Kenya is a country in eastern Africa, and it is famous for its wild safaris. The country is the 48th largest country globally by total land area. Many people going on vacation in Africa usually go to Kenya. Some of them say they are going to Africa. They mean Kenya, the country. The diversity of the natural fauna and flora and the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean coast are some of the main attractions to the east African nation. The game parks, cultural heritage, and scenic landscape are some of the best things you can enjoy during your travel to this awesome destination.

Nairobi national park is the only park in the capital of Nairobi. It is a unique one because it has all the animals you have been looking for. There is also popular location such as giraffe center, natural parks, lakes, game reserves, and national parks distributed across the country. You have the chance to see the great wildebeest migration if you visit during their season. There is so much that you can explore in Kenya. As a renowned tourist destination, there are many questions that people have about Kenya, and one of them is the state of cannabis in the country. The laws in Kenya are pretty distinct, and you have to follow them when visiting the country.

Kenya is rich and diverse everywhere you see, from the breathtaking mountains, wandering elephants to the mountain’s forests. The coral reefs at the coast and rift valley volcanoes, and turquoise blue waters make it a perfect destination for your next vacation. You will get an unparallel opportunity to explore the wildest nature and creatures around this fantastic destination. You must take your camera with you because you will have so much that you can capture on your next trip.

Cannabis in Kenya

Cannabis in Kenya

The general rule in Kenya is that cannabis or weed is illegal. Since Kenya (very famous for its safari destinations) is in the eastern part of the continent, the country usually attracts massive traffic of people and tourists from different parts of the world. As a result, there is a large domestic market for weed in Kenya. Many people around the country have become conscious of the changes taking place globally. As a result, there is pressure by different groups on the Kenyan government to review current laws on weed, and decriminalizing it is a significant push for many people.

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Possession of marijuana in Kenya

Marijuana in Kenya

The Kenya narcotic drug and psychotropic substance act indicate that any person who has a psychotropic and or narcotic drug is guilty of an offense. The law suggests that the court will decide whether the offender had the cannabis for their use or intended to distribute it. The prison sentence for possession of marijuana is up to 10 years. Although this law may seem very harsh to many people, it is less difficult when compared to the possession of other drugs.

In most cases, you will find that you will be fined on the spot by the police. You must have someone familiar with the current rules in the country to guide you on what to avoid. Nevertheless, there has been mounting pressure by the senate and other legislative assemblies to have marijuana decriminalized. Several groups in Kenya are moving towards the decriminalization of weed, and going by the population, there is a high chance that the laws will change very soon.

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Is it possible to sell weed in Kenya?

Cannabis flowers

Selling or distributing marijuana in Kenya is illegal. If the local court finds that the cannabis you have is a tremendous amount for supply rather than personal use, you could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. The fine can be three times the market value of whatever amount of product you are carrying. Some different rules and regulations are still undergoing several changes that would allow people to carry a certain amount of marijuana, but seeing weed in Kenya is not allowed until then.

Cultivation of weed in Kenya

The current laws in Kenya indicate that it is illegal to cultivate or grow weed. Whether you are the one or someone cultivating the marijuana as your property, you will be charged. The court may sentence you to years in prison. The sentence could be up to thirty thousand dollars or 20 years in prison, whichever is greater. There have been cases where people have found marijuana on the land. The ownership of the land is forfeited to the state in such a case. You must understand the rules and regulations in the country before you can explore the region.

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Is cannabidiol legal in Kenya?

Cannabis flowers

In Kenya, cannabidiol is currently classified as an illegal substance in the narcotic and psychotropic substances control act. There is no level of acceptance of THC. Therefore, it is illegal to sell or possess any amount of THC across the republic of Kenya. It is important to note that selling or buying marijuana seeds in Kenya is illegal. Hence if you are thinking of sending them to Kenya, you should first know the rules and regulations in the country. The medical use of marijuana is gaining traction in Kenya. Although many practitioners are not allowed, some rules are undergoing changes, and it will soon enable the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

One member of parliament in the county is advocating for the change of the laws regarding cannabis for medical purposes. There is a bill in the national assembly that seeks to decriminalize the use of cannabis. This will pave the way for weed to be used for medical purposes and even a small amount for personal use. The use of cannabidiol and its respective products is essential because it can help patients struggling with cancer or adverse ailments associated with chronic pain.

