Puerto Vallarta is an ideal Mexican travel destination that is located on the Pacific Ocean Bandera. It is one of the best places according to tourists who have visited the region. It has a huge metropolis and other exciting features such as amazing urban nightlife, drinks, cuisine, and the charming nature of the people make it a perfect vacation destination. There is a local international airport and you can access this destination from continental Europe and the Americas as well. Since this is an iconic tourist destination, it is imperative to note that you are bound to see some of the best hotels and experience swimming in the oceans on a different level.

Puerto Vallarta has its fair share of glorious beaches and the people in this region are vibrant and charming. When you visit this destination, you are sure that you will only have fun because that is what people are doing in this destination. There is so much to do such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming among others. The diverse wildlife and sea animals mean that you will learn more about Puerto Vallarta and its environs. Even with it being one of the top tourist destinations it comes with its fair share of dangerous creatures that you might find during your trip to the region. Here are some of the dangerous animals that you will find in Puerto Vallarta.

Coral snakes

Just like their counterparts, coral snakes are very dangerous creatures and you should be careful when traversing the different parts of Puerto Vallarta. The coral snakes are very well acquainted with camouflage and they can even hide in plain sight and you will never see them. It is important that you check out the places that you are walking in so that you can avoid any kind of attack from these snakes.

These snakes usually grow up to 20 inches long and are characterized by the black, red, and yellow stripes on their body. The venom delivered by this snake is known to have very powerful neurotoxins which are dangerous to the nervous system. Some of the symptoms of a bite from the snake include paralysis, loss of muscle function, respiratory failure, lowered heart blood pressure, and even difficulty breathing. You must avoid the areas where these snakes are thriving because they can be very lethal. If the coral snakes attack you, then you should seek immediate medical attention if it is not treated in time then it is likely to cause even death.

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Perhaps this is the most underrated yet very dangerous creature in Cancun. There is a large population of mosquitoes in the region and you should be careful when handling this creature. The mosquitoes are known to cause malaria, chikungunya, zika, and dengue fever. When visiting Cancun, you must have your yellow fever certification.

These creatures are everywhere and since they carry protozoan and other germs they can cause severe infections. The most common period that you will find mosquitoes in Puerto Vallarta is from April through November. Depending on the area that you choose to stay in, you should always have a mosquito repellant and take precautions by sleeping under a mosquito net. Bug spray will work wonders if you like exploring different places at night.

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Perhaps this is the most dangerous yet underrated creature in Puerto Vallarta. During your exploration, you should check out the different places that you are traversing for the scorpions. The scorpions are known to cause harm to humans and the species is very dangerous. The scorpions usually have a claw at the back of their tail where it will attack the victim and deliver the venom.

When this happens the place that is stung will swell and the victim will feel severe pain. The venom is dangerous because it can kill young children and elderly adults as well. The number of scorpions that are in Mexico is exceptional and you should always ensure that you are taking care during your trip. Some of the side effects that you are going to experience with a scorpion sting venom include body spasms, swelling, difficulty breathing, and nausea. If the scorpion stings you, then you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Fer-de-lance Snake

This is one of the most popular snakes across Mexico because of its unique properties. It is one of the viper species and it is known for the yellow chin this is the snake that causes more deaths in Mexico and South America. In a single bite, this snake will deliver around 105 mg of the venom and this is very dangerous because half that volume can still kill an adult person. It is important that when you are traversing the region then you should be aware of these snakes.

Some of the effects of the poison released by the snake include swelling, lowered blood pressures, numbness, bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, loss of muscle function, and fainting. You must seek immediate medical attention because bites from this snake can be fatal. If the affected area is not treated it could result in amputation. There is antivenom that has been developed and you should make use of them.

Black Widow spider

The black widow spider is one of the spiders that are known to be very dangerous because of the venom they deliver when they bite. They are characterized by the white or red markings along the back and black boy. They have venoms that cause a myriad of side effects to the body. Some of the effects of the venom include muscle cramps, chest pains, stomach pains, hallucinations, headache, chills among others.

It is important that when you are traversing the region then you should take care because these spiders are everywhere. The pain from the bite of these snakes can last up to 12 hours. Hence it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.



