Santorini is one of the Greek islands that is located on the Aegean Sea about 120 miles from the Greek mainland. It is the largest island in the archipelago and the name is from the remains of a caldera which in turn created a unique environment where the coral reefs began developing and over time this led to an increase in the fish species in the region. Santorini is the best snorkeling destination that you can ever find, however, when you go snorkeling in the region you have the opportunity to explore the best resources that you will find. Since many people do not know Santorini is a snorkeling destination, they have left it for the reputation of panoramic views and exquisite ocean views. However, the rocky geology has created something else in the region and the reefs have been thriving in this region with the best views maintained as well.

Santorini is a profound destination that is enchanting and you should never doubt yourself if you are looking for the best snorkeling destination in Europe because this area provides you with the best facilities that you can snorkel. The geomorphology of the Mediterranean is amazing and it has created this unique feature in the area that boosts the overall aesthetics of this location. Scuba diving in this location is something that you should try on your next visit to Santorini. There are caves, shipwrecks, and other features in the area and this is a perfect location where you can drop off and enjoy the amazing coral reefs and the species around them. The mold currents create the best corals and different fish species prefer to enjoy their stay in these waters. You can check out different fish species and invertebrates when exploring the waters. The water has excellent visibility which means that you can explore as much as you can and check out the amazing reefs and fish species. You can see as far as 40 meters below and here are some of the top-notch snorkeling locations.

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach, Greece

Kamari beach is one of the busiest beaches in Santorini and this beach is family-friendly. There is so much activity that goes on in this region you can enjoy your snorkeling activities or find other fun stuff to do along the beach such as walking along the two-kilometer beach. The black and pebbly sandy beach with clear water are what makes this area one of the ideal locations where you can go snorkeling.

The black sandy beach can get very hot during summer and it might be difficult to walk on it. There is a huge rock that runs from the top that separates Perissa and Kamari beach and this area is one of the best because it is iconic and has a history. The views from this area are exceptional and you should ensure that you visit during your exploration of the region.

White Beach

The white beach is just as the name suggests and it is one of the best places that you can go snorkeling because there is a soaring stone of white cotton color emerging from the Aegean Sea. The sand on this beach is not sand at all, it is a collection of light pumice that was left behind after the Minoan eruption that occurred in the region. The huge white stone flaking on both sides gives the area a unique look because the waters are clear and with the white background snorkeling in this destination is a heavenly experience.

One of the challenges of the white beach is accessibility. If you are planning to visit the white beach then you should plan adequately because it is 8.6 miles away from the capital and it is in its cove. There are huge cliffs that run westwards from the white beach and these mountains get into the water and in the process, they create a unique environment in the sea. Here you will find no marine life, however, the experience of checking out the sea from this part of the island is enchanting.

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Ammoudi Beach

This is hardly a beach because it is sandwiched in two platforms where you can get into the Aegean Sea. It is quite a dangerous location and you should take time to review this region before visiting. The beach is around the Ammoudi port and it winds and zigzags before coming out on the northern part of Santorini. It is a perfect location where you will enjoy the best views that you have ever seen in this region because of the fauna and flora found in this area.

The water here is pure and it gives you the best views that you have ever seen around. Since the water is very clear it means that you can see around and even up to 50 feet inside. One of the most fundamental things is that there are over 300 ft cliffs and these come from the seabed creating groups of boulders that have become home to different species of fish. You can easily access this beach from Oia and if you follow steps from the western part of town you can join the well-maintained coastal path that skirts around the headland to a place where you can access to waters.

Vlichada Beach

For many people, this place might seem like a mystery because it is less frequented by people. However, it is one of the top destinations that you should visit on your trip to Greece. It is the most beautiful and scenic location that you can find in Greece. the wind-shaped cliffs and amazing sand sculptures are some of the highlights of this location and you are sure that when you get into the waters you will see amazing fauna and flora all of which are amazing in this area.

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Kambia Beach

The Kambia beach is quite new and unknown to many people. However, this does not mean that you will not find a place to snorkel on this beach. The beach is located on the southern coast and there are two hills on either side which makes it a perfect place for different fish species to thrive in the area. This area is a little bit shallow and it is perfect for beginners who want to try some snorkeling.

