Schaan is the largest in population in all the Liechtenstein municipalities, and it is situated in the northern region of the capital Vaduz. Since it has a considerable population compared to other areas of the country, numerous activities will amaze you when visiting the city. Schaan is the best destination you should visit because it represents the industrial and traffic hub of this unique country. The location is covered by mountains, forests, and the urban center. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Schaan, then you’re at the right place. 

There are as many attractions as a few people in the city compared to other countries. Depending on your trip, you can plan to pass by or fix a single day that you can explore the region and go to your favorite destination. One of the main outstanding aspects of this area is that it has been inhabited for over 6000 years. In the year 15 BC, the Romans under their emperor Augustus conquered this territory, and it remained as a province of Raetia. It is during this period that the settlements in Schaan were put in place. There is ancient history about this location with prehistoric settlements in the area. Besides, there were Alemannic settlements, as indicated by the graves found in the area. 

Things to know about Schaan

Schaan is the most northern part of Liechtenstein Oberland. The area is bordered by Triesenberg to the east as well as Planken. On the north side, you will find Gamprin and Eschen municipalities. The climate of this location is oceanic, you are bound to experience cool or mild winters, and there are no dry summers. The weather changes frequently, and you should be prepared for such situations. 

One of the things that many people do not know about Schaan is that it is the home of the company that produces fake teeth and the largest company that manufactures power tools. Since the region is located near a mountainous area, it has adopted the same geography, and it has a mountain that is 2570 meters above sea level.

How to get to Schaan

It is imperative to note that Schaan has no international airport of its own, and the closest airport that you can land in is located in Friedrichshafen in Germany. This airport has connections to major cities across Europe and other parts of the world. When you arrive at the airport, you can pick a taxi or a bus to take you to Schaan. Besides, as a tourist, you can book a vehicle or bus offered upon booking the airport travel ticket.

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Besides, Schaan is connected to Liechtenstein capital Vaduz by train and bus services. You have the liberty to choose a rented vehicle if you want and arrive at your destination in peace. Schaan has numerous exceptional places that you should visit. These are limited to the urbanized area and the natural environment where you can relax and unwind. The best time you should see the area is from June to October, during this period, the weather is nice, and you can handle the situation well.

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Where to stay in Schaan

Schaan is an exceptional tourist destination, and you should be able to access numerous standard accommodations varying from tents to star-rated hotels. It is important to note that you can choose the best of the hotels available in the area and use them to suit your needs. The services offered are exceptional. If you do not want to stay in Schaan, you can check out Vaduz hotels five kilometers away.

While in the city, you are sure that you can access the best facilities and your trip to the region will be a memorable one. The typical cuisine served in these hotels varies from one place to another, and depending on your taste and preference, you are sure that you will enjoy a meal while in the area. You can get gluten-free meals as well and a wide array of drink options. 

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What are the most amazing things to do in Schaan, Liechtenstein

Explore Schloss Neuschwans museum 

The Schloss Neuschwans museum is situated closer to Neuschwanstein castle, and it is one of the most popular places in Schwangau. It is a perfect location that you can learn a lot about Bavarian history. The museum is rich in artifacts, and there are numerous breathtaking residences that you can check out.

You will learn a lot about the history of the region and the culture of the people in this region. There is a café outside the museum where you can enjoy a delicious bite after learning and embracing the region’s culture and diversity.

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Visit the exquisite Museum Langmatt 

The museum Langmatt is located in Baden. This is a popular tourist destination because of the history and diversity that the museum offers. You will experience the highest level of learning and understanding of nature, art, architecture, and the local people’s diversity.

Over the past two decades, the museum has gone from a small museum to one of the most visited locations. Besides, you can pick a souvenir that will remind you of Liechtenstein. The busiest days of this museum are Sunday, Saturday, and Monday, therefore, if you do not like crowds, it is better to avoid these days.

Explore the exquisite Rhine falls

Rhine Falls

The majestic Rhine falls are a popular tourist destination in Europe. This is one of Switzerland’s largest waterfalls, and it forms one of the best tourist destinations that you should visit. According to archaeologists, the magnificent structure was created over seventeen thousand years ago, and the sight of its mighty water falling on the base will amaze you.

There are numerous fun activities that you can do in this region if you love adventure. When visiting the region, you should take time to explore the area and enjoy the natural environment. The busiest days are Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, therefore if you plan to visit this location, you should choose the best day to fully enjoy it.

Visit the popular Neuschwanstein Strabe

This is a historic location that you should visit and take time to explore the fantastic views it has to offer. The area is surrounded by the alpine mountains, and you can see the fairy tale castle in the vicinity.

The façade is rich in Romanesque architecture. You can marvel at the wonders that the architects of the previous century did. You can check out the features of this fantastic castle and know the history of this location.

Enjoy some games at the Grand Casino Baden 

A grand casino is a lively place that you should visit, and it is situated in the town of Baden. This casino is full of poker tables, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines. 

There is a dining and entertainment venue where you can relax and unwind after a long day. The services offered in this location are top-notch, and you should make a point of visiting it. 

Visit the Postmuseum des Fürstentums Liechtenstein

This is the postage stamp museum you should visit, as there are numerous artifacts that you will enjoy while you are in the area. You will get to learn about Liechtenstein’s legal history and culture as well as how the museum came about.

This museum was founded in 1936, and ever since this period, it has been the best location for exhibiting artwork, antique equipment, and stamps. A postage stamp is a place that you should not miss if you visit Liechtenstein as it serves as a location to know more about the country. You will find the private collection as well as those donated by the founder of the museum.

Learn more about Gutenberg Castle

Gutenberg Castle

This castle is one of those places that you will not afford to miss as it is in the city’s heart and there more to learn about the country. You can enjoy the mountain villages’ panoramic views, green valleys, jagged peaks, and vineyards that are amazing from the hilltop castle.

Have your camera ready to snap some of the most memorable pictures of this location as you check out what it has to offer. You can walk in the footsteps of Roman kings and Hapsburg as you take time to gaze in awe at the exquisite pristine location that you can get.

Visit St. Laurentius New Parish Church

The parish was built in the 19th century and was made according to a famous Viennese architect Sir Gustav. The church has a neo-gothic style and a three-nave column in the interior structure. Closer to the modern church, there is an old tower of the olden St. Laurentius ancient parish.

This parish was constructed around 1100, and it has stood the test of time until it is still functional today. The history of the church is unique, and it dates back to pre-roman times.

Explore DoMus – Museum und Galerie

This museum is one of the most beautiful places that you must visit while in the region. The museum is located in Schaan town hall, it is a cultural center made up of a gallery, founded in the last two decades. In this museum, you will learn more history about the people of Liechtenstein and the town of Schaan.

There is artwork displayed by the local artist as major popular contributors who have their art displayed in this famous museum. You will learn more history about the culture and diversity of the people in the city.

Explore Schaan-Vaduz railway station

Schaan-Vaduz railway station
Albert Koch – Schaan-Vaduz Railway station – NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

The railway station is one of the most visited areas, although people usually see the train station when traveling; you can understand a little history about this location. The railway station is situated in the middle of town, and it is made up of a two-story building with a wooden shed that acted as a platform for the initial track. 

Schaan is a beautiful destination that you cannot miss, where you learn about history and diversity. Take your time and explore this beautiful city while in Liechtenstein or Switzerland.