The archipelago of Hawaii is popular for its environmental diversity. The climatic conditions of the islands of Hawaii vary greatly and this also affects the number of creatures that you are going to find here. Depending on the region, the rainy climate in some parts has encouraged soil development and ground permeability therefore different snakes can thrive in different areas of Hawaii. 

A large majority of the creatures in the islands of Hawaii were introduced either indirectly or directly by humans. The island of Hawaii’s ecosystem is very fragile and any direct introduction of serpents will have a larger impact on the natural environment.

However, it is imperative to note that there are two snake species that thrive in Hawaii and these two species do not affect the ecosystem of Hawaii at all. Importing snakes to the island can lead to imprisonment and hefty fines as well.

Here are some of the snakes that you are likely to find in Hawaii.

Brahminy blind snake

The Brahminy blind snake is one of the two known snakes that inhabit the land of Hawaii. These snakes originated from different parts of Asia and Africa and currently, they have undergone tremendous changes and have colonized most parts of the Hawaiian islands. 

Many people tend to believe that the Brahminy snakes are females and they are parthenogenetic and this means that the individual female snake will lay eggs which in turn hatch and become young snakes. Therefore, going by this concept, the number of these snakes can continue increasing tremendously because they have a rapid growth rate and the environment has helped them thrive in the best way possible.

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This means that there is a high chance that when you are exploring the islands of Hawaii you will encounter this snake species.  The snake is the smallest species of snake that is known on Hawaii and they grow up to about 6 inches long.  They usually have a pinkish hue on their skin and you might mistake them for a large worm. However, these are real snakes and they have a small window of vision. 

They are nonvenomous snakes that you are going to find in Hawaii. The Brahminy snakes usually consume termites and ants and they pose no threat to humans.

Garter Snake

Garter snakes are not native to Hawaii, although there have been instances of garter snakes being found in different parts of Hawaii. They are mostly known to come with Christmas trees that are shipped from the United States mainland. In 2020, a garter snake was found inside a delivery of these trees and there have been numerous cases as well of these snakes sneaking through cargo and finding themselves in the islands of Hawaii.

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They can grow up to 13 inches long and they are usually found in different parts of North America. They are common in areas where there are trees and such compounds.

Boa constrictor

While this may seem out of reach, there are reports that indicate that in 2019 a 5-foot-long boa constrictor was found on the island of Oahu at a place called Kunia. How this huge snake got to this location remains a mystery.

However, it is imperative to note that this is not the only case that the boa constrictor has been found in the islands of Hawaii.  Research has shown that there are other two boa constrictors that were found in two different places and the larger boa constrictors found this time were longer and measured about 9 feet long

Besides, a decade ago, a boa constrictor was killed as it was run over on the highway. This brings the number of cases of boa constrictor to a high number and therefore it is considered one of the species that you are likely to find in the islands of Hawaii. 

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Although the boa constrictor is a nonvenomous snake, it is always important to note that they have a very unique way of killing their prey. Just as the name indicates they constrict their prey by wrapping themselves around them and then squeezing them to death.

They have very strong muscles and therefore they can kill their prey easily. Besides, if they can find humans that means that they can squeeze them to death as well because of their huge size.

They are native to South America and they usually consume amphibians and other smaller rodents. They are very rare in Hawaii but there is a slim chance that you might encounter them.

Yellow-bellied sea snake

The yellow-bellied snake is another exceptional snake species that you are likely to encounter in the islands of Hawaii. This snake is the most popular snake that is known to be a full-time creature to thrive on the islands. They are easy to spot, especially if you are going to explore the outdoor environments in the region.

They are characterized by a dark brown back and a yellow bellow or daffodil dashed body. They usually thrive in oceans and seas and they rarely move to the dry land. However, if you are going to explore the Pacific Ocean waters then you are likely to encounter these creatures. 

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The yellow-bellied snake is slightly venomous and in a situation where they bite you then some of the symptoms that are likely to come up include vomiting, drowsiness, and muscle pain and if the bite is nasty then it could result in fatalities.

Ball python

According to data from local authorities since the year 2015, over 3 ball pythons have been seen in the islands of Hawaii. These pythons are very dangerous and you should be careful if you are planning to explore different places in this region.

The ball python is native to Africa and they are known for their exceptional predatory skills therefore you should be very careful when you are exploring the different parts of the island. Just like other snakes, the ball python is very dangerous to the ecosystem hence they are not allowed in the state of Hawaii.

They can grow up to 6 feet long and they usually consume birds, and small rodents – all of which are available in large quantities in Hawaii. It is a nonvenomous snake.

In addition to these, snakes are constrictors therefore you should watch out for these species because they can cause severe harm to your body. They usually cut off blood supply to different parts of the body and therefore it can cause fatalities.

Brown tree snakes

The brown tree snakes are snakes that you will find in the islands of Hawaii and it is critical to note that they are not native to Hawaii. The authorities in the region continue to work to ensure that these snakes do not thrive on the islands. 

If you choose to explore the mountainous parts of the islands then there is a high chance that you will encounter them in trees. They are tree-dwelling species and they have been known to cause major ecological issues in the islands of Hawaii.

It is believed that they were introduced by cargo deliveries and ever since the numbers of these snakes have increased over the years. Since there is no natural predator in the region then there is a higher chance that it could cause havoc in nature because of uncontrolled numbers. 

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These snakes are known to consume termites, snakes, and rodents among other smaller species. There is a higher chance that it could cause the extinction of different species such as mice and other smaller rodents on the islands.

Currently, it is a very elusive species and there is a high chance that you will not encounter them unless you are very careful and you likely to find them deep in the forests.

Southern black racer

The southern black racer is a legendary species that you are going to find thriving in different parts of Hawaii. Despite the major security protocols and the efforts undertaken by the local governments to ensure that there are no snakes in the state, there are a few that have slipped through and this has resulted in the increase in the number of these snakes.

A southern black racer was found inside a backpack of a Florida man and even though it is not possible to find some of these species in common areas, there is a high chance that you might encounter them.

Just like the other species they are constrictors therefore they can cause fatalities whenever they attack. It is therefore important that you should avoid the areas where you are likely to find these creatures.

These snakes usually move at a high speed and they can consume anything that they are going to find around. The snakes can be found although seldom in the different forests in Hawaii.

How do snakes come to Hawaii?

Perhaps this is the most common question among many people because Hawaii islands are over 1200 miles off the American mainland. However, it is imperative to note that most of the supplies in the region come from the mainland and the chance of them slipping via cargo is common. It is imperative to note that there are no venomous snakes that are native to Hawaii.

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