You should wear proper gear if you are planning on snorkeling on this beach. There is a dusty track that will take you to Kambia beach and when you arrive at this beach you are sure that you will have a time of your life as you get to enjoy the best views in the region. The lava hills created during the eruption process are critical in boosting the fauna and flora in the region. 

Nea Kameni

Nea Kameni is a tiny island that is located in the center of Santorini caldera and it is a popular spot because of a sunken shipwreck that has been in this location for decades now. This location has turned out to be one of the most popular scuba diving and snorkeling spots and you should explore different places around it as well. There are natural hot springs that filter into the western part of the island and you should make sure that you visit this location during your exploration of the region. The water in this area is very pure and you can see up to 40 feet away easily and up to detail.

The block’s surroundings as rocks can often become a problem, especially during the summer period when there are northerly winds that tend to disturb the water. However, for most parts of the year, this place is clear and you can go and snorkel in the region. This island is popular and the water that filled the crater and moved to the Aegean Sea creates dramatic scenery that changes the huge volcanic landscape and the red and black sandy beaches all of which add to the aesthetics of this destination.

Caldera Beach

If you are looking for some of the most dramatic beaches then the caldera beach is everything that you have been looking for because it gives you everything from fish species to caves and clear waters. You will have a chance to see the dramatic views of the mountains as you step into Aegean waters and the cliffs create more fantastic vistas as you check out the whole of the caldera.

There is a perfect snorkeling location just in front of the beach and you will paddle about fifty meters before you arrive at this awesome destination. Since the waters here are so deep it usually attracts a huge shoal of fish every time. hence if you are into snorkeling and you want to see a myriad of fish species then this is the perfect location because even smaller animals like sea turtles are here as well as other pretty fish.

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Perissa Beach

Perissa beach is a fine clean and shallow beach that is friendly for children. If you are looking for a perfect location where you can go snorkeling then this is the right location for you. This beach is located in the southeast part of the country and there are major mountains in the area creating this unique scenery that you can never find anywhere else.

The beach is long and wide and since the waters are clear you can have greater visibility of seeing different creatures from different areas in the region. At the bottom of the sea, you will see small dark sand pebbles and the water in this area often feels warmer. There are amenities such as bathrooms, waterpark slides, beach gear for rental, playground among other features. There are different Mediterranean fish species that you will see when you go snorkeling in this destination.

Red Beach

The red beach is one of the top destinations for snorkeling in Greece. This spot is perfect because all the fish species are thriving below the water. It is the most popular beach in Santorini and you should be careful when exploring this area because the large population means that the fish species might fear. However, there are huge volcanic cliffs that are studded with boulders and this geological phenomenon creates a unique environment for different fish species to thrive.

The frozen lava gives it a red hue and this strange geological phenomenon is what gives the beach its name. The red beach opens to the Aegean Sea on the southern part and this cuts the northerly winds making it safer for snorkelers to dive into the area with ease. It is imperative that if you are visiting this region and you want to explore the region. It is a perfect environment for you to check out different fish species.

The Caves

This is an area that has humongous caves that feature more than ten meters and the views in this area are exceptional because the underwater canyons, caverns coupled with enormous swim-throughs, and boulders are some of the best features that you can see in the area. With the distinguishing geology comes a wide array of wildlife as well. When you visit here you will all kinds of fish species that are thriving in the water below.

Black Beach

The black beach is one of the rockiest coves in the southern part of Santorini. It is the least popular beach because it is a little strange. The beach sits at the end of the accessible way under the orthodox chapel. There is an onsite parking lot in this area. Since there are few or no crowds at all in this area it tends to attract snorkelers. The water in this area may not have the perfect visibility but it is worth the shot. The shoreline is sandier and rougher and this contributes greatly to the murkiness of the water. The easternmost part of the black each is a perfect spot if you want to snorkel and here you will find caves and grottoes that are donned with colorful fish and sea urchins. There are cliffs also that feature in the ancient Greek folklore.

In conclusion, Santorini is one of the best destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving and you should plan to visit this region because you are guaranteed an amazing experience.