Corfu is one of the best tourist destinations in Greece. If you are thinking of holidaying in Greece then this should your next destination, the lush green landscapes coupled with the turquoise blue waters offer the best tranquil environment where you can go relax and unwind as you hike. The rugged cliffs, lush green hills, and the large Mediterranean Sea are some of the highlights of your hike in Corfu. Hiking is one of the fun activities that you should do while in Greece because it gives you a chance to enjoy the refreshing mountain air without the noise of urban centers. Many people tend to think that Greece is only a destination for the summer sun. This is not the case because the country is rich in diversity and fun activities that you will enjoy doing on your next visit. The region is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy your vacation away from the straining city life.

There are over four million olive trees that are thriving in Corfu and the fascinating mountains create a perfect hiking trail where you can hike easily. The blue waters allow you to enjoy some swimming after a long day of hiking. Corfu is one of the most magnificent Greek islands and you should visit it on your next vacation to have a feel of the best destination. Corfu is rich in fauna and flora and with over 30 species of orchids thriving in the region, it is a perfect place where you can hike and enjoy some breeze at the same time. When traveling to Corfu the best souvenir that you can take back home is olive oil because the area produces large quantities.

When is the best time to go hiking in Corfu?

Corfu in Summer

It is imperative to note that when you are planning to go hiking in Corfu, you should be ready to know the terrain as well as the climate of the region. When you know these things then the hiking will be awesome. The best time that you should visit Corfu is between April through July. during this period the weather is warm and dry and you can enjoy your hike on the bright summer days. The water is very fresh and you can explore swimming in the Mediterranean as well. One of the main benefits of Corfu is that it has a diverse landscape hence you will enjoy the abundance of hiking trails. Many people visit Corfu to go hiking and the region has trails of different levels of difficulty hence even if you are a beginner, you will have some trail that is perfect for you in Corfu.

There are different walks some of which may require you to hike them in several days, while others are simple and you can complete them in one day. There are also different amenities that you can enjoy on your way or during your hike. Regardless of the kind of hike that you are looking for in Corfu, the destination will give you the best time of your life. If you want to go hiking in Corfu on your next vacation, here are some of the hiking trails (There are also many beautiful hiking trails you can find in Greece, apart from Corfu such as hiking trail in Crete.)

The Corfu Trail

This hiking trail is categorized as medium to difficult and it is perfect for avid hikers who want to enjoy the best hiking trails in Greece. The trail will take you a week to complete or less depending on your speed and your guide. This hiking trail is for experienced hikers and you should be ready to explore the best trail in the region. The hiking trail was established in 2001 and since then it has gained a huge reputation amongst hikers across the world.

The pristine locations of the island are covered on this trail and you should make it a priority to visit these locations. The diverse landscape on the Corfu trail means that you will have more to see and explore during your hike. Whether it is the forests, mountains, or the amazing coastline, when you are on the Corfu hiking trail you are sure to get the best of all in Greece.

The trail begins in Kavos moves through the shores, mountain paths, cliffs, and eventually ends at the saint Spiridon beach. It is a perfect hiking trail because at the end of the hike you will get a chance to swim, enjoy local food and drinks at the bars and restaurants in the area.

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Asprokavos to Santa Barbara trail

This is a moderate to a difficult hiking trail that covers from the western coastal region of the island to the eastern part and back. It is a very long track that is 23 kilometers long and it will take you a day or two to complete depending on your speed. The trail begins at Asprokavos and you head to the small lake where you will see turtles and different bird species.

Here you will descend through the olive groves and the amazing lush green fields as you head to Lefkimmi. Lefkimmi is one of the most historic towns and you can explore the best of the region by standing on the elevation and enjoying the views of the valley and Gardeno river. You can enjoy authentic Greek dishes at the end of the trail and it is a perfect time for you to mingle with the local people as you sample local cuisine and drinks.

Vlacherna trail

This is a perfect hiking trail if you are visiting the region as a family or if you are a beginner and you are looking for something to give you some challenge and experience as well.

There is not so much elevation hence you can enjoy your hike with ease as well as finish the hike within a short period. The trail is 2 kilometers long and you can finish it within an hour. While on the highest point you can see the amazing sea, ancient buildings, and churches around the area.

