Flying in the skies is an exciting experience that you should experience at least once in a lifetime. Paragliding is a sport that has gained popularity in the recent past as many people want to explore the world and different places using parachutes. Paragliding is defined as flying from a slope or a cliff wearing a lightweight glider and this will give you a chance to see what the natural environment has to offer below you. If you are looking for a spot to enjoy your paragliding then Switzerland is the right location that you should visit. 

Switzerland is considered as the heaven of tourism and there are numerous tourism activities that you should check out in the country. The country is filled with a wide array of unique valleys, mountains, range, escarpments among others. Imagine seeing all these things from the sky. The experience of paragliding is priceless and you should visit Switzerland to enjoy these features. Here are the places that you should visit.

1) Interlaken

Our list begins with the best destination to paraglide and this is Interlaken. Interlaken is considered as the best location because of its near-perfect weather conditions throughout the year. The town is situated between two lakes and this makes it an ideal location that you should for paragliding. Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are both around this area and you can have a beautiful view of the lake from the skies. Different activities are available for you to enjoy in this region. 

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You can visit this destination during the winter and summer period to enjoy the best views that it has to offer. You can access the area by boarding a car that will take you up where the pilot will fly with you to the mountain. You will experience 10 minutes of airtime at an altitude of 1400 meters. Be sure to check the prices before embarking on a flight. 

2) Davos

Davos paragliding

Davos is a beautiful location in Switzerland that is has a rugged topography coupled with scenic trails that are perfect for paragliding. The trails are covered in a sparkling sheet of snow during the winter period and paragliding during this period is an amazing experience that you will never get elsewhere.

Fly over the snowcapped mountain in Davos with skilled trainers and enjoy the best views that you can ever see.

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3) Zurich

If the thought of flying gets your adrenaline high then you should go to Zurich where you will experience the best paragliding activities that you have ever seen. The Zurich mountain of Uetliberg is one of the sites that you can pick your paragliding activities.

While you are high in the sky you can enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Zurich and the city itself, which is by far my favorite activity in Zurich.

4) Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen from above

Are you anxious about going to paraglide in the Swiss Alps, well, all you need to do is put your best foot forward and visit Lauterbrunnen. This is a perfect destination for your skiing activities as you will have adequate time to visit the area.

You will be flying over the most magnificent valleys and this is one of the most sought after experiences by many visitors. Also, Lauterbrunnen is known as the majestic hiking destination with dozen of hiking trails.

5) Engelberg

Have you ever sat somewhere thinking about what freedom feels like? Flying across the Engelberg like a bird while you gaze at the snowcapped mountains, mountain slopes, and the amazing panoramic views.

The trails meander way up to the mountains and you can watch the town below from high the sky. This is one of the best places that you can go paragliding in Switzerland.

6) Geneva 

Lake Geneva

Geneva paragliding offers one of the best places that you can visit this location and take a leap at the balcony of Geneva as it is commonly known. 

While paragliding in this location you will fly above the beautiful city of Geneva and see the exceptional Jura Mountains and the ranges of the Alps. The clear blue skies and the sparkling turquoise lake will give you a lifetime of experience.

7) Gandria

This is a lakeside town that is in the last part of the Swiss territory as you head to the Italian border. It is important to understand that this is more than just a paraglide because other than the Swiss amazing experience, you will get to check out the Italian side as well.

If you want to enjoy the best views of the region you should paraglide with a trained pilot.

8) Klosters 

Klosters is an exceptional Swiss village that is frequented by tourists for various reasons that it has the best sites as well as many outdoor activities that you can enjoy. It is pretty close to Zurich and you have a hub of adventure enthusiasts who will take you around. 

The serene environment coupled with high flying mountain ranges from afar makes it a perfect destination that you must visit.

9) Kriens 

If you are looking for some unique undisturbed Swiss towns for paragliding experience then Kriens is the best place that you should visit. This town is in Lucerne and it is one of the places that you can enjoy cheap paragliding activities in Switzerland.

You can watch the lush green valley across the country and the mountain covering the ranges. This is a perfect location that you should visit while in Switzerland.

10) Wengen

Wengen village

Wengen village is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland and it is not only for its nature but also for the adventure it offers to tourists. You van visiting this location during any time of the year and enjoy paragliding with the best in the industry.

The snowcapped peaks, surreal mountainscape, and exceptional landscape present you with the best chance to enjoy your stay in the country. Wengen gives you the best paragliding experience that you should never miss.

In case you’re into hiking, Wengen offers a variety of amazing hiking trails no matter your physical condition.

11) Grindewald

Grindewald might be popular for skiing and other winter sports activities. However, this is not that this remote village has to offer, you can enjoy paragliding in this location and you should choose a trained pilot if you want to see the best of this village.

Have you ever experienced paragliding in Switzerland? Share your experiences below.