In many countries in Europe, alcoholic beverages are often associated with the country of origin. The common include Scotland tied to scotch, Spain to sherry, and French with cognac. On the other hand, Switzerland is not associated with a particular drink, although the country produces large amounts of wines. 

Swiss drinking culture is more liberal, unlike other countries across the globe. However, alcohol cannot be sold to minors. The standard age limit is sixteen for beer, wine, and cider, while spirits can only be consumed by people who are 18 years and over.

However, Switzerland is not limited to alcoholic drinks. There are numerous nonalcoholic drinks that people can enjoy while visiting the country. Higher in the mountain’s craftsmen have foraged multiple ingredients into liquids, and you will get drinks of different kinds in the country. 

Mixology continues to develop in the alps, and many locals are adapting to this culture as many visitors usually visit the region. Here are some of the most popular drinks in Switzerland.

Zuger Kirsch

This is a famous cherry brandy that is manufactured in the Zug region. It has been around for the past two centuries. It is often characterized by distilled brandy made from fermenting the local cherry varieties. 

This gives off a colorless spirit that has a subtle almond nuance and fruity flavor. It is usually served chilled, and you can enjoy it neat or any flavor if you want to; however, in some cases, it also has culinary use.

Swiss Wine

Swiss wine

Switzerland is famous for wine production as it has some of the finest vineyards in the world. The country boasts of acres of land under grapes production, which dates back to the Roman age.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that swiss wine influences Germany, France, and Italy. The majority of the wine produced in Switzerland is usually white wine, although you can get red wine varieties. 

Petite Arvine

This is a popular drink that s made from the white grape variety, and it is often cultivated in Aosta and Valais valley. These late-ripening grapes are utilized to produce sweet, dry white wines and have citrus, floral, and intense fragrance.   

If you are looking for the perfect wine in this category, you should try the aged wine with well-balanced minerality and acidity. You can pair the wine with seafood, cheese, or white meat.

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There is no country across the world where you will not find local beer. Switzerland is not left behind in this. Over the years, swiss wine was the drink of choice among many people n the country. However, over time many people have begun embracing beer culture.

The local beer is based on different styles and techniques, which often has German influence, and you will find that the beer is lightly colored. The beer from the eastern part of the country is mostly lager while that from the western region has Belgian influence. 

With a wide array of options, you will never miss something to enjoy while on your trip to Switzerland. Whether you like dark or light beers, you are sure that Switzerland is the right destination that you should visit.

Enjoy some Kafi Luz

Kafi Fertig or Luz is a swiss coffee that has some alcohol in it. The drink is made from fruit brandy, usually from apple pomace and pears, and it is common in the central parts of the country. The drink involves boiling water, schnaps, instant coffee, and sugar. 

It is often pale and transparent, and you can enjoy it in a tall stemmed glass. You can come across variations of this drink in the country, and it is up to you to choose the right flavor that you feel is awesome.

Try some Swiss Soda

Swiss Soda

Switzerland is blessed with different varieties of soda, and they are often produced in other parts of the country hence have their flavor and quantities. 

There are numerous local brands that you have never heard of unless you are in Switzerland. The most popular one is Passaic which is made from passion fruit and has been around for over 50 years. So you can enjoy a soda of your choice after a long day of traveling from one location to another in the country.

Herbal tea and coffees

Coffee and tea are a perfect alternative to the liqueurs and cold drinks while on your vacation in Switzerland. These are usually hot drinks, and they serve as the best way to activate your system and get ready for the day ahead. Over time many people in Switzerland have begun embracing herbal teas, and hence the demand for these teas has increased over the years. 

You can make the tea at home or visit a local café, and you will have a tea or coffee of your choice. Besides, you are not limited. You can taste their pastries and sweets, which is a perfect combination with tea.

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Sample some Liqueur

Swiss liqueurs are often characterized as highly strong and sweet. The country has liqueurs that are mostly made from plums, cider pears, among others. They often vary in alcohol content, and you can sample some of the best drinks in the country. Liqueurs are very famous across the country, and you can either take them back home as a souvenir or take time to sample their taste.

Try some apricot brandy

Swiss Apricot Brandy

Abricotine is a colorless fruit brandy that has a strong apricot flavor as well as numerous subtle nuances. The fruit is pitted then it undergoes fermentation before distillation progress is made. In most cases, the distillate has over 40% alcohol volume, and it can be served either neat or chilled with some cocktails or desserts.

Swiss spirits

The most common swiss spirit is absinthe which is produced from a neutral spirit that is infused with a blend of botanicals. In most cases, the leaves of Artemisia absinthium are added to the neutral spirit to give it a different and unique taste.

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