Switzerland is one of the European countries with the highest elevations in Europe and many hiking trails that guarantee you ultimate fun when you visit the country. It is an ideal spring destination because the prices during this period tend to reduce, and this encourages many tourists to visit the country. There is a common misconception that Switzerland is a winter-only destination. However, this is misinformation because Switzerland has more to offer than upscale winter resorts, world-class ski destination as well as snow-covered hamlets.

You can venture beyond the exquisites pistes and find yourself surrounded by history, diversity, and culture such as the quaint old town of Zurich, exceptional views of Lake Geneva, and Ticino canton, among others. Spring is a beautiful season with bursts of sunny weather and blooming flowers. However, the mountainous region is not open for hiking until it is safe to do so, mostly in June, so in case you want to check out summer activities, here is my guide.

There are numerous activities that you can do in Switzerland during the spring period. If you are up to the mountainous regions, it is critical to check out local tourism boards for relevant information. It is generally recommended that you pick lower elevation trails that will require minimum mountain transport. 

Let’s see what you can do during spring in Switzerland.

Viewpoint from the mountain tops

View from mountaintop

Switzerland is the perfect destination if you want the most majestic mountainous views. You can visit the top mountains and enjoy these views. Even with the closure of hiking trails during the spring season, you can check out some of the exceptional views that are safe to use. Some of the most outstanding places that you can enjoy the view include Zermatt Gornergrat, which is at 3098 meters above sea level and easily accessible.

Besides, it supports family visits therefore, you should not be worried about your family because they will have something to do. The next is Mount Rigi, you can soak in the fantastic panoramic views of the valleys, lakes, and the swiss alps. In addition, they have hikes for all ages. Another destination that you can visit is the Schilthorn observation deck. At the height of 3000 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Monch, Eiger, and Jungfrau.

Explore the fantastic waterfalls in the country

While the snow melting process is a perfect time to visit the waterfall. However, you can visit some of the top waterfalls during the spring period. Giessbach waterfalls are an exquisite multistep waterfall near Interlaken, and you can take a little hike to the lower level of the waterfall and enjoy the most amazing views of water splashing over the rocks. For me, the best way to experience waterfalls in Switzerland is by getting a kayak and explore at your own pace. 

Trümmelbach Falls is another location you should visit during spring because of the enormous waterfall that is a must-see for any visitor. Located in the Lauterbrunnen valley, you can explore many walkways to get to the best views. Wabaunsee is another hunting hike and waterfall that you must explore. The beautiful waterfalls and the gorgeous lake in the background form one of the most picturesque places on earth.

Explore flowers blossoming during spring

Spring Flowers

Spring is one of the best to see flowers bloom into action. There is a wide variety of flowers that you can see in Switzerland. You can go to the cherry blossom trail, located in Frick. This location gives you the best views of beautiful trees and flowers, and you can picnic as well with your family in this location. If you have a chance, try to time your visit in April for loads of blossoming around the regions.

You can also find tulips at Mainau Island, there is a fantastic playground in this location, and it is a perfect location for spring picnic and exploration. Besides, you can explore the spring flowers in Zurich. The spring flowers usually come and go as fast as possible. You should make your time to visit Zurich flowers before they change. 

Enjoy the view of river gorges

Who does not love hiking along a gorgeous river with concentrated beauty to observe? The river gorges are made in interesting rock formations, and they have moss walls, waterfalls, as well as wildflower beds. You can take your family to enjoy a hike through the devil’s gorge. It is a stream with lush forest and there many waterfalls that you can see.

Another gorge that is necessary to visit is the Aare gorge. This river gorge is 1.6 kilometers long, and it is located in the Bernese Oberland region. The elevated walkways are built on cliffs, and you can enjoy the icy blue water. Rhein gorge viewpoint is a perfect location for you to explore the exciting cliff formation, besides it is stroller friendly. You are not limited to the few listed there are many more that you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views in Switzerland.

Explore scenic views on low elevation trails

low elevation views

As much as spring is in here with us, you are not limited to the places you should visit. The Jura Crest trail is a special one because you can have some of the most fantastic panoramic views, even at a low level. The Lauterbrunnen valley path is a beautiful road filled with waterfalls, cliffs, and hanging mountain peaks.

You can walk with your kids on the easy trail. The swiss path is a commemorative trail on the southern half of Lake Lucerne. You can explore the views as you hike with your family.

Biking along the lakes and rivers

Spring is a perfect time to take a walk along the lakes or rivers. You can take a bike ride around Lake Zurich. Some trails are excellent around this lake, and you can explore them. Biking around the Reuss river is a fun activity that you can do with your family or as a group. There is a playground at halfway where the kids can relax to catch a breath before continuing with your walk or biking.

Aare river has one of the easiest and flat rides for taking your bike and ride along scenic routes. There are picnic spots as well as Frey chocolate factory is within range. You can find something fun to do along the lakes and rivers in Switzerland because they are well equipped, and you can hire a bike for the ride.

Explore stunning lakes

The Turlesee lake walk is a perfect destination in Zurich where you can have your quiet time as you explore the beautiful surroundings. There is an easy four-kilometer loop around the lake, and it is suitable for children since it is stroller friendly. Besides, you can enjoy other activities such as swimming, fishing, among others.

Allow the kids to enjoy themed trails

The themed trails are of lower elevation and do not have top mountain views, however, they are filled with lush green forests and valleys. There are many interactive activities that the kids can enjoy while on these trails.

Whether you are visiting Switzerland for the first time or returning to this incredible destination, it is always important to check current updates from the tourism office. Be sure to check the prevailing weather conditions as well to ensure that you are well protected.

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