Christmas is an event that is celebrated annually across the world, and it is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The event is usually held on the 25th of December every year, and the observance goes back to 273 AD. Christmas is both a worldwide cultural and sacred religious holiday that is observed for over two millenniums now. Since this is an important day and you want the right place to enjoy your Christmas holiday, Liechtenstein is the place to be. During this period, the popular customs include the decoration of trees, exchanging gifts, sharing meals with friends and family, and waiting for Santa Claus to visit.

According to recent data, over two billion people worldwide celebrate Christmas day, which means that the day is significant in the calendar. Liechtenstein is a rich spot that you should visit in Europe. Tucked in central Europe, the country has superb weather conditions during this period. The winter period brings to life many activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, among others. As much as the country may be deemed small, what it lacks in its size it makes up for in diversity, scenery, culture, and economy. 

The capital Vaduz is a perfect destination for your Christmas holidays because it is lined up by Christmas lights and trees that are decorated all over during this period. It is closer to River Rhine, and you can have the time to explore the river and check out what this incredible destination has to offer.

Why choose Liechtenstein for your Christmas period?

Christmas Liechtenstein traditions

In the modern era, everyone is connected through social media and other avenues, and if you are seeking a novel and a true gem in Europe, you should check out Liechtenstein. The principality is your destination because it offers all the best activities that you can have during the Christmas period within a small geographical area. The essence is that you can visit different places within one day. Moreover, there is so much culture and diversity that you will experience in the country.

Liechtenstein is a principality blessed with exquisite natural beauty and the preservation of the history, architecture, culture, and the raw land in its original form. Vineyards occupy the terrains, and although the country has a low profile when it comes to wine production, you will find some of the best wines in the world in this country. On the other hand, the museums and cultural centers are an integral part of the country’s identity, and Kunstmuseum of contemporary art is the best place to learn more about the country.

Before heading to celebrate Christmas in Liechtenstein, be sure to read more about this stunning country:

Fun activities that you can do in Liechtenstein during Christmas 

Singing carols

It is one of the most fun and exciting activities you can do during the Christmas period in Liechtenstein. Most of the carols that are sung today were written in Latin by the early Christians. St. Francis of Assisi introduced the nativity plays, which allowed people to write Christmas carols in their language. The practice is also common in Liechtenstein as people enjoy the melodies, and you can see the decorations lining up the street and alleys. 

Enjoy ice-skating in the Vaduz rink

Ice skating

If you are looking for a fun and exciting activity, then ice skating in the famous rink is the best activity you can do in this region. There is so much freedom and joy in this rink as you can glide across the ice as you enjoy a crisp winter day. You should put on safety gear at all times to prevent any injury. The rink is located in the capital, and you should not miss it.

To redeem your ceramic mugs at Schaedlers studio

If you love art and craft, then this is the best place that you can visit. You will find the most skillful potters doing their craft, and you can produce some of the most simplistic but timeless pieces in this studio.

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There are numerous household items that you can get in this studio. During the Christmas period, you can visit the studio and have your customized mug produced. Also, it is a perfect place that you can buy your loved ones a gift for Christmas.

Passport stamping

Have your passport stamped area, and you are not required to have your passport stamped as you cross the border to Liechtenstein. But, how do you mark Liechtenstein as a country you have visited on your bucket list?

Visit the border control office and have your passport stamped. You can show off to your friends that you have your passport stamped from one of the smallest countries.

Explore the Sareisjoch region 

You can take the chairlift in the Malbun region to the Sareisjoch, a perfect destination, and the most beautiful country. You can check out the panoramic views of the scenic mountains and scenery and the surrounding region of Vorarlberg.

The idea of moving over the ski in a chair can be exhilarating. It costs about 10CHF for adults and 5CHF for children.

Experience some of the exceptional snowshoeing activity in Steg

It is imperative to note that you can still enjoy snowshoeing activities in Steg as much as you are not a ski professional. Besides, you do not have to be a professional to enjoy this activity. It is a fun activity that you can do with your children because it will work well to your fitness level.

You can get your snowshoes at the shops closer to the snowfields. You can choose to do the activity alone or have a guide to move you from one location to another.

Visit the exquisite wine cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein 

One of the best places that you should visit during Christmas is the wine cellars at the prince of Liechtenstein location. Here you will see some of the oldest vineyards in the region, and thanks to the mild climate and the unique geographical location, the wines from Liechtenstein are rich in color and taste.

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You can sample some of the best wines in the region from the cellars. You can purchase a drink to enjoy with your friends and family on Christmas.

Explore Nordic skiing in the Malbun region

Skiing in Liechtenstein

There is a popular ski resort in the Malbun region that is highly visited during the Christmas period in Liechtenstein. It offers a chance for people to enjoy skiing activities as you check out the fantastic views of the serene environment. Besides, you can have time to learn skiing in this area as it was visited once by princess Dianna as she came to learn skiing.

It is a truly magical place that is worth visiting during the Christmas period. Besides, the ski resort is family-friendly, and they are recognized for their exceptional family-friendly services and impeccable infrastructure.

Visit the Vaduz castle

You cannot complete your trip to Liechtenstein without visiting the Vaduz castle where the country’s rulers are staying. You have a chance to learn more history and culture of this country. While at the castle, you have the opportunity to explore the amazing features and the history of when it was constructed, and its overall architecture.

Explore the many museums in the country

During the Christmas period, you must check the schedule of the museums to know if they are open or not. However, you can choose to visit them before the actual Christmas day. This way you will have a chance to learn more about the country and the history as you wait to enjoy your Christmas day.

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The art museum is filled with art and galleries from contemporary and international art, and you can get to admire the artwork of famous artists from all over the world.

Enjoy special Christmas decoration, events, and entertainment

During the Christmas period, numerous activities will keep you excited and involved throughout the period. You can visit the stone church and enjoy reading the Christmas story as you light a candle together.  

Wait for Santa on Christmas eve

Santa Claus

On the 24th of December or Christmas eve, children and young adults wait for Christmas to visit them as he comes bearing gifts. Santa will come with a bag filled with sweets, chocolates, peanuts, among other goodies that will be shared with children who have been disciplined throughout the year. Santa Claus gives the children that excelled throughout the year gifts. 

Enjoy special meals

On the eve of Christmas and Christmas day, you will find that the locals will prepare special meals, and you can enjoy the local cuisine or continental if you want. There are vegetarian options available, therefore, you should be worried about the food you will eat if you are a vegan.

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The meals are exceptional, and with a touch of the traditional meals, you are sure that you will genuinely enjoy Liechtenstein cuisine and holiday.

Have you ever visited Liechtenstein during Christmas? Share your experiences below.