The rattlesnakes are some of the most common creatures that you will find in Mexico. You must choose a location that is less infested with these reptiles. These snakes usually grow up to 150 centimeters long and they are known to be very lethal nocturnal hunters. You will find them inside the furrows, caves, and under the rocks during the day as they like staying in cool places. During the night activities come up and they are hunting for food around the area. This is when they are very dangerous because they can bite you at any moment. These snakes have a very precise way of seeing and their vision is usually in infrared.

They have an impeccable way of seeing their prey and they will attack immediately when they feel threatened. They usually consume small rodents, birds, and other creatures. however, if they feel that you are startling them or you are in their habitat then they are likely to attack you. They deliver a very dangerous venom and this venom is known to cause damage to the peripheral nervous system which means that your movement is limited. You will experience lowered blood pressure, severe pain, hallucinations, and loss of muscle function. If it is not treated in time the venom can be lethal to you. If the rattlesnakes bite you, then you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Gila monster lizard

The Gila monster lizard is one of the creatures that you should avoid during your trip. This creature has a forked tongue and the tongue is used in delivering venom in high quantities. It is imperative to understand that these creatures thrive in different environments as well. They have a similar way of handling their prey to that of the coral snake. They do not administer venom in a single bite, they usually involve a chewing action.

If you are hiking or exploring the different areas of Puerto Vallarta, then you should avoid places where you will find these creatures. Some of the side effects of the venom include lowered blood pressure, weakness, shortness of breath, and severe swelling in the affected areas.

Yellow-bellied sea snake

The yellow-bellied snake is one of those iconic snakes that you are going to find in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. You must try to avoid the area that is frequented by these snakes because they can be quite dangerous. 

They tend to like to sit on the seabed and they are docile. However, this should not fool you that you will not be bitten if you interfere with their habitat. This snake has some of the most dangerous venoms in the world. The venom contains neurotoxins and these are known to affect the central nervous system. When the system is compromised it means that body communication is interfered with and this could result in hallucinations, loss of body function among others. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention if the snake attacks you. The victims of this snake attack are rare but they are always there.

Box Jellyfish

This is one of those creatures that you are likely to encounter during your trip to Mexico. These creatures are known to thrive in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas of the country. The box jellyfish are usually translucent and you can assume that they are nothing. However, inside they have four meters of tentacles that are usually used in delivering the venom to the victim. The mechanism is through the tentacles which create pores and deliver a very toxic venom to the unsuspecting victim.

It is important to note that these creatures are very harsh when you cross them and in as much as the venom might not be enough to kill an adult it will cause severe pains and in some cases even cause death if the victim has allergies or their immune system is compromised. It is essential that when traveling to this part of the region you should know the places that these creatures are staying so that you can stay away from them. However, if they attack you during the trip then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Chilean Recluse Spider

This is one of the most dangerous creatures that you will find in Mexico because they have fangs that can pierce through your skin. This spider is very dangerous because it thrives in different parts of the country. They have the most venomous bite and if there is no antidote then there is a high chance that it will cause death. If you are highly allergic or your immune system is compromised, then you might want to avoid places that these spiders inhabit because they can be very dangerous. The venom from the Chilean recluse spider is known to cause the death of cells which in turn results in tissue damage. The complex destruction of body tissues is very dangerous and you should seek immediate medical attention.


The stonefish is one of the creatures that you should avoid when traveling to Cancun. This is the most dangerous fish because it has very sharp spines that can pierce through the skin. They are usually well camouflaged in the ocean floor and you can mistake them for a rock. Therefore, you will find that most swimmers are stung in their legs during swimming because they assume that this is just any other rock or reef. The stonefish venom is very dangerous because it can cause the victim to die if it is not handled well. Some of the side effects of the venom include necrosis, swelling, severe pain, and potentially death if it is not handled immediately.

 It is imperative that you should know the areas that are affected by these creatures so that you can avoid them. These fishes are not aggressive because they do not go hunting for humans, however, they camouflage themselves before attacking the unknowing victim. If you are attacked, then you should seek immediate medical help. If you are going to swim in the ocean, then you should wear proper shoes.

In conclusion, Puerto Vallarta is on top of everyone’s vacation spot. You should explore the area and enjoy all the amenities and activities while taking care.