Christmas in Greece is a unique time of the year to time your visit.

Christmas in GreeceĀ – Customs and Traditions

Greece is one of the top European tourist destinations and the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of major mathematical principles and the land of the Olympic games. People celebrate Christmas in Greece on the 25th of December and it is a time for friends and families to come together […]

dangerous animals in Greece

What are Dangerous Animals in Greece?

Greece is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. The Greek beaches, architecture, cuisine, and civilization are some highlights that people often visit to learn about Greece. The country’s history is exceptional, and you will need a proper time before you can familiarize yourself with the country. There are […]

Hiking in Corfu

9 Hiking Trails in Corfu You Can’t Miss

Corfu is one of the best tourist destinations in Greece. If you are thinking of holidaying in Greece then this should your next destination, the lush green landscapes coupled with the turquoise blue waters offer the best tranquil environment where you can go relax and unwind as you hike. The […]

Snorkeling in Santorini
Greece, Santorini

11 Best Places For Snorkeling in Santorini

Santorini is one of the Greek islands that is located on the Aegean Sea about 120 miles from the Greek mainland. It is the largest island in the archipelago and the name is from the remains of a caldera which in turn created a unique environment where the coral reefs […]

Hiking in Crete

Hiking in Crete – 8 Stunning Trails & Tips

Greece is one of the top European holiday destinations. The mother of modern civilization has numerous features that make an outstanding destination worth your next vacation. The best way that you can enjoy your trip to Greece is to see the natural landscape and join other tourists from different parts […]

Snakes in Greece

What Are Different Types of Snakes in Greece?

Greece is a country that requires little or no introduction to many people across the world because of the unique nature and diversity that the country has and the changes that are currently happening. Greece is often considered the cradle of western civilization, and they have been at the forefront […]