Liechtenstein is a principality snuggled in between Austria and Switzerland, and it has a rich history, culture, diversity, and dramatic scenery. There are historical sites, stunning sites, pristine nature, royal heritage, and impressive natural features that you can enjoy if you visit the country for the first time. You will be surprised by how much the tiny principality has to offer. The majority of the state is covered by meadows of amazing wildflowers and alpine forests. Liechtenstein has numerous places that you should add to your travel plan. 

When planning to visit Liechtenstein, you will learn how the principality became autonomous in 1806. You can flock to this destination and enjoy the attractive opportunities that this place offers. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, winter sports, summer sports, among others. There are picturesque monuments such as museums and castles that dot the country. Schellenberg is a municipality located in Liechtenstein’s lowland area, and it is part of the Rhine riverbank.

As for the past year, the town had around 1200 inhabitants, and it covers an area of 1.4 square miles. The area was first inhabited by Celts before Rhaetian and Romans later. The Romans ruled the area, and the lordship of Schellenberg was purchased by counts of Vaduz in 1437. The Swabian war meant that this location would change ownership until 1719 the Schellenberg territory became part of the Liechtenstein principality.

 Schellenberg territory borders other Liechtenstein municipalities such as Ruggell, Eschen, Gamprin, and Mauren. It is also closer to the Austrian municipality of Feldkirch. The more intense southern part of the mountain is situated on the Liechtensteiner Unterland, and the less extensive part is on the Vorarlberg in Austria. The settlements in the hills include common areas such as Mauren, Eschen among others. The highest peak of the mountain is located on the Austrian side. 

What you need to know about Schellenberg

The Schellenberg mountain is the best place to visit in Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, and numerous artifacts were found in this location. The name Schellenberg is derived from the ruler Schellenberger who was a ruler of this location. However, in most cases, you will find that the locals call it Eschnerberg. The Schellenberg family erected two castles on the mountain on the upper and lower side. The archaeological excavation of this destination shows that this destination has undergone tremendous changes over time.

Schellenberg is a fabulous destination that you should explore in Liechtenstein in the Unterland region. Some relics are centuries old, and you can walk amid the lush green landscapes or stay overnight in the quaint and unique villages in the area. Schellenberg is on the slopes of Eschnerberg hills, and it is one of the places you must visit if you are going to Liechtenstein. Within this beautiful town, there are numerous historical landmarks and buildings that you must visit.

best time to visit Schellenberg

What is the best time to visit Schellenberg?

The best time that you should visit Schellenberg is from June through September, and this is when the temperatures are fair and there is little rainfall. The highest recorded temperature in this region is 23 degrees Celsius.

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The weather in Schellenberg is a perfect destination where you can enjoy winter sports. Schellenberg has an oceanic climate prevailing, and you should check out the most exquisite location before you visit it. Here are some of the top things and places that you should visit.

Explore the Biederman museum

The city of Schellenberg has several historical landmarks and buildings that you must visit if you want to enjoy your trip to Liechtenstein. Among some of these is the Frauenkloster Schellenberg. This is a popular place that has been the sister of precious blood for the past two centuries.

On the other hand, the Biederman Museum is a 16th-century building with artifacts and traditions that indicates how the people of Liechtenstein have developed over time. You will learn more about the country by visiting this fantastic destination.

Enjoy hiking in Schellenberg

Schellenberg is twenty minutes drive on the northern part of Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz, and it is a perfect place that you must visit and explore what the local area has to offer. There are local buses that travel across the Austrian border, and you can take one of these buses to move from one region to another.

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The hiking path over the Eschnerberg is a perfect destination where you can read and understand more about the history and diversity of the nation. 

hiking in schellenberg

Hike the Gampriner Seele trail

This is the only lake in Liechtenstein, and it was created after the excessive flood of the Rhine river and massive erosion in 1927. Ever since, the lake has remained active and a common feature of this location. The lake is situated at 440 meters above sea level, and it is located in the Bendern village.

This lake is surrounded by thick deciduous forests with plants such as trees, reeds, and hedges. This location was put under reservation by the local government in 1961. This lake was renovated and refreshed, giving it a new look and a better water quality.  

Explore the Obere Burg

The upper castle or Obere Burg is a common tourist location that you must visit on your stay in Liechtenstein. The castle ruin is situated in the Schellenberg municipality. The upper castle lies on the western edge of the hinter Schloss, and it is one of the most beautiful boroughs in the village.

This location is open for tourists, and it is an easily accessible region in Liechtenstein. You can visit this destination any time of the year. You are free to visit the castle and enjoy all the available resources and features of the town.

Enjoy some sumptuous meals at Weinlaube – Gourmet

The restaurant Weinlaube in Schellenberg is a fantastic place that you should visit, it is located in Schellenberg, and if you want to explore their sumptuous cuisine, you should visit it. The restaurant sizzles and the stews are outstanding in the cozy atmosphere making it a perfect place that you must visit.

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When you arrive at the castle ruins in Schellenberg, you have the chance to explore what the location offers. It is a perfect destination to take a break from your schedule and eat something.

Explore the Traditional farmhouse museum in the country

This is located in a farmhouse that dates back over 500 years, and this museum is run by the Liechtenstein national museum. It is located near the Eschnerberg mountains in the municipality of Schellenberg.

This traditional building was constructed in 1518. This is a perfect destination where you can learn about Liechtenstein’s history and how the locals have evolved.

Check out the Castle ruins in Schellenberg

When you are in Schellenberg, it is a perfect destination where you can learn about ancient history. This particular location is easy to access, and you can reach it on foot. This area was built in the year 1200, and it has all the elements of the medieval castle, and some documents mention the upper castle indicating that it was constructed in the year 1250.

Over time the building was inhabited by the royals in the area before it was given to the Liechtenstein History association, which began research the history of this location before preserving all the features associated with the destination.

Visit the Red House

This is a landmark in the capital, and it can be seen from a distance as it was constructed on the mountain. During the middle ages, the property was usually a property for the Vaistlis, and this is a proper destination that you should visit the destination.

However, in 1807 the Rheinberger family were the owners of the house. The house’s tower was incorporated in 1904, and this is a perfect destination that overlooks the vineyards of the country. You will get to know more about the country and understand the dynamics of living in such an exquisite location.

What about a visit to Hofkellerei?

The Hofkellerei is an exquisite wine cellar located in Liechtenstein, and if you are a wine enthusiast, it is a perfect destination that you must visit. Visitors can taste a wide array of Liechtenstein high-quality and award-winning wines.

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The staff in this location are hospitable and very impressive, you will find the coziest atmosphere, and it is about the best wines that you should learn about the wine trail and how the winemaking process gives the final product.

Visit the Planning 

The cathedral of St. Florin is one of the most beautiful locations in Vaduz, and it is a perfect place to learn more about the neo-gothic church that was constructed in 1874. It was designed by the architect Friedrich von Schmidt who was from Austria.

The statues near the front of the building are some of the stunning locations. It is worth visiting this beautiful destination any time of the year.