Rugell is a town that is located in a large flat area of land along the Rhine river. The name is Latin and refers to the clearing of the land that happened during the settling of this old town. There are numerous conservation areas in the Rhine river. Most parts of Liechtenstein is mainly mountainous. However, Ruggell is one of those places that is largely flat, and it borders Austria and Switzerland. The town has around two thousand inhabitants, and it is a perfect holiday destination for you if you are looking for a place to go and unwind in Liechtenstein. 

Rugell is a fantastic destination because there are numerous activities that you can do while in this area. Some fun activities include attending festivals, tennis, skateboarding, mountain climbing, water skiing, nightlife, water parks, nature trails, among other exceptional aspects that make it more outstanding. Ruggel sits in an area of 7 square miles, and it is a very calm and nice place that you should visit.

There are several places that you can find a good place where you can relax and unwind as you explore what nature and the environment has to offer. The elevation of this city is 433 meters above sea level. If you are looking for a high mountain place to travel to, then you can pass by this location because it provides you with a changeover from the lowlands and the highlands of Liechtenstein.

While you are in Rugell you should not be left behind because there are other places that you can visit around, such as Gamprin. Schellenberg, and Sennwald. 

How to get to Rugell, Liechtenstein?

There are three ways that you can get to Ruggel, and this is by car, foot, or bus. You can select an option that is effective to you and one that will make your travel easy. 

There is an easy way if you are in Schellenberg and you can board a bus which will take you ten minutes to arrive at this destination. Alternatively, if you have a car and want to drive to this destination, you can reach this destination in five minutes.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to hike from Schellenberg to this destination, the three kilometers will take you around forty minutes. You must check out the travel restrictions in a certain location because they are bound to change based on the prevailing conditions.

Which is the best time to visit Ruggell?

It is important to note that the best way to enjoy your vacation is to plan adequately and choose the right time to visit your destination. The best time that you can visit Ruggell is from May to September. During this period, the temperature and the weather conditions are fair, and you can handle the existing weather conditions.

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The highest temperature recorded in Ruggell is 22 degrees Celsius during the summertime and 1 degree Celsius during the winter period. The prevailing climate in Ruggel is continental, and you should be well acquainted with the current weather before visiting. Here are the top places and things to do when you are in Ruggelll

Explore the Ruggeller riet

On the northern side of Eschnerberg mountain, there are ninety hectares of the pure natural reserve of the Ruggeller riet, which is rich in fauna and flora. The creation of the bog occurred after the melting of the rhine glacier seventeen thousand years ago and the formation of lake Constance. The locals used to mine peat, and there are over a hundred peat huts, of which there over twelve, which are still available today.

The exceptional biodiversity of the Ruggeller riet ranges from bog rush, moor grass, peat moss, among others. During the summer period, the Siberian iris blooms in the natural reserve, bringing everything to life. There are over 1631 animal species and 736 plant species. This location is popular because of its use of loamy soils to heat their houses during the cold season. This was an ancient tradition that has since disappeared.

Enjoy watching sports

The municipality is an exceptional location that is famous for different sports, the most common form is soccer, and FC Ruggell is the home team, and it plays in the sixth division in the Swiss league.

However, you are not only limited to this kind of sport, but there are also other fun activities that you can do in the region, and these include skiing, cycling, field hockey, and other amazing winter sports.

Explore Kuefer Martis Huus

This is a place where cultural interaction becomes real, and it is the home of the best museum based on a water theme since it is located closer to the Rhine river. The cultural interaction hub derives its inspiration from the Rhine river, and the museum was created after the famous river influenced how people view life in general.

The museum has a rich culture, history, and diversity and you can learn more about the rhine river by visiting it. There are fascinating exhibits that highlight the essence of water in this principality. A new building is constructed next to the museum, and it is a perfect place for hosting various activities and events.

Hike the Seen route

This is a hiking trail classified as moderate to complex, and you should be well prepared if you are going to hike in this location. The lakes route will take you across Switzerland, and it is a fantastic destination that deserves to be on a postcard. While hiking on the trails, you will have a view of the most stunning lakes, the alps foothills as well as the alps mountains.

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The route is exceptional because it passes sixteen lakes and goes from Buchs via St. Gallen, the Rhine valley, to Rorschach. In the final phase, the hike becomes challenging. However, your exertions will be rewarded with the beautiful views of the flower-filled meadows and the amazing pilgrimage spot in the region. A paved path is an exceptional place that you should visit, there is a boathouse at the end, and you can take a swim after a long day.

Enjoy mountain biking 

Since the Liechtenstein principality is not a large country, you can cover the entire country by biking across it in three days. You will start your biking experience from the forest trails as you ascend to Montlinger Schwamm via route 55. While you are on Sennwald, you will see the principality of Liechtenstein.

The Rhine valley bike route no 48 is a perfect place to start your biking trip at this destination. These strenuous activities will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the St. Gallen Rhine valley and the mountainous backdrop of Toggenburg. You must have all the appropriate gear because temperatures in this region may fall low.

Relax and unwind with a bath in the Tamina thermal baths

It will take you three days to cross the whole principality of Liechtenstein and the Rhine valley, and you must take a break from your biking and enjoy some thermal spa.

The Tamina thermal spa is the best destination where you can relax and unwind. This is an exceptional place because it is cozy, uncomplicated, and a fantastic destination where you can enjoy your holidays in Liechtenstein.

Explore the amazing Schaan

On your trip to Ruggell, you should ensure that you visit Schaan, a financial and industrial powerhouse of the country. It is the largest municipality, and you will have an idea of how the locals enjoy their vacation in this incredible destination. While in the region, do not forget to explore the wonderful church of St. Laurentius.

Visit Gaflei

Gaflei is a popular stop-off for many hikers and adventurous trekkers who want to explore the plateaus of Triesenberg. You can enjoy the fresh air and get some recovery in the resort in this location.

You have the chance to view the amazing alps and the rhine valley. There are amazing trekking routes, and you can join any of them, depending on your preference.

Why not go to Silom?

This is a tiny, cozy village located in Triesenberg Liechtenstein, and it is an ideal destination for hikers and trekkers to enjoy all the thrilling adventures.

You will find timber-clad huts, and these usually look stunning during the winter period when they are covered with snow. Silom is a perfect location where you can break your trekking and enjoy some local delicacies.

Visit Schellenberg

If you are planning to explore the land on the amazing Rhine river banks, Schellenberg is the best destination for you. You will find old ruins and the castles of Obere burg.

These are known to have been constructed around 1200 and the tiny castle was built in 1250 and these areas are popular, and you can explore them on your journey around Liechtenstein.

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