Liechtenstein’s principality is a small country located in central Europe, and it is a double landlocked country. It is one of the last roman empires, and it has very close ties to Switzerland. The country’s living standards are quite high, and there are some incredible places that you can visit in the country. Vaduz is the capital of this beautiful country, and it is a modern city and the central commercial and industrial hub of the principality. Liechtenstein was first established within the roman empire in 1719 and occupied by both the Russian and French troops during the napoleon wars. The country is unique, and the locals love their culture and traditions. 

Despite the country’s small size, Liechtenstein has developed into one of the highly industrialized, prosperous, and free enterprise economies that covers all the essential areas. The economy of the country is well diversified, and it is a popular tourist destination in Europe. The national currency is the Swiss francs, and it is part of the European economic block hence the exceptional living standards. There are numerous tourist attraction sites in Liechtenstein, and you should make this destination your next location.

What you need to know about Liechtenstein 

Liechtenstein is a highly mountainous country, and apart from the high mountains, the country enjoys a border with the Rhine valley. The majority of the people in the country reside along the Rhine valley and Rhine river. 

The climate in this nation is continental, and this features cold, cloudy winters characterized by frequent rain or snow, which has made it a popular ski destination in Europe. Moderately warm and cool temperatures represent the summertime in Liechtenstein, and they can also turn to be humid and cloudy.

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It is imperative to understand that Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union; therefore, you might be subjected to border checks and controls. However, the Schengen agreement means that tourist is not subjected to immigration restrictions or any non-systematic custom controls. Since the country is much intertwined with Switzerland and wants an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp, you can visit the Vaduz’s office. 

Ways to Get to Liechtenstein

Vaduz City

By plane

Liechtenstein does not have airports because of the size of this principality. However, tourists are not limited in their choices because they can access the country via nearby airports. You can opt to choose Zurich international airport, which is 115 kilometres. However, there are nearby airports in Austria serving the country.

Besides, you can get to Liechtenstein by the Friedrichshafen in Germany, which is served by low-cost airlines. You can take scenic flights around the region by the heliport in Balzers. Depending on your schedule, you can choose the right airport that will allow you to access the area with ease.

By train

The best way to get to Liechtenstein is by travel which usually travels through Buchs in Switzerland. When you are in Buchs, you can connect to Liechtenstein using a bus.

There are timetables for the buses around the country, and you should be familiar with the schedule so as not to miss your bus.

By car

The Swiss autobahn highways 13 and 14 are the main roads that run on the Rhine river’s swiss side, which is the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. There are numerous entry points once you are on this side of the world. The most common one is the bridge crossing into the southern town of Balzers.

However, you can choose to use the bridge that will take you to Vaduz, parking in Vaduz is pretty is relatively easy and you can get a massive garage below the Kunstmuseum. Driving in Liechtenstein is easy and safe; however, you should take care on the narrow roads, and there are speed traps that can get you to pay hefty fines.

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By hitchhiking

It is easier to get to Liechtenstein from Feldkirch in Austria because many commuters are heading in Vaduz. When the commuters find you standing on the main road, there is a high chance that you will be given a lift to the capital and you should get there in minutes.

On foot

One thing that many people may not believe is that you can get to Liechtenstein on foot. How you can do this is by taking a commuter train from Sargans to Buchs.

Once you are in Buchs, it is pretty easy to walk into Liechtenstein. You will have the most exhilarating experience of crossing an international border on foot. Buchs is the best station because of its proximity to downtown Vaduz.

Also, if you’re planning to explore Liechtenstein on foot, don’t forget to check the best hiking trails in the country.

Traveling from Sargans Switzerland


If you choose to board a train to Sargans in Switzerland, you will have to catch a bus that will take you to Liechtenstein. The Liechtenstein bus route has a bus that will take you to Liechtenstein every thirty minutes.

The buses usually take you through Schaan and Vaduz. Sargans is accessible by fast trains from Zurich and other primary international train services and the airports. You can take your time to evaluate the best route you can take based on leaving and arrival time. 

Traveling from Buchs

When you choose a train that will take you to Liechtenstein via Buchs, you will have to board a bus of route 12 which frequently runs at quarter intervals. When you reach Schaan you can connect with buses that will take you to Liechtenstein and this journey is usually ten minutes before another five to Vaduz.

One of the options you can choose is to take a train that the Austrian railway firm operates. However, the trains are usually limited, and they run a few times a week.

Traveling from Feldkirch, Austria

If you are traveling from the Feldkirch railway station, you will have to take a bus going on route 14, and this will take you to Schaan. You can opt for the buses that travel on highway 11 if you want a bus that will pass by Vaduz.

What is the cost of the tickets?

It is imperative to note that you can purchase the bus tickets from the bus driver. If you are traveling from Switzerland and have a swiss travel pass, you can use it on this trip. It is better to buy a whole network one day pass at the cost of 12 CHF this way you can avoid the challenges that come with purchasing tickets from one station after the other.

On the other hand, there is a one-week pass that costs 24 CHF, and you can utilize this about for a week on multiple journeys.

How to get around in Liechtenstein 

Getting around Liechtenstein

There are different ways that you can get around in Liechtenstein, and the most common is public transport. The public transport system in the country is well developed, and you can find a bus that will take you from one location to another.

The leading bus operator is LBA. The cost of booking a bus ticket is quite competitive, and you will find your travel in the country is comfortable and calm. You can purchase the weekly ticket that will cost you 24 CHF. The weekly card is impressive, especially if you want to travel around the country hassle-free.

Quick information about Liechtenstein

It is imperative to note that Liechtenstein is a German-speaking nation and, in some places, you will find people who use Alemannic dialects. However, in the eastern parts of the country and significant parts, they can speak standard German. English is also a major language across the country and French and Latin, currently being taught in schools.

Liechtenstein is a country with a well-developed transportation system and the main transport you will find is buses. The buses use the main highway which runs along the Rhine river and connects to Switzerland and Austria. There is a new rule that ensures a new run every 20 to 30 minutes, and you can purchase the tickets earlier via the internet or choose to buy them at the station. You can choose to buy a ticket for one route, a week, or a monthly card. All these options are available to visitors. 

The best time you can visit Liechtenstein is from May through September, and you can enjoy the scenery by boarding a bus. The buses are available in all national stations, and you can move from one location to another and join your trip with an adventure to Austria or Switzerland. Besides, you are not limited in terms of travel you can choose to bike around the country if you up to the challenge. There are rental offices that can rent you a bike. You can also choose to rent a car as long as you have an international driver’s license.

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