There are multiple souvenirs from Iceland that will make your loving ones remember your trip to this beautiful country. Iceland is rich in culture and diversity, and everything that will remind you about your trip is welcomed. The best souvenirs are not personal souvenirs. You can sample all the souvenirs available and select the best that you can purchase from Iceland. Here are some of the top souvenirs from Iceland.

Omnom Chocolate

Omnom chocolate

This is one of the popular items about the country, and you should not be left behind either. You can purchase the Omnom chocolate from the major shops, and it is a perfect souvenir. According to the firm that produces it, the product is manufactured in Iceland. They use only the best beans from different parts of the world.

The blending of the chocolate and the local flavors gives it a unique taste, and it is among the top-rated confectioneries in Iceland. There is a wide array of chocolates to choose from, and you can select the flavored with sea salt or licorice. The Icelanders are big fans of licorice; hence they mix with the chocolate to consume it.

Icelandic Liquor

There is nothing as extraordinary as taking some local drink that will allow you to reminisce on your trip and have a taste of Iceland. In the recent past, the nightlife at Reykjavik has been very vibrant, and the city has transitioned into one of the major production areas. Numerous tasty liquors have been made from local produce and unique Icelandic water.

The water gives the drink a different taste since it is incredible to Iceland. A popular drink that you can buy as a souvenir is Brennivín. This is an arctic cumin-tasting liquor that is often served cold. The vodka served is clear, and it is distilled geothermally coupled by a mix of glacial water. It is one of the drinks that you should try out.

Icelandic Woolen Sweater

One of the most iconic products that are classic to the Icelanders is commonly called lopapeysa. These sweaters are often made from the wool of the sheep, and the wool is not spun; therefore it has high insulation capacity. Besides, the yarn from the sheep has some water resistance properties, and it will keep you warm during the cold period and dry in the wet months. 

There is also a certain amount of water resistance gained from the use of this yarn. These sweaters will keep you warm and, to a certain extent, dry in the wild Icelandic weather. The common patterns are those with natural tones and a circular pattern on the neck. The styles are cozy, and it is an excellent way to enjoy a remainder from Iceland. You can purchase these sweaters from the shops around town. You should check the best value and choose the ones that are made entirely of wool.

Fashion, art, and music

If you want something temporary and creative, you should go to the Iceland shops to sell the best quality items. There are many amazing musicians and artists, and you can get one of their creations around the city. You will find the artists around the city or in the museum and exhibition center.

If you want fashion, you can complement your love for art by choosing an Icelandic eclectic item that brings both a sense of style and sensibility. You can select a perfect piece of jewelry or hat. There are also various independent music locations that you can browse and choose something as your souvenir. 


Jewelry forms part of a fantastic souvenir collection. There are multiple unique Icelandic pieces of jewelry available around the country. Since Iceland is blessed with unique features such as landscape and different rock formations, one of the best ways to remember the country is by purchasing jewelry items made of rock and other natural substances.

The items tend to be delicate, but it is worth every penny as you can easily explore your area well with ease. Polished lava jewelry is typical among many, and you can purchase these from souvenir shops around the country.

Sweet candy

There are multiple places where you can purchase original Icelandic candy. Candy is a choice for many people because they have perfected the art of candy making. Icelanders love their candy incorporated with licorice, and it will taste different than any other candy across the world.

However, it is imperative to note that some of the candy may have some saltiness in them. You should choose a sweeter version if you do not like the ones with salt.

Icelandic skincare products

Iceland skin care

Iceland is a country known to have adverse climatic conditions because of its location, and you should ensure that you are well prepared by choosing the best skincare products for yourself. When you have the right products, your skin will remain flawless throughout your vacation period.

Iceland has companies that manufacture fantastic skincare products, and you can pick a few products as a souvenir. Most skincare products are made from silica, which has immense effects on oily skin and healing acne. There are numerous products, and you can find one that suits you.


One of the best ways of learning a foreign culture is through the reading of books. You can pick several books with Icelandic history, culture, and biographies to better understand the country.

Numerous Icelandic writers have gained a considerable reputation for their immense work in different sectors, and you can purchase a couple of books to keep you updated.

Nature condoms

These products are inspired by the school of art in the capital, and they have been in products for several years now. You can purchase a whimsical souvenir that you are sure is a nature condom. The items are usually helpful and can be hilarious.

They are generally available in six different designs, and you can choose one from an erupting geyser, an erupting volcano, steaming hot spring, northern lights, and lava formation. Nature condoms won the souvenir of the year in 2010, it has been associated with Iceland, and many people purchase them as souvenirs.

Icelandic cuisine

Iceland fermented fish

You can choose to buy one of the Icelandic delicacies to go and enjoy with your family. Kelana is a typical delicacy which is a cake/bread. It as much as the delicacies are not to everyone taste. You can choose multiple items that you find appealing and take them to your friends and relatives.

You can decide to try fermented sharks or fish. However, for these, you should have them put in tightly closed containers because they tend to have a very repulsive smell.

Mink Viking portrait

One of the histories about Iceland is that the Vikings were in this country, and you can find a mink Viking portrait in one of the studios around the country.

You can learn so much about the history of this country as you take some of the incredible photographs and see the traditional Viking regalia.

Arctic Thyme Tea 

Thyme tea

This is one of the souvenirs that will remind you of Iceland because it is the only location to find this type of tea. The traditional Icelandic tea is often found in other countries across Scandinavia. However, the artic thyme tea is a new phenomenon, and the thyme is a unique feature because it is known to naturally have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

When you consume the tea, you can fight flu and colds. It is also effective in easing an upset stomach, and you can choose a flavored version if you want to.

In conclusion, there are so many items that you can pick as souvenirs from Iceland. Depending on your taste and preference, you are sure that you will find something to take back home. Iceland is a rich and diverse country, and you will find yourself returning to this country for a vacation.