12 Majestic Hiking Trails in St. George, Utah

hiking trails in st. george Utah

St. George is a city that is in Washington County in the state of Utah, United States. It is in the western part of the Arizona border, and it is the major metropolitan area in this region. The city is in the eastern part of the Mojave Desert, and it is close to the Pine Valley Mountains and the Colorado Plateau. St. George is a gateway to some of the most unique destinations in America. Their incredible terrain coupled with impressive features makes this location a place that you must visit. If you are into trekking and hiking, you can ever visit this is the best place.

Numerous hiking trails are in St. George. There is a snow canyon state park nearby, and this is where you can explore different areas that you can visit any time of the year. The little gem offers a wide array of fun activities that you should do on your next visit. The snow state canyon might not be popular with many people. However, the locals value it, and it is one of the most visited locations in the area. If you are looking for a place to hike and spend your time, you should visit this region. You can have a guided tour or choose to explore the region on your own using a map. The hiking trails are well labeled; therefore, you do not have to struggle to find the right direction. Many of the hiking trails in this region are short, and they interlink, forming longer trails. Here are some of the hiking trails in St. George, Utah.

Middle fork hiking trail

This is one of the most exceptional locations that you can go and test your hiking skills. The hiking trail is classified as a moderate hiking trail, and it covers five miles. The elevation is positive, and you will gain about 700 feet. The hiking trail is packed with people throughout the year, and you can join the bandwagon and enjoy the amazing natural features of this location. You should always ensure that you have packed all your hiking gear in one place. When you have everything in one place, it is easy to hike since you are sage. Although the hike is 2.5 miles, long it is a perfect place to stretch your muscles and get a feel of the outdoor environment. There are striated cliffs, and you can see the cave at the end of the trail. There are natural animals and flowers that you can see along the trail.

Hidden pinyon hiking trail

This is an awesome hiking trail that these 1.5 miles long, and it features a mixture of rock formations, which is good to show your children when hiking together. You can pick up information from the trailhead before you begin your hike. Then, you will have more details on the trail and expectations of the hike. The scenic path is everything you need to know, as experiencing it firsthand is the best lesson than a pamphlet of information.

Explore the Elephant Arc Hiking Trail

The elephant arc-hiking trail is considered an easy trail, and it is 4 miles long. The elevation gain in this hiking trail is positive, and it is about 350 feet. The beauty that surrounds this exceptional trail is what makes many people visit it every year. It is a tranquil location where you can relax and unwind as well as meditate.

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You will see double tracks at the beginning of the trail, which moves through the dessert shrubbery before it turns right into the Bone Wash trail before merging. It is one of the places that you should not miss visiting when in St. George. There is a parking area at the beginning of the trailhead. Therefore, you are sure that your car will be safe. 

The butterfly hiking trail 

The butterfly-hiking trail is an exceptional location that you must visit on your next trip to St. George, Utah. It is an excellent place in the county because the split boulder along the trail is like a butterfly, and it is an often-overlooked feature. In addition, you will find a boulder ridge at the end of the hiking trail. It is a short hiking trail about 2 miles, therefore a perfect one for your family.

Pioneer park hiking trail

The pioneer park hiking trail is a 3-mile trail with a positive elevation of 400 feet, and it is classified as an easy hiking trail. The hiking trail is in the pioneer park, and it is a place filled with several places for hiking, rock climbing, and cycling. You can choose to combine all these activities together while in the trailhead. It is a fun place to be, and be sure to explore this region on your next trip. Since the hiking trail is short, you can combine it with other fun activities in the area.

Owen loop trail

The Owen loop trail is close to the pioneer park hiking trail, and many people often combine the two. The hike will take you through the red rock terrains and the fantastic landscape. There is so much that you can see while hiking on this trail. It is a moderate trail that covers about 2 miles, and you can combine it with other hiking trails nearby. You can get a panoramic view of the city while on the red rock terrain.

Chuckwalla hiking trail

The chuckwalla hiking trail is another place where you can have the time of your life because of the diversity and unique features that this place offers. It is classified as an easy hiking trail covering about four miles, and it has a positive elevation gain of 450 feet. If you like outdoor activities, this is a perfect location for you to check out the amazing features that it has to offer. The biking network in the mountains makes it an ideal place for bikers and hikers as well.

Yellow knolls hiking trail

The yellow knolls hiking trails are one of those locations that you wish you should have hiked anytime. The main attraction in the area is rolling yellow rock hills, which is an amazing location. The hiking trail is about 4 miles long, and you can explore it when you visit St. George. There is a parking area at the beginning of the hiking trail, here you can park your car.

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The hiking trail is covered with a wide array of flowers and red rock mountains. The yellow flowers dot the trail making it an awesome destination that you should visit. The trail descends into the valley, and you will find the first mountain before the yellow stones. Here you can see the open rock landscape; it is an excellent place to take pictures. The rock formations and the surrounding hills make it a perfect hiking trail.

Snow canyon campground hiking trail

The snow canyon camp hiking trail is one of the shortest trails, and it is considered easy to moderate with an elevation gain of 400 feet. The trailhead is 5.5 miles long, and you can cover it within a couple of hours. The snow canyon state park has numerous hiking trails that you should explore. It is recommended that you camp outside the park because it is a location that attracts many people, and you can have a central location where you can be moving from to other places. There are rocky outcrops at the end of the hiking trail, and this gives you panoramic views of the rock cliffs in the park. You can combine this hiking trail with others if you want a longer hiking trip.

Petrified dunes hiking trails

The petrified dunes hiking trails are one of the best destinations that you can go hiking. It is a popular hiking trail because it caters to everyone, from young to old people. You can explore this hiking trail any time of the year. The rolling rock hills covered by ridges that move from one location to another make hiking in this area a fantastic feature. It is important to note that there is no defined route, only wavy sand dunes that allows you to enjoy the freedom that comes with this feature. You can hike with your kids since it is classified as an easy to moderate hiking trail. It is 1.2 miles long, and you will have amazing views of the cliff walls and a perfect place where you can take those amazing photos you have always wanted to take.

Cover wash hiking trail

This is one of the most fabulous hiking trails you can explore while in St. George, Utah. It is closer to the Santa Clara River, and you can explore the amazing features that this place that it has to offer. There are numerous trails in this area, and you should not be afraid to explore. Since the hiking trail is considered moderate, you can hike with your family, there is a clear indication of the difficulty, and the well-marked trail is easy to trek. As you come to the end of the trail, you will find a flat terrain and walk across this valley. The cove trail is a little tricky to find, and you should research your trails well before your visit.

Lava flow hiking trail

This is a moderate hiking trail that is 2.5 miles long and has a positive elevation gain of 400 feet. The trailhead is located at a lava field. You can head north from the lava field, and you will encounter significant rocks and rock formations that are quite a scene to look at and take photographs of. The trail is covered with a bit of vegetation, and you should be careful when hiking because there are gaping holes along the trails.

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