Multiple researchers in the country are looking to find the best strain of marijuana that will increase its potency in reducing pain while at the same time giving a top-quality feeling. It is important to note that you can choose the best strain and grow. The high in tetrahydrocannabinol plant is the best because its contents are highly concentrated, and patients will experience the best feeling. It helps reduce the pains associated with chronic diseases.

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Is industrial hemp allowed in Kenya?

It is imperative to note that the industrial growth of hemp is still illegal in Kenya. There have been several legislations and movements by different lobby groups to decriminalize marijuana. Multiple groups have been looking to push the government to allow farmers to grow marijuana. According to the reports, the cannabis plant is more effective. It can synthesize numerous toxins available on the ground. It is vital when you compare it to other methods used in the past.

History of weed in Kenya

One of the most overlooked facts is that marijuana has been grown in Kenya for centuries. The ancient societies in the country have been using it for medicinal purposes. There are other areas where people use it for ritual purposes. Some of the traditions included people smoking the weed in hollow guards, which was a method to communicate with their ancestors.

According to the people’s history, they used to smoke cannabis and called their elders to the plantations where they could talk to their ancestors. The ancestors usually protected them and gave them hope for the near future. It is a common feature to see that many families in Kenya always had some marijuana for medicinal and ritual services.

What species of marijuana is grown in Kenya?

Growing weed

As much as the government has outlawed the major cultivation of marijuana and selling of the product, there is no specific number of species grown in Kenya because the government does not allow people to grow the crop. However, there are different places where people have been growing it for years now. A common and highly potent species is the Kilimanjaro, which is grown at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro (the tallest mountain in Africa, where you can find many hiking spots in Kenya). A higher percentage of the landrace marijuana plant grown in the country are highly potent. They produce high-quality tetrahydrocannabinol, which means that they are rich in endocannabinoids.

The cultivation of cannabis usually occurs in the mountainous regions of the country and the highlands of Mount Kenya. Since Kenya is a tropical country, the concentration of endocannabinoids in the plant is very high. You are sure that when you get the product, you will achieve the best strain possible. There is a small domestic market for cannabis in Kenya, as many people tend to shun it because of the existing beliefs in the country.

However, with the enlightenment and many people learning more about the plant, the idea has gained traction. Many people across the country are looking for ways of improving the perception and the laws and regulations around marijuana. The essence of this is that people see the commercial point of view. If the concept is embraced, it could lead to massive job creation and high income.

Where can you get marijuana in Kenya?

Smoking weed

The law in Kenya indicates that owning a certain amount of marijuana is a crime, and supplying it is even criminal. However, this does not deter people from selling it, especially in the capital of Nairobi. There is a tiny village with different products, and it is where cannabis is thriving. Korogocho is where you will find people growing cannabis amongst other crops. However, it is imperative to note that most of the weed in Kenya is smuggled from Ethiopia and Tanzania. As much as the Kenya highlands and mountains are ideal for growing a highly concentrated product, the government has outlawed the growth, cultivation, and supply of marijuana.

The growing of cannabis, among other crops, is meant to conceal it, and it is a concept that many marijuana enthusiasts are embracing. According to the street value, the cost of 20 grams of marijuana is 1 dollar and so forth. The value will depend on location, quality among other factors. A majority of the people who consume the product are teenagers and young people from middle-class families.

How do Kenyans view cannabis?

When it comes to the perception of marijuana across the country, the people’s opinions are very different because of the traditionally religious background of the nation. Many people want the government to decriminalize it, while others view it as a health risk. One of the main problems in the country is control. Legalizing it can be easy. However, exercising powers is problematic. Hence, the lagging behind of the country in legislating laws decriminalizing marijuana.

Modern utilization

In the advent of the 21st century, many people have become open-minded. Since they are observant looking at different things on line and in Western culture, many youths do not see it as a problem to consume marijuana. The young people in the country walk around some taboo topics in society. One of them is the consumption of marijuana. Many young people are using weed in the background. They do not want to acknowledge it publicly because the government is still considering it a gateway drug hence the restriction.

What is the future of cannabis in Kenya?

There have been multiple high-profile legislation in the senate and the national assembly, and all these are looking for ways to decriminalize marijuana. It is imperative to note that many people do not have a problem with the product. The main concern is the regulation once it is decriminalized. Kenya is a fast-forward-thinking nation, and with many people being open-minded, there is a high chance that cannabis will be legalized someday shortly.

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