Belize is a tiny Caribbean country situated between the northeastern region of central America. The country borders Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It is an idyllic tourist destination if you are looking for a place where you can explore central America with ease. The country is mainly composed of English and Spanish-speaking communities. When traveling to this region, you should not be afraid of the language barrier because you will find someone speaking your language. Many people tend to assume that the capital city of Belize is Belize city; however, it is called Belmopan. Belize is your next travel destination if you are looking for areas that you can explore with endless activities and places to visit across the country. The ancient country was inhabited by the Mayan people who lived there between 1500 BC and 300 AD. It is essential to know that the country flourished more after Christopher Columbus visited Belize because many people got to hear more about it.

English settlers came to the country in the 16th century, and ever since, the country has been undergoing tremendous changes to get to where it is currently. The Spanish invasion led to a major fight with the European settlers, which led to a war that ended in 1840 when it became a British colony. Belize achieved its independence in 1981 from Britain. The country has a society filled with different cultures and diversity. With many people visiting the island, there is more than you can enjoy when visiting the nation. Belizean Creole is the most spoken language in the country, and Spanish is the second language. However, it is critical to note that Belizeans also speak English and German dialects. Over half of the Belizean population speaks different languages. It is often a major attraction to many people because you get to explore different country areas with ease.

Why do people visit Belize?

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Belize is abundant in natural fauna and flora and critical ecosystems that are essential in giving the county the best location and things to do. Since the country has strong ties to the Caribbean and American regions, it is a country that welcomes tourists throughout the year. Many people consider Belize as a tax haven, which is why there are many high-end hotels and other investments that people from across Europe and America have invested in the country. As much as Belize seems to be a small country between Guatemala and Mexico, it is a melting pot of different cultures and diversity. It is one of the rapidly growing tourist destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

If you are visiting Belize, there is so much that you can explore, such as world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, and barrier reef explorations. Besides, you can get time to explore the ancient Mayan ruins and have a different perspective on what the locals have been enjoying over the past. The deep rainforests in the country make it ideal for different animals and bird species to thrive in. Whether you are an animal or nature lover, you are sure that you will have something to enjoy during your trip to the Caribbean. When traveling to Belize, there is so much that you can see, from the howling monkeys to jaguars and over 250 kilometers of crystalline white sandy beaches.

Weed in Belize

Marijuana in Belize

Many Caribbean nations have been enhancing their laws and taking a mild approach toward marijuana in the recent past. According to research done in Belize, many people in the country are pro-marijuana, and they do not have a problem with it being legalized. However, it is essential to note that the nation has had stringent laws regarding the cultivation, possession, and transport of marijuana. However, with the changes sweeping across the Caribbean, the lawmakers in the country are looking for ways of diversifying the sector and ensuring that they get the best from their prestigious country.

Many of the indigenous cultures in Belize have been utilizing marijuana for their spiritual and recreational purposes. For example, the traditional healers in the country used marijuana to help heal patients with chronic pain, among others. On the other hand, the Rastafarian group feels alienated because marijuana is illegal in the country. This group of people believes that weed is holy and use it for their spiritual needs. The movement by many Caribbean nations to decriminalize marijuana is the most important aspect because it allows people to try out different things with the compound. Weed is largely tolerated in Belize; however, you should not smoke it in public places such as hospitals, schools, public parks, among other areas.

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How do Belizeans view marijuana?

Smoking weed in Belize

The people of Belize have a liberal view of marijuana because they want the country to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The bill pushed by marijuana enthusiasts and people looking for ways to make the crop legal indicated that medical marijuana has been decriminalized and that the people are moving towards full legalization of marijuana. The law indicated that the possession of 10 grams of marijuana is legal. Any amount beyond this is viewed as the reason you intend to distribute. The laws are gradually changing, and the government wants to regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Cultivation of marijuana

Using Marijuana in Belize

It is imperative to note that the country’s cultivation, transport, and possession of large amounts of marijuana remains illegal. However, there is a constant debate about bringing new changes to the law and the way marijuana is viewed across the country. The law indicates that the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes will be allowed. Many people across the country want marijuana to be legalized to give them a chance to diversify the economy. Once marijuana has been legalized, people can involve themselves directly in the supply chain, whether it is the cultivation, transport, packaging, or any other practice surrounding the concept.

