Iceland has developed over time; the initial industries were agriculture and fishing. In the 19th century, many of the Icelanders depended on farming as a major economic activity. However, in the recent past, only 5% of the population are engaged in farming, and these are usually located in the lowland areas of the country. The major farms in Iceland usually plant the crops in greenhouses because of the harsh climatic conditions prevailing in the country.

The country’s climate is generally cold, and the growing period is controlled by the relevant ministry of the government. Numerous crops are grown in the country, and you will not miss cauliflower, maize, kale, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, and turnips. Other crops that are popularly grown in the country include peppers, cut flowers, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and potted plants.

The greenhouses are powered by geothermal energy. However, it is imperative to note that since the climate is chilly, it does not support pests and insects; hence, the products you will get from the Icelandic farms are usually pest-free. They are less contaminated with artificial chemicals. When people think about Iceland, all they see are black sandy beaches and geysers. However, this is not the case agriculture has developed in this country, and you are sure that you will find a farm that you can visit and explore what they have to offer.

When is the Best Time to Visit Icelandic Farms?

The best time that you should visit farms in Iceland is usually during the summer period when there are many activities on the farm, and you get to see how they do it. Farming in the country is unique. Apart from crop farming, you will find that there is animal farming. Some of the animals you will get in the country include sheep, goats, cows, and chickens. The animals in the country have changed considerably over time to cope up with the climatic conditions.

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You should take your time to explore the environment and the animals because they are worth your visit. The animals are unique, and you should check out the best farms in Iceland and get to know how they operate. Here are some of the top farms that you should visit.

When to visit Iceland farms?

Fridheimar Farm 

This farm focuses on cucumbers and tomatoes, this farm is widespread, and they grow tomatoes all year round. You will find ongoing farming activities in this region any time of the year, and you should not be worried that it could be cold and there will be no activity. Besides, you can enjoy some of their best tomato recipes, such as tomato soup. The restaurant serves lobsters, lamb, pork, chicken, and ravioli, among other meals. 

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The farm boasts some of the best tomatoes in the world, and you should explore them, including tomato ice cream. Since the tomatoes grow in harsh conditions, they have a rich taste that you cannot find in regular tomatoes. You will explore the tomato growing process and understand how they manage to grow crops in such a climate. The locals are ready to explain to you how the process takes place.

Daladyrd farm

This is a farm located in the Vaglaskogur and Illugastadir, known to have calmer weather than the rest of the country. This farm is family ran, and you will get to see how animal production takes place. You can visit the farm and explore different parts of the farm as you learn about various aspects of the farm.

The farmers on this farm are really dedicated to their activities, and you will learn a lot about animal farming. It is quite a scene where you will find roosters, pigs, chickens, dogs, sheep, horses, doves, and goats. On the farm, you will find a café where you can grab some coffee with homemade pie.

Slakki Petting zoo

his is a petting zoo rather than a physical farm. It is a traditional farm with turf roots, and you can interact with different kinds of animals on this farm. You can allow your kids to play with the bunnies as you get to know all the aspects that make this farm unique. There are many farm animals in this location, and you will find animals such as parrots, pigs, chickens, among others. Visitors are allowed to pet the animals since it is a petting zoo.

You will be shown all the processes that it takes to rear the animals in the farms. The farm is easy and straightforward hence you can watch all the animals within an hour. You can spend more time in the area if the weather is appealing, and you get to enjoy what this excellent environment has to offer.


This is a famous goat farm in the western part of Iceland. The farmers in this farm depend only on goats, and it is open from June through August for visitors. The farm is famous because it is renowned as the savior of the Icelandic goat.

They sell products from goats, such as milk and cheese. You can purchase the products and take them with you to your destination. Their goat milk soaps are pretty unique, and you should try them. 


Iceland farms

This is a farm located in the southern part of Iceland, and it was opened in 2018. However, ever since it was opened, it has moved to be among the most fantastic farms in the country. This farm is an hour away from Reykjavik, and it is a perfect opportunity for you to explore what nature offers and know what Icelandic farmers do.

Some of the animals you can find in this destination include rabbits, doves ducks, ducks, horses, cows, hens, sheep, goats, and pigs. It is truly a farm that you should visit on your next trip to Iceland.

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You can get horse rides from 1400hrs to 1500hrs every day for children. In addition, your kids can have fun in the surrounding environment as it offers all you need to get the best in the region.

Whether you are visiting the farm for the whole day or just for a few hours, you are sure that you will enjoy your visit to this farm. You can learn how the wool products are made and also buy these products direct from the farm.

Rjómabúið á Baugsstöðum 

This is a creamery that is thriving because of the environment that is presented to them. It is usually open from 1300hrs to 1800bhrs every weekend. If you plan to visit this farm as a group, it would be better to talk to them before the visit. This will help you in planning the movement.

You will be shown how ice cream and other products are made on the farm. Some of the standard products manufactured in this part of the world include ice cream, butter, and cheese. The equipment used in the 50s is still in operation, and you are sure that you will have the time of your life in this incredible destination.

In addition to learning on the farm, visitors can sample the products that are on exhibition. You can ask for more information about the production process and the unique products that are usually produced here if you want to know more about this location.


This farm is located in western Iceland, and it usually offers cooking classes and farming as well. If you are visiting during the winter period, you should contact them before your visit to allow you to make a proper arrangement with the team on the ground. There are plenty of animals that you can check out on this farm.

The Spring season is the best time to visit this farm because it bursts into numerous activities that you can enjoy during your visit. Some of the animals that you can see in this region include puppies, kittens, lambs. In addition, they have a playground where your kids can have fun.

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The farm is picturesque, and you are sure to have the time of your life as you explore what the locals have to offer. If you are interested in Icelandic cuisine, then this is the right place that you should visit. Here you will be taught how different meals are prepared in Iceland. The sheep farmers have a campsite near the area, and they can teach you a thing or two about sheep rearing.


This farm has gained a considerable reputation among tourists because of its red peppers and mushrooms. Since this farm is located in the golden circle route, you can incorporate it into your schedule. It is a perfect location that you can visit any time of the year. The mushrooms produced on the farm are fresh and unique tasting.

If you are preparing to go to this farm, the best way you can handle it is to include it on your golden circle trip. During summertime, you can enjoy some of their fantastic mushroom soup and pepper snaps. There is a restaurant where you can sample the local cuisine.