Is it any good to hike in Switzerland in September? Isn’t it too cold? Are the hiking routes still open? I am going to answer all these questions to you right away.

September in Switzerland

September in Switzerland is one of the most lovely months. Temperatures are still pretty high, it can easily be over 25 degrees, not too much rain and the colors are just getting into the full palette.

You must always consider that Switzerland is having a border with Italy and we all know that Italy is hot. So Switzerland is very hot in summer and in September it even gets more pleasant as temperatures do not rise to crazy 35 – 38 degrees.

Hiking in Switzerland in September
Hiking in Switzerland in September

Now, if you want to go very high in the mountains, over 2000 m, temperatures are still pretty good, last year I did a hike at 2300 m, temperature was around 10 degrees, sun was shining, very pleasant. I would always suggest to check the weather in the specific location you want to go, but I can say with confidence, that it should not get too cold in September.

But to be sure, always check weather in Switzerland.

Snow in September

There’s definitely no snow in bigger cities, but it can happen in the mountains. You should know that some peaks never lose snow and are white all year round, but mostly it doesn’t snow.

In the middle of September in 2019 I was in Oberalp Pass at 2044 m altitude – I got some snow and it was just 1 degree by Celsius, but to hike – still manageable.

If you want to go even higher, up to 2500 m – 3000 m, there’s very big chance that it can be snowed in and the paths are all covered, so you must be very careful or take snow shoes or even skis to cross such places. In such altitude it can get pretty cold, it even goes below zero.

How to dress while hiking in Switzerland in September?

Even though weather is very pleasant at lower level in Switzerland, it can get more chilly in the mountains.

The wind is getting colder and colder, sun is not giving that much heat up there and I would always suggest to take a jacket, sweater and long pants. Just in case. If it’s hot in Grindelwald (altitude 1034 m), it is maybe not that warm in Kleine Scheidegg (altitude 2061 m). I would really not suggest to hike up that high with no extra clothing. It can and it will get cold up there.

Where to hike in Switzerland in September?

Basically, you can still hike almost anywhere, especially if it’s the beginning of September. Most of mountain passes are open, not that much snow over 2000 m altitude, sun is shining quite often.

But if you get higher than 2500 m or 3000 m – you can get into trouble and bad weather with cold winds and snow. I would simply suggest to avoid very high trails in September as it can get dangerous and not that fun up there. Stay lower, do not risk it. Even if temperature and weather forecast looks nice (let’s say 6 degrees), it can get much colder very fast, winds can change pretty fast and you can get into big problem if you are not fully prepared for such situations.

Hiking in Switzerland in September
Hiking in Switzerland in September

If you stay lower and hike on a very well prepared hiking routes – that shoul not be any problem for you. Go to the popular destinations like Grindelwald, Zermatt, Sion, Lauterbrunnen or any other and you are going to have an amazing time. Do not go to unknown valleys, far from cities as if problem happens or you will have to go back to a warm place – it can be a real hustle then.

If you are looking for hiking routes recommendations, please visit this website, it has hundreds of them with very specific details: Swiss hiking routes.

You can always follow my recommendations how to prepare yourself for Swiss Alps hiking and you shouldn’t get into any problems.

As well, if you have any questions if some place is good enough and safe enough to hike in September – please let me know, I will try to find out more information for any specific place.

Hiking Switzerland
Hiking in Switzerland


If you want to have a great time in September while hiking in Switzerland, just simply consider these points:

  1. Check weather forecast in advance so you won’t hike anywhere it’s raining, snowing or has a sudden temperature drop.
  2. Have some extra clothing just in case: warm sweater, rain protection, long pants.
  3. Check the hiking route if it doesn’t go too much high: higher than 2500 m.

You are not going to regret hiking in Switzerland in September as it still offers a lot of opportunities to do so.

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