Arcachon is a seaside resort located in southwestern France, and it is a popular location because of its oyster rearing and harvesting. The region has four arrondissements named after seasons. The Winter quarter is a region with extravagant 19th-century villas. On the other hand, the summer quarter is characterized by shopping streets and souvenir shops that you can purchase an item for your loved one. It is the main town in the Bassin d’Arcachon, which is a bay in the Atlantic Ocean. This region attracts thousands of visitors annually, mainly from Bordeaux. 

Arcachon is known for the exquisite villas, clear turquoise beaches, and sumptuous seafood. When you visit this region, eating oysters becomes more or less a must because the region is exceptional when it comes to oyster farming. It is a popular spot for the locals to get away for a weekend or escape the city life in Bordeaux. Many people tend to associate Arcachon with health and recovery. The fresh breeze and the tranquil environment are essential for holistic healing, and you can recuperate from different ailments by just visiting the region. As you enter the bay, you are welcomed by the largest dune in Europe, which is five hundred meters wide, and it stretches for three kilometers at the height of 110 meters.

Reasons to visit Arcachon, France

It is important to note that Arcachon is thronged by locals and international visitors alike during the summer period. The best time you can visit this location is June or September. There are notable towns in the western and eastern part of the bay, and you are sure that you will never miss something to do in this beautiful location.

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The summer town in Arcachon stretches from the Chapel Pier to Eyrac Pier, and it has all the things you are looking for in a holiday destination. The beautiful sandy beaches, tranquil environment, outdoor cafes, commercial streets, seafood (along with trendy and weird French food), restaurants, and a place to drink.

There is an aquarium museum that you can learn more about fishes and oyster farming in the region. Apart from this, you will find nightclubs, casinos, and bars that will keep you entertained throughout your journey. There are piers where you can stroll in the afternoon.

You can continue on your tour from the spring town where it is famous for its mineral water, as you check out the autumn town, which includes fishing areas and some beautiful beaches that you can go for a walk.

What to do in Arcachon, France

Explore the Plage des Abatilles

This is popularly known as Abatilles beach, and it is situated in the south of the Pereire beach. This is a popular spot for families as the beach is kids friendly, and there are fun activities that you indulge in, such as sunbathing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, among others.

When you are in this location, you can enjoy the breeze from the ocean, and you can relax and unwind. Besides the fantastic oceanic views and beaches, there are plenty of areas that you can do a picnic or any fun activity.

Visit the Winter Town 

If you want to discover more about Arcachon, you are supposed to visit the winter town. The town has 19th-century villas, and all of these influence styles and the architecture of this location. You have to understand how the city has grown ever since it was first started hundreds of years ago.

The villas in these locations are heritage because of the history they carry. The villas were built during ancient times to promote healing and improve people’s lives after the break out of tuberculosis. This region is impressive, and you will get to explore more areas that you have never seen in Arcachon. 

Visit Arcachon main beach

Arcachon beach

The main beach in Arcachon is a primary tourist attraction site, and it is filled with people during the summer period. Like any other town, the pedestrian area has many people moving from one point to another. You can take awake along the promenade, and this is where you will get to see the shops and restaurants in the area.

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It is a location that protects the bay from adverse effects of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy your summer period with your family, and it is recommended that you choose a different time other than the summer because the summertime attracts so many people and the area becomes overcrowded.

Explore the Arcachon Market

One of the main attractions for many people in the market, Arcachon has a fantastic marketplace that features products from the local region and other parts of the country. The market is open from mid-June to mid-September daily, and you can rely on this market for a perfect homemade meal.

And during the summer, you can buy clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. The market is a perfect homemade meal usually open at night for some days of the week. You should check out the calendar to know the suitable dates.

Visit the Casino D’Arcachon

When visiting the casino, you will see a building that resembles a castle. You might be misled to think that it is an old castle. However, this is not the case.

The casino is right there, and you can play arcade or poker games there. There is also a restaurant in the vicinity, and you can grab something to eat after playing in the casino. 

Make time and Climb up the Dune du Pilat

Dune du Pilat

Dune du Pilat is one of the most fun activities you can do while in Arcachon. It is strenuous to climb because the elevation gain is relatively high. However, once you are up there, you will have the most exquisite views of the nearby city and the Atlantic Ocean.

You can drive or board a bus to this location, depending on your choice. The most important thing is that you plan adequately if you are planning to visit the area. 

Sample local food

Arcachon is popular because of oyster farming. With this in mind, you will find multiple restaurants that serve local and international cuisine. You can enjoy their delicacies at the doors or terrace. You can choose a restaurant that appeals to you and go enjoy a meal in it.

However, if you are a food enthusiast and want to know more about the cuisine, you can purchase a book of a guided tours, which will take you about four hours. You will be shown different foods, how they are cooked and you can sample as well.

Explore Le Moulleau beach

Le Moulleau is situated on the farthest side of the western part of Arcachon. for many people, this location may seem to be outside the travel zone because it may seem to a separate center. However, it was part of the Arcachon but because constructors focused on the eastern side more.

There are numerous restaurants on its main street, and these hotels may look private, which is why it attracts wealthy French people and tourists. 

Take a boat to Cabanes Tchanquées and Iles aux Oiseaux 

These two locations are pretty popular, and they are almost in all the postcards of Arcachon. The biodiversity and the natural conditions are amazing, and they contribute so much to the kind of life that is going on in this area. If you want to discover more, you can check out these two landmarks. The Les Cabanes Tchanquées and L’Ile aux Oiseaux are two wooden structures seen in every postcard from this region. They act as an emblem of the area, and you can see how many birds reside in these structures.

Explore the Cap Ferret

The cap fret is located on the French Riviera, and it is beautiful, and it remains a choice to visitors because it is unspoiled. The forest’s charm brings to the peninsula between Nice and Monaco is quite attractive, and the coastal footpaths add a natural look to the forest, making it garden-like.

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The scenery in this location is exquisite, and it is an ideal location where you can enjoy the calm waters of Arcachon and the longer coastline without any interruption. There are numerous villages in this region coupled with bike paths as well as hiking trails. It is an ideal location for someone looking to explore the area on foot or a bicycle.

Visit the Aquarium Musée d’Arcachon

The aquarium museum is one of the best places you can visit in Arcachon because it has a rich history. The small old-style museum will give you insight into what you need to know about oysters and over thirty tropical fish such as zebrafish, clownfish, and conga eels. You will be shocked to see skeletons of sharks in the museum. The museum is made up of three different parts one part has archeological finds, another has all information about oyster farming, while the last one has stuff animals. 

In conclusion, Arcachon is an exceptional place that you have a visit in southwestern France. This location is rich in diversity, and you can never miss something to marvel at. Go look and explore the region for more fun and exciting activities.