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One of the main components of the marijuana bill in Belize is that it is going to improve farming methods in the country. The creation of new laws will mean that the country wants to incorporate modern technology into farming, which will improve the overall productivity of different crops and marijuana. In addition, the large-scale production of marijuana in Belize will lead to enhanced exports. It is important to note that Belize is the largest exporter of cannabis to the United States. Industrial hemp is a new frontier in the medical world. Changing the people’s perspective and incorporating new modern technologies is critical in boosting overall productivity.

The laws in the country are being changed to ensure that the local people can reap the benefits of growing marijuana in the region. However, there is still a long way to go. Different people are looking for ways that will make the law better while at the same time giving the government control over the quality of the product and the seedlings. The government of Belize wants to regulate the cultivation of marijuana in the country. They have been carrying out different studies across the nation to determine the best optimal conditions for high-quality marijuana. So many states in America have legalized marijuana. Belize is looking at capitalizing on this new market with a high-quality product.

Medical marijuana in Belize

Medical marijuana in Belize

It is important to note that currently, medical marijuana is legalized in Belize. If you have a prescription from a certified doctor, you will likely get a high-quality product from the pharmacies. However, many people across the country in Belize use marijuana, albeit in close or private conditions. A growing number of research and studies have been done to help the country make the best decisions on marijuana. The applications indicate that Belize is ready to legalize marijuana, and they can regulate the quality of the product. Whether you are looking for industrial hemp, Belize is going on with changes in the law that will allow companies to grow high-grade marijuana.

The marijuana trade was booming in the 70s in Belize. However, many people did not take it seriously because the government did not approve the use of marijuana, whether for medical or spiritual reasons. However, the local government has been looking at different sectors of the economy and boosting the methods that will allow the country to generate more revenue and create employment for the local population. According to data legalization of marijuana in Belize will help combat the drug problem from south American countries.

Use of weed across Belize

Weed Cookies

According to data from the United Nations office on drugs, about 25% of Belizeans have used weed in their lifetime. This means that the country is no different because many people have utilized the product at least once in their lifetime. The prevalence of the use of marijuana across Belize and other Caribbean countries is rising. The only way that the government can regulate its use is by legalizing marijuana and coming up with laws that govern the cultivation, transport, and possession of marijuana.

In 2017 the government of Belize decriminalized marijuana for personal use as long as you are not carrying more than ten grams of the product. The government has since taken a step ahead to enhance the quality of the seeds planted across the country, which has greatly helped in the development and production of high-quality cannabidiol. Belize is located in an ideal environment. With the tropical climate and a wave of Caribbean winds, the country is perfect for the growth of marijuana. According to cannabis experts, Belize is an ideal destination that high-quality marijuana can be grown.

Legalization of marijuana in Belize

A burning joint

It is imperative to understand that weed in Belize has only been decriminalized and not legalized. The decriminalization process has taken numerous years. The local government has been doing its own research that is focused on improving the quality of the product that the local people are consuming. The young people in the country are pushing for the legalization of marijuana. This is an important step because the government will be able to regulate the quality of the product while at the same time reducing drug dependency across the country.

Weed tourism

In the recent past, a tourist was caught in possession of two grams of marijuana. However, the local court dismissed the case indicating that the tourists purchased the weed in the open hence they were made to believe that weed is legal in Belize. Nevertheless, Belize is a country that is ideally located, and it can largely benefit from the diversification of agriculture and the economy in the country. Therefore, weed tourism has been booming in different world areas, and Belize is not left behind.

What is the future of weed in Belize?

Belize is making radical changes in different sectors, one of which is marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is an ongoing process. Decriminalization was the first step, which means that the country is headed in the right direction. Young adults and marijuana enthusiasts across the country are pushing Belize to legalize marijuana. The local scene is filled with liberal people who do not have a problem with the legalization of marijuana. Currently, the industrial growth of hemp is legal. The country is moving towards full legalization of marijuana for use in different places such as recreational purposes.

The local people do not see why people are fixated on the negativity surrounding marijuana and want the parliament of the nation to legalize marijuana. Since the Belizean government is beginning to embrace marijuana, there is a high chance that the product will be legalized very soon.

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