The principality of Liechtenstein is a country located in central Europe and inside Switzerland.  it is one of the smallest countries in Europe and it borders Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east.  The countries that border this principality have had a huge influence on the cuisine of the Liechtensteiners. It is imperative to note that Liechtenstein desserts and cuisine, in general, are influenced highly by Swiss and French cuisine. The main dishes that you will find in Liechtenstein include Ribel, brawn small dumplings with cheese.  Besides, there are mostly cheese-inspired dishes and the main ingredients are vegetables, meat, and local cheese. 

The Liechtensteiners enjoy the meat of different varieties such as pork and pork products for example schnitzels, ham, and bacon. There are various recipes that have a French influence and these may require special ingredients such as green beans, tomatoes, vanilla, cinnamon, veloute, and bechamel. There is a wide array of vegetables and fruits that are used in the country and these include onions, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears, garlic, cabbages, and olives. The desserts in the principality are influenced by the neighboring countries as well and most of them contain nuts, fruits, pastry from the locals and foreigners as well. 

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Muesli is a common meal in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and it is made of a mixture of wheat flour and cornmeal which is mixed before it is fried in butter or oil. There are other ingredients that can be added to the mixture to give it a perfect taste and boost the texture these include nuts, grains, seeds, dried fruits, and liquids such as yogurt, milk, water, and fruit juice. This dessert has been around for over a century now and it was developed in Switzerland before it crossed borders to Liechtenstein.

Plum and coconut sweets

One of the common desserts in Liechtenstein is plum and coconut sweets. This is a perfect sweet for those lazy afternoons you want to relax and unwind.  These sweets can be accompanied by a cup of hot almond milk. All the ingredients are mixed and blended except for the coconut flakes and sunflower seeds. The seeds are then used to decorate the sticky mixture.

Enjoy a crunchy schiaccia alla campigliese cake

It is imperative to note that this is a dessert that borrows its origin from Tuscany Italy and here the ingredients used are similar although with the original product.  You can enjoy this sweet cake with a sweet dessert wine. 

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It is region protected and the ingredients, as well as the method of making, remain unaltered. Pine nuts and lard are the main ingredients and they give the cake a sweet taste.

A cake for three kings

This is a popular cake that is made in Liechtenstein and Switzerland as well.  You can find the cake in nearly all the bakeries in Liechtenstein. This cake is filled with fresh fruit rind, raisins and all these components are gathered together by the rich butter and milk.

It is a perfect dessert on a cold day. Besides, there is a single almond that is usually hidden in the rolls, and the person that finds it becomes the king or the queen. It is a perfect game for kids and young adults.

German apple cake

The apple German cake is a popular dessert in Liechtenstein because of its richness and lovely taste. It is composed of juicy apples that are baked in a lovely golden sponge before they are glazed with apricot jam.

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This dessert is perfect as an afternoon treat or in picnics or parties. This cake is usually easy to make, however, you can get it at the bakeries around the country. It is perfect when it is served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Liechtensteiner Pfannkuchen 

Liechtenstein pancakes

Liechtensteiner Pfannkuchen is a locally made pancake that is topped with berries and is full of compote. It is a perfect treat that you can enjoy as you end your meal.  The batter is usually easy to make and you can use a ladle to place your batter on the pan and this allows you to get even size pancakes.

It is imperative to note that you can choose compote of any flavor and size. You can choose from blueberries to raspberries among others.

Liechtensteiner Tatsch

This is an amazing dessert that is made from flour and salt, eggs and milk are utilized as well, and depending on your taste and preference you can choose a flavor that you want.  The ingredients are mixed and whisked together and they are all mixed until they are smooth. 

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You can now glaze your pan with butter and apply a light coat of the mixture before turning it when it turns brown. This is a simple procedure of how the Tatsch is usually made.  However, in Liechtenstein, they are served in restaurants as desserts and you can enjoy the meal at your own pleasure.


Carac is not from Liechtenstein but Switzerland. However, the dessert is also popular in Liechtenstein. Although these pastries are usually smaller in size, they can be manipulated to bigger based on the number of people as well as the ingredients available. The origin of this sweet dessert has not been quite identified but it was available in the 20th century.

Bündner Nusstorte

This dessert originates from Graubünden and it is a dish that is made up of shortbread that has caramel and nuts inside it. The walnuts are the ones that are popularly used, however, other types of nuts can be utilized. 

The oldest recipe for making this dessert is from 1900. You will find it in bakeries across Liechtenstein and it is served in slice paired with tea or coffee on the side.


This is a popular meringue-based macaron that comes in different flavors that you can get around the region. It began as sprungli before it was adjusted to Luxemburgerli and this offers the right opportunity to check a wide assortment of creations.

You can choose from a wide array of flavors such as mandarin, vanilla, black forest, chocolate, cinnamon, raspberry, and hazelnut. You can purchase this from bakeries as well as the major supermarkets across Liechtenstein.

Gebrannte Creme 

This is a caramel-based dessert and it is a popular dessert across Liechtenstein. It is important to know that it can be quite difficult to get the caramelization right, however, you can get the best dessert from the restaurants, bakeries, and the major supermarkets in the country.

Cherry Tart

This is one of the popular desserts available around the country and it is made from frozen fruits, apples, cherries among others.  Using frozen fruit gives the tart a unique taste and it also adds to its tanginess and sweetness at the same time.  You can get cherry tart across Liechtenstein as well as from major supermarkets.

Apple strudel

Apple Strudel

The apple strudel is not from Liechtenstein; however, it has become a popular dessert in Liechtenstein and you will find it in many restaurants’ menu. This delicious dessert is made by wrapping several layers of thin pastry around a tasty filling that is usually composed of cinnamon, sultanas, and sliced apples. 

This wrapped compound is then iced with icing sugar and this gives it the best sweet taste. The baking process is done until the strudel turns golden brown. The trick of making the best apple strudel is to ensure that the wrapper is very thin. This dessert is usually served with warm vanilla sauce.

In conclusion, Liechtenstein is one of the best countries that you can visit in central Europe.  There is much that you can explore in the country as well as a sample of the cuisine of the beautiful country. you should not be limited to the desserts that we have listed here; you can be adventurous and try local desserts recommended by the restaurants. Go explore Liechtenstein and have more stories to tell about the tiny central European country!

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