you were looking for. 

They sell essential goods for your daily needs and a wide range of local produce that you can enjoy a local delicacy made from scratch.

Manor Foods

Prices: Fanciest stores that offer premium quality products. The prices are way higher than the rest of the list, so I recommend avoiding Manor foods. I usually do my grocery shopping there while organizing dinners at my apartment.

Rate: $$$$$

If you are looking for high-quality food or exotic produce, then manor foods are the right place that you should visit. Apart from other regular items that you can find in the supermarket, the chain sells a wide array of products.

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Although this place can be quite pricey, it still has the best groceries that you can get around. You will get a wide range of delicious salads, pizza, and snacks. You should choose fresh produce from the supermarket to make your meals. 


Prices: Similar prices as Manor Foods – expensive for budgeteers.

Rate: $$$$$

The food section at this supermarket is well organized, and you sure to get your groceries at the right isle. In addition to the groceries and other items sold at this chain are specialties from across the world, and you can enjoy a variety of products from across the world. 

It is important to note that shops in Switzerland are mostly closed on Sundays, therefore you should visit the supermarkets earlier in the week. 

Lidl / Aldi


Prices: If you’re struggling with the budget, Lidl and Aldi are your best bets. These two are the cheapest supermarkets in Switzerland offering a wide selection of food and other essentials.

Rate: $

There are plenty of healthy food options and food shops in Switzerland, and you are sure that you can get your fresh groceries. Besides, you can also buy organic cereals, fresh bread, fruit, and vegetables, as well as confectioneries that you may require.  

Fun fact: Did you know that you can buy cannabis products in Lidl, such as CBD oil, cannabis seeds, and others? 

As much as this is a German supermarket, you are sure that you will get top-quality groceries. It is also vital to note that you can also find multivitamins fruit juices, rice, dried raisins, sprouts, and vegetables.

Money-Saving Tips While Shopping in Grocery Stores in Switzerland

Money saving tips

Perhaps one of the most important things you should consider when visiting Switzerland is knowing the dynamics. You can visit a grocery shop and get a ubiquitous amount of groceries and healthy food. 

Some villages and towns have weekly markets where they sell the seasonal farm produce or just regular local produce. You can visit these markets and get your groceries and this is the best way if you have time. 

Shop for items near the expiration date

It is the most consistent and most comfortable way to save money while you shop for groceries in Switzerland. Major retailers will reduce fresh produce prices to encourage more customers to buy them before they expire. Buying items near the expiration date will ensure you get the best quality grocery at competitive prices.

Look for coupons

Couponing is a way of reducing cost because if you find coupons that match your grocery list, you will get the best quality products at competitive prices. If you are purchasing your groceries online or visiting local stores, you should be on the lookout for coupons to help you get the best quality groceries at competitive prices.

Purchase groceries in bulk

One of the old and effective ways of reducing cost while maintaining quality is to purchase the groceries in bulk at an n place that sells them at competitive prices. You will get the best deal if you get your groceries in bulk because your seller will see the effort and give you more. 

Buying at supermarkets will save you tons of money

Now that you know which grocery stores to visit when looking for groceries in Switzerland, it is time to enjoy every bit of your stay in Switzerland.

What’s your grocery store of choice? Share your thoughts and money-saving tips below. 

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