Mount Pantokrator hiking trail

This is one of the most strenuous hiking trails that you will find in Corfu. The trail has an elevation change of over 1000 meters and it is 12 kilometers long. This will take you a couple of days of 10 hours if you want to finish it in one day. There is a lot of fauna and flora on your way as you explore this amazing trail. It is important to understand that you must be physically fit to go on this trail because it is demanding.

Mount Pantokrator is the highest mountain on the island and when you are at the top you will enjoy some of the best views in the region. The trail begins in a tiny town called Nisaki before winding through Palies Sinies. During your hike, you will see many ancient ruins and you can understand better the life of the ancient Greek people in the area. You should ensure that when you are going on this trail you have adequate water because the sun can be quite scorching and it is a long trail.

Old town hiking trail

This is the first hiking trail that you can explore as your first during your visit to Corfu. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced hikers because it not only shows you the history of the Greek people but you get to meet other hikers as well. The trail moves from the old town through Kerkyra and it is an ideal trail for you to get a glimpse of what the town has to offer. The old town circuit is simple as there is no gain in elevation.

The loop covers a distance of 5.5 kilometers and you can choose to walk it leisurely as you get to see what the local people are doing and their culture as well. The hike will take you 1.5 hours to complete depending on your speed. There is so much that you can learn and explore along the trail from checking the herbs, fruits, vegetables, clothing among other features of the markets around the trail.

You can pass by the soap factory as you head to Corfu’s old town. It is a simple trail because once you are past the soap factory you will see the fa├žade of the houses in Corfu town. The alleys of the old town are charming and you will understand more about the history of the region by checking out the structure.

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Ermones Beach to Myrtiotissa Beach Loop

This is a section of the Corfu trail that you can enjoy as a separate adventure because it offers all the best views that you can have and the landscapes vary from one form to another. It is perfect for beginners and intermediates as well. The Ermones trail begins at Ermones beach and you will head up the quiet hamlet of Vatos.

While at the top you can see the Ropa valley and amazing scenery that you have never experienced before. As you continue you will have descended on the trail and head into the olive groves and this is where the coastal views begin to emerge. As you look back to the coastal strip you will arrive at Myrtiotissa beach. This hiking trail is well maintained and you can easily access and enjoy the hike. The distance is about four kilometers. You can take a more leisurely pace and there are major elevation changes hence you should be prepared for it.

Twin bay hiking trail

This is one of the hiking trails that many people tend to forget when in Corfu. It is a perfect place where you can balance the changes in elevation with that of the coastal town. The trail begins in Arillas and ends in double bay Timoni. The hiking trail is characterized as moderate to difficult and it is 9.5 kilometers long with an elevation change of over 800 meters. The hike will take you about 3 hours to complete and you should be ready to tackle the trail by wearing proper hiking boots and carrying enough water and food supplies.

If you choose to hike this trail during the summer period, then you should ensure that you have enough sunscreen to protect your face from sunburns and ultraviolet rays. When hiking through the trail you will face an ascending trail that will take you to the Afionas mountain village and you can enjoy the views of the Ionian Sea and the islands of Corfu. It is a perfect place to take pictures and take a breather on your hike. From the mountain, you head downhill until you reach Timoni. Here you can take a swim or mingle with the local people.

Pelekas to Benitses hiking trail

This is a hiking trail that is 16 kilometers long and it will take you a full day to complete it or you can divide it into two sections if you want to approach it leisurely. The trail begins from Benitses and the villages of Ano as you head through the footpath and the track that will take you along the lush green forests to the Messongi river valley.

Once you are here join the uphill trail which cobbles its way through the forests until Stavros. The trail is classified as moderate too hard in terms of difficulty. It is important that you have all your supplies so that you avoid heatstroke and ultraviolet rays.

Benitses and mount Stavros loop

This is part of the Corfu trail but it is perfect for beginners as it is situated on the eastern side of the island and it is 4.3 kilometers long. The hikers cover an area that has little or no shade hence the need to ensure that you will finish the trail in the morning to avoid sunstroke. This hiking trail has some stunning views of the region and you can enjoy seeing the jagged rock formations, lush green mountains, and the seaside. You will encounter ancient structures while you are on this hiking trail.

In conclusion, Corfu is an excellent location that you should visit for your next vacation. This destination allows you to explore all the amazing features of the Greek islands as you get to hike with fellow hikers and the locals as well. Always stay during your hike.