Triesen is a city situated in Liechtenstein’s picturesque location, and it is often considered one of the oldest inhabited areas. There is enough evidence that indicates that during the middle ages, nobles were living in Triesen. These people came with their building structures and techniques, constructing new villas and beautiful buildings in the forest on top of the hills. It gives the homes a vantage point where they can enjoy the beautiful view of the areas below them. There are very ancient structures in this region, with the St. Gallus church constructed in the 13th century. A shrine was abandoned during this period until the 19th century when a famous architect restored it to a fully working condition. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Triesen, then you’re at the right place. 

Triesen lies in complex hilly terrain, and this territory is separated into the lower and upper towns. The city’s upper side remains to be the best place for tourism as many people visit it annually. On the upper side of the town, there are ancient structures that date back several centuries ago. The ruins of the buildings created during the Roman times and others that have lasted centuries are available for people who want to learn more about the town and its architecture. The old Triesen town also features some century-old houses, and you will find that it is quite interesting to explore this part of the country. The best time you can visit Triesen is during the warm parts of the year when all the snow has melted and can handle the terrain correctly. The natural environment is exquisite, and you will feel the fauna and flora of this part of the world sweeping by and giving you that outdoorsy feeling you have been waiting for.

Things to know about Triesen

Triesen is the third-largest municipality in Liechtenstein, and it is a town that is popular for its tourism activities. The city is known for its architecture and the 15th-century churches that are of historical significance to the country. Triesen is also a notable location because it has the highest point of the country at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level.

In case you’re visiting Liechtenstein for the first time, be sure to check Liechtenstein fun facts before heading there.

How to get to Triesen

It is imperative to understand that there is no airport in Liechtenstein. You must be prepared to board a plane reaching one of the top European destinations before picking vehicles to the city. A typical route that many passengers are visiting Triesen opt for is the Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany, which is almost 100 kilometers away in Germany. Besides, you can choose Zurich international airport, which is 115 kilometers away, and you can board luxury buses or taxis as you connect to Vaduz and the rest of Liechtenstein cities.

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Nevertheless, there are endless travel opportunities once you are in the country because you can now explore what the country offers. There are car hires that you can employ and tour the whole country as you embrace the country’s beautiful nature and diversity. Triesen is a magnificent city home to modernized and traditional shops that sell a wide array of items.

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What are the best things to do in Triesen, Liechtenstein

Explore Grauspitz

The Grauspitz is the highest point in Liechtenstein, and it measures 2599 meters above sea level. It is the country’s peak, and you can see the valleys below and the great environment surrounding it. The area lies on the Swiss and Liechtenstein border and in-between Graubünden and Triesen municipalities.

If you are a big fan of sports and adventure, then this is the right destination that you should visit. Exploring the country comes as a significant opportunity for you to learn more about the people of this beautiful city and country.

Visit the magnanimous St. Mary’s chapel

The St. Mary’s chapel is one of the most magnificent places that you can visit while in Triesen. The chapel construction was completed in the year 1654, and over the centuries, it has stood in its location until today.

There is a unique image at the altar of the church, which depicts death, and this unusual cenotaph reminds the tourists of the place, which happened in the 17th century. It is not a unique place you can visit. There are numerous entertaining parks, restaurants, shops, and boulevards. 

Explore the weaving mill

If you love history and understand how things happen, this is the right destination for you. The weaving mill in Triesen dates back to 1863, and it is one of the main historical monuments in Liechtenstein. There is so much history that you can learn here, from how the ancient people were weaving and also the techniques from the past that are still utilized today.

Enjoy some pool time in the indoor pool

Indoor pool

Triesen is not left behind when it comes to the excursion and fun activities; there is an amazing indoor pool that is 25 meters by 10 meters and a depth of 2 meters. This pool is usually open for the public, and you have to pay a 5-dollar fee for adults and two dollars for the kids.

You can take a dip in the pool after a hard day of exploring the city. Besides, there is a restaurant nearby, and you can grab some drinks there.

Visit a gastronomical giant city

Triesen is a perfect holiday destination if you are a lover of dynamic and international cuisine. Although the town might be small, there are numerous hotels and restaurants that you can get to explore the best meals in the country. You will get both local and international cuisine. You will find that the visitors usually share one dish.

Most of the meals are nourishing, and you should try out the meals in this city. Apart from the fantastic meals and appetizers that you can get in this destination, you can sample some of the exceptional drinks and liquors served. There are specialty stores in Triesen where you can purchase a bottle of liqueurs as a souvenir. It is a fantastic destination for people who are looking for something to chill out and unwind.

Explore Vaduz

Explore Vaduz

Vaduz is Liechtenstein’s capital, and while visiting Triesen, you are not limited to the hilly terrains only. Take your time and explore what the money has to offer. There are numerous aspects of the city that makes it a fantastic tourism destination. The city is located on a pretty green hill, which is complemented by the exquisite mountain surroundings.

There is a castle that dates back to the 12th century in the city. You can take your time and explore the ancient structures and the excellent museum in the city.

Visit the amazing Santis

If you are looking for thrill year-round and want to enjoy the unique locations in Europe, then Santis is the best place to visit. Santis is a mountain that you can have a bird’s eye view of six European countries. You have the chance to race down the glades and ski runs in the alpine countryside.

There are adequate adventures that Santis offers, and at 2500 meters above sea level elevation, you have the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. The majestic snow-covered mountains are exceptional, and you do not need extra motivation to enjoy this fantastic destination’s views.

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You should put on protective gear if you are planning to summit this ski location. The themed nature trails provide adequate information about the trails, and you can enjoy them as you hike around.

Explore the Liechtenstein Art Museum

It is one of the most beautiful locations that you will never miss visiting and because of its striking appearance; you have the chance to get to know more about this European country.

The museum has sculptures, paintings, and exceptional installations that are centuries old, and you can explore these natural aspects and the unforgettable scenes that the museum has to offer. In the museum, you can marvel at the works of great people such as Pistoletto and Depero.

Go sightseeing in Chur

Chur Switzerland

Chur is among the oldest towns in Switzerland, and you should take time and embrace this naturally beautiful town. The exquisite settlements are an attraction to thousands of tourists every year.

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Since it is located in the mountains, the winding streets, historical buildings, and other fantastic architecture are worth waiting for. Chur is rich in different lifestyle aspects such as galleries, museums, restaurants, and boutiques. You can never miss something unique in this destination. 

Visit the Postal Museum of the Principality of Liechtenstein

The postal museum of Liechtenstein’s principality is one of the most beautiful locations that you should visit while in the country. It is an excellent museum, and you can get to understand the dynamics of this location and the parliament buildings. You will get to learn new things every day as you embark on your journey.

In conclusion, you are not limited to what you will see in Triesen and the environs. You can make time and explore the city and the immediate vicinity, which has some of the most beautiful locations that you can ever visit on the planet.