Mauren is a city that is located on the northern side of Liechtenstein’s capital Vaduz. The city is a popular tourist destination as currently, the number of people visiting it on an annual basis is heading to tens of thousands. There are various airports that you can access Mauren from, one of the main airports is Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport which is in Austria. There are other travel options if you want to visit the city, therefore, you are not limited to the options available. The diversity that Mauren brings is exceptional as there are numerous UNESCO world heritage sites in the vicinity. One of the main tourist attractions in this area is the Abbey of St. Gall in Switzerland. 

Liechtenstein is a principality that operates as an independent state, and it is in between Switzerland and Austria. The state has only over thirty-five thousand people. The country is a fantastic tourist destination as what it lacks in the area makes up for being the most exquisite tourist destination in Europe. Most of the state is covered by beautiful meadows and alpine forests, which you can explore and understand why the locals love hiking around this country.

There are numerous places that you should visit when you are in the principality because you can come into contact with nature and enjoy snowboarding and skiing activities during the winter. In the summer, you can enjoy multiple activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and visit the picturesque monuments around this place.

How to get to Mauren

Getting to Mauren, Liechtenstein
Schaanwald Swiss Customs – Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Mauren is easily accessible from different modes of transport such as by air, train, or road. You can use multiple airports to access Mauren, and the closest one is Hohenems-Dornbirn Airport, Austria, and a few miles away. You should not stress yourself on how you will get to Mauren, however, just find a route that will allow you to reach the destination without much stress easily.

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The weather is usually calm and wet, and during the winter, the place can be freezing and wet. The area is snowy, and you can get up to 8 meters of snow during the winter period.

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12 Amazing Things to Do in Mauren, Liechtenstein

Explore the old town 

The old town is located at the foot of the Schattenburg Castle, it is rich in history and diversity as there are ancient remains that have been preserved over the decades. The arcaded squares and medieval triangular plan are exceptional to marvel at because of the olden architecture.

The market plaza is a long rectangle dotted with arcades that you can easily do your shopping in the area. There are a few inns with old paintings, and the facades are a welcoming location that you must visit while in the area. It is a fantastic destination where you can learn more about this location’s history, culture, and diversity.

Visit Feldkirch Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the main attractions in this part of the world and as much as it may seem straightforward on the outside, the inside is divided by refined flamboyant gothic style and a series of columns that will leave you marveling at what nature offers. There is a descent from the cross was first painted by Wolf Huber, who was a Danube artist in the year 1521.

Explore the amazing Ferienwohnung Zentrum Feldkirch

The building was constructed in the first century and came under major renovation between the thirteenth and the eighteenth century. This location was transformed into one of the most lavish living spaces around the area as you can explore the surrounding environment with ease and check out the style and furnishing. When you are on the upper floors of the building, you can have the best view of Rheinthal.

Take time to see Hoher Kasten

A cable car journey that will take you over the alpine forests, meadows, pastures, and the most amazing summit on the best views. You can check out the commanding views over the blue Sämtisersee and the wooded gorge. You can easily reach the resort that is located on top of this destination and enjoy the panoramic view of Appenzell city.

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Besides, the view gives you an added advantage as you can check out lake Constance, the Rheinthal, and the mountainous regions of Liechtenstein. It is a trip that you must take when visiting Liechtenstein as it allows you to enjoy the nature and diversity that Liechtenstein has to offer.

Explore the amazing Ebenalp

The museum of Liechtenstein offers an Emenalo place where you can see the prehistoric and amazing bronze age collections that are accompanied by roman objects and coins. This museum is a magical place that you must visit. There are German jewelry, Celtic votive figurines, and some of the unique Fastentuch von Bendern tapestry of the sixteenth century.

The museum is an armor of honor, and it is a pride for the people of Liechtenstein. You can see family collections as well and understand how things have changed over time.

Explore the Museum of Fine Art

The fine art museum is usually open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, however, on Thursdays, they usually close at 8 pm. The museum is a rich center where you can learn more about the nation’s history and the people who have contributed to the current standing. Kerez, DeAngelo, and Morger designed the museum.

There are modern art exhibitions and ancient art from local artists and artists from other foreign nations. The ultramodern cubic wing is where their temporary exhibitions are shown. Take time to explore and ask as many questions as possible.

Visit the Liebfrauenkirche

The church of our land of Rankweil is a typical tourist destination because it was constructed on a steep sides rock from 8 BC to 15 BC and overlooking the Rhine valley during the fourteenth-century fight. It was destroyed before it was then again rebuilt and fortified in the 15th century.

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The chapel has major Christian themes, such as a graceful statue of virgin Mary, and the gilded decoration makes it the best destination to visit. The gallery will lead you to the rampart walk, which is a perfect place to check out the panoramic Rhine valley.

Visit Santis

It is the highest point in the Alp stein range at it sits at 2502 meters above sea level between the Rhine valley and Toggenburg and Lake Constance. It is a breathtaking destination that you must explore on your visit to Liechtenstein.

The panoramic views of the Bernese Alps, Grisonnes, Vorarlberg, and Glaronnaises are some of the best views that you can ever have in this part of the world. You can check out the location at a closer view of the stairs in Santi’s inn.

Explore the rich Appenzell museum

This museum is usually open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and on weekends it is open from 11 am to 5 pm. You must plan accordingly to give more time to enjoy the history and art in the museum if you plan to visit it.

The museum stands in the house that joins the town hall, and it was constructed in the year 1560. the museum has traditions that date back to 1000 BC. In this destination, you will see the costumes, flags, coins, and other Egyptian artifacts.

Visit Ziegelhütte Art Gallery 

The art gallery in Appenzell is impressive because it was set in a former brick factory, and it is home to the most exquisite art and culture. The kiln used in making the bricks adds a unique character to this location and represents a major contemporary exhibition.

While at this art gallery, you will see works from people such as carl Liner senior. They usually organize a classical and modern concert on the first Sunday of each month.

Get to know the culture house

This culture house is attached to a huge stage and hall, and it is the center of social life in Mauren. You are sure that you will have the time of your life as culture blossoms and bursts into fun and enjoyable activities. There was significant refurbishment in the year 2015, and it is currently a major cultural center.

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The culture house allows you to embrace culture and diversity and get to know how the country has moved from the original ancient culture to the modern culture. There is a wide range of cultural inspirations that you can take from this location. They usually have events, and you can join one of the events.

Visit Mauren museum

The museum is a culturally rich destination as it is home to over ten thousand exhibits. The cultural artifacts document the life and the customs of the people and the principality as a whole.

Thousands of people usually visit the museum on an annual basis. You can get time to marvel at the massive collection of artifacts and objects that will give you a new perception of the region as a whole.

Have you ever been to Mauren? Share your favorite things to do in Mauren below. 

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