Many people tend to assume that April is a bad month to visit Iceland because the summer period has not begun. However, this is a very poor misconception. Iceland in April has that perfect vibe that you have been looking for in a tourist destination. April features a lot of activities in Iceland, and you can join in the party. You will find many animals are born in the countryside during this period, and it is a time that you experience significant weather changes in the country. April is when you will see the first signs of the spring season, and flowers will begin to bloom across the country.

Since the country is located in the arctic circle, April marks the beginning of the summer period, and you can enjoy some of the perks that come with winter and summer. You will find smaller crowds which makes it perfect for touring around the region. Numerous festivals are held in the country during this period, and you are sure that you will be having the time of your life.

The day sunlight is expected during this period because you will experience sunrise at 6 AM and sunset at 9 PM. During this period, the snow begins to melt, and you can explore different places in the country at a time when you can check out what the world has to offer. The sunsets are magical during this period, and you should not miss the incredible experience you can see in the world.

How is the weather in April?

The weather is usually windy, and there is still a lot of snow during this time of the year. However, sunny days have begun, and you will see flowers blooming and new plants coming up. The temperatures range from 4-degree Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius during this period. It could be warmer or colder depending on the winds and the prevailing weather conditions.

April is more pleasant when compared to previous months, and you can get all the best of your travel during this period. You can handle the situations that the country presents to you during this period.

Things to do in April in Iceland

April marks one of the years when the temperatures improve and the daylight hours increase gradually. You will find that most of the summer activities can be done during this period. If you are an animal lover, you are sure that you will get the best value for your money because you will enjoy many activities that can be done in the region.

The best way you can experience the country is if you choose to go on a snowmobile tour and cover some of the ancient glaciers and hidden glaciers. There are numerous fun activities that you can do in this location. Be sure to explore all the areas and take your time to understand the culture and dynamics of the local people. Here are some of the top things to do in April.

Geysir in Iceland

Check out the northern lights

April features some of the winter and summer activities, and one of the fantastic phenomena is the northern lights. You can still get some of this feature because the darkness is still there, and you do not have to miss the fantastic features that the country offers. The northern lights are not usually present all the time.

Some features must be in line before you can experience them. However, rains and clouds can be a challenge if you want to see them. April offers you a chance to see the northern lights because the warm climate has not kicked in properly; therefore, precipitation levels will below.

Watch the puffins

Iceland is a popular location for the puffins, with over half of the total puffins in the world residing in Iceland. You can take your time to explore this phenomenon, and know-how nature operates.

The puffins are seabirds that usually spend most of their time in the ocean, and they are excellent swimmers.

Iceland Puffin

Enjoy whale watching

Iceland is one of the best locations that you can go enjoy some whale watching. The variety of whales that visit the country is usually huge, and you can explore what the country has to offer by checking out the whale species. There are over twenty species of whales that you can get during their migration.

April is the best time to go whale watching because the mammals begin to move from one location to another. Many people visiting Iceland usually have this on top of their list, and you should take your time and explore what nature has to offer.

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Since there are Iceland usually many people who want to go and enjoy this activity, you must take your time to explore the best area and book in advance. Enjoying the experience of a tour is an integral aspect if you want to boost your chances of seeing different whale species. When you book early, you can have a position at the boat, allowing you to check out the various whale species.

Explore the golden circle

The golden circle is among the top tourist routes in Iceland because of the beautiful scenery and impressive structures. This route is a loop when you begin your drive at the capital Reykjavik as you head to the top destinations before coming back to the city in a loop. This is the best driver that you can enjoy in Iceland, according to tourists who have visited the country several times.

The golden circle usually features the Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area, and the Þingvellir National Park. April is a perfect time to visit the golden circle because you will arrive at this location when the temperatures are warmer, and you can see most of the things because of the clear skies. You can choose a guided tour or a self-guided tour.

Explore the Ring Road

The ring road is another destination that you should not miss if you are visiting Iceland in April. The location serves as one of the top regions to explore the country and check out the ever-changing landscapes. The ring road is the most famous road trip in Iceland as it features unique sections of the country that you should explore.

There are untouched places that you can check out the natural environment in its original form. You can go on a group tour along this road or go on a self-drive tour. However, it is better to explore a region when you know what to expect.

Join the first day of summer celebrations

The Icelanders are unique people. In April, they celebrate the first day of summer. These festivities usually feature drinking, dancing, and partying all over the city.

This is a critical time that you can explore the city and get to know the culture of the local people. The first day of summer is one of the oldest traditions in the country, and you can get to explore the region and the famous activities that people do during this period.

The first day of summer is usually considered a public holiday in the country hence the perfect time to explore the country.

Iceland summer

Explore the Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is located forty minutes away from the capital Reykjavik, and it is an excellent destination that you must visit on your trip to Iceland. The hot springs in this lagoon were opened in 1976, and ever since, it has grown to be one of the top tourist destinations that you should not miss to visit.

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There are hot spring pools in this location, and you can enjoy warm water as you relax and unwind in this region. There is also a gift shop that usually sells skincare products, and therefore you can take care of your skin while enjoying your trip to the area. The blue lagoon is one of the top tourist attractions in the country; hence you will have something to do in Iceland.

Ride horses

One of the most distinctive aspects of Iceland is that they have their own horses. The breeds in the country usually differ from those horses that you know across the globe hence the need to explore what this new environment has to offer to you. The Icelandic horses are smaller than the regular horses, and they are very muscular with short stature.

These horses are agile and resistant because if they can withstand the harsh prevailing climatic conditions in Iceland, it is the perfect place to try horse riding.

The country has made strides in preserving the genetics of the horses in the country. They do not allow them to interbreed with outside horses or enable them to go and come back to the country.

Once a horse has left Iceland, it will not be allowed into the country. These horses are unique, and location-based horse riding has gained massive popularity in the country. You can get to know what the country has to offer when you visit.

Glacier hiking 

Iceland glacier

Iceland is a location that is famous for its glaciers, icebergs, frozen landscapes, among others. The glaciers are a significant attraction feature to the country because many people worldwide come to see the unique sculptures in the country. The glaciers are available all year round, and you can plan to visit the country any time of the year.

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April makes a perfect time because it is the onset of the summer period, and you can check out the glaciers. Hiking around the glaciers is a fun activity that many people enjoy doing. You should not be left behind because you can have the time of your life while in the country by hiking.

Celebrate Easter holidays

Easter holidays are considered national holidays, and you can celebrate with the locals as you get to know their culture. Although you will find many restaurants open, many people tend to be indoors celebrating with their families.