Balzers is a village that is situated in the southern part of Liechtenstein. The village boasts about five thousand inhabitants, and most people live along