Everything You Need to Know About Coffee in Switzerland

Coffee in Switzerland

Are you a coffee lover who’s passionate about tasting authentic coffee around the world? You’re lucky as coffee in Switzerland is a prevalent habit of locals who enjoy sipping this potent drink. Also, Swiss people are workaholics, and what goes better with work than a cup of a strong coffee?

Let’s explore the Swiss coffee culture and scene together.

How Swiss people consume their coffee?

Coffee in Switzerland has been around for a very long time. Even in the 17th-century, coffee houses in Geneva and Neuchâtel were famous, and since the country is a melting pot of different cultures, the country picked up the tradition. The German, Italian, and French cultures influence the surrounding areas in Switzerland. Here are some of the top coffee varieties that you should try while in Switzerland. 

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Coffee crema

It is coffee that has some cream to a perfectly brewed espresso. Swiss people love it, and it is not a surprise why it is one of the most popular coffee types in the country. 


It is a bowl that you will have in the morning, and it is critical because it lightens up your mood. It is a cup of coffee with milk usually served in some bowl. 

Luzerner Kafi

If caffeine does not do the trick on its own, then it is time to add something fanciful. This coffee has wine, and it is a popular drink during winter and cold afternoons. A dash of wine is added to a thin coffee and sugar, and this accentuates the taste and it will activate your tastebuds.


It is a deceptively exceptional brew that is served in a tiny cup but the most effective as it is firm, and you will immediately wake up from your sleep when you take a shot. Many swiss like their brew strong and dark, however, you can try a drink of your choice depending on your taste and preference. 

Most popular coffee types


The most common drinks in Switzerland are similar to those across the globe, and there are no significant differences. You can purchase any drink at affordable prices that are available everywhere across the world. It all comes down to you, based on your taste and preference. You will see many people drinking espressos as well as plain coffee with sugar or milk.

The significant differences are that Switzerland’s coffee culture is more espresso-based, and it could be because of the Italian influence. It is common to finish off a meal with an espresso with a small sweet or chocolate. Cold drinks are less common in Switzerland, and whether you are looking for iced coffee, iced drinks, just cold brew, you will find them, but it is less common, unlike other parts of the world.

Popular Swiss coffee brands



Nescafe is the most popular and recognizable swiss coffee brand across the world. The name is a combination of nestle and café. It was first introduced in 1938, and it is one of the first brands that has reached the moon. Nestle is a renowned brand, and you will have a chance to get to feel the best coffee in town. You have an opportunity to sample some of the best coffee in Switzerland. 


Movenpick is among the top ten coffee and best-selling brands across the world. It was founded in 1948 in Zurich, and they have perfected its art, and ever since, they have the best coffee in the market. It is coffee made to an original Swiss recipe.


Sirocco is a swiss brand of coffee that was founded in 1908, and they have since been making the best coffee in town. The brand boasts of smooth roasting, rich flavor, and exceptionally tasting coffee. 


Egoiste is a coffee that is produced by the highest quality coffee companies in Germany and Switzerland. It is made from arabica mixed with clear alpine water and following modern technology. 

Where to drink the best coffee in Switzerland

Cafe in Switzerland

When it comes to this, it is like choosing the favorite child. It is sporadic to get bad coffee in Switzerland. The fabulous coffee is guaranteed in the country as many places serve the best coffee around Switzerland. 

Bocelli in Zurich

Bocelli features an Italian brewed coffee that is served with a smile, and you will have a chance to get some of the best friendly talks in a beautifully designed cafeteria. 

Mame in Zurich

It is a location that serves the best coffee that you should get. It is a perfect spot that you can get your coffee any time of the day. The main barista is a world champion, and she believes in café culture. There have been changes over time, and they continue to perfect the art and have the best tasting coffee in Europe.

Here is an official website where you can find the menu and working time.

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Café Fruhling 

It is a café in Basel, and it is based on locally roasted coffee, milk, and other produce sourced from the region. The location has been kept alive, and the culture is impressive as they have their roasting plant to make the best coffee.

Here is an official website where you can find the menu and working time.

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It is a coffee house in Bern, and it is bustling in an exceptional location. It is one of the best places that you should visit. If you want to see your coffee being brewed from scratch, then this is the right location that you should visit. 

Here is an official website where you can find the menu and working time.

In summary, coffee is more than just a beverage that wakes you up in the morning. The swiss have incorporated different aspects to make the experience unforgettable and memorable. You can sample coffee across Switzerland and take it with a cake or any pastry of your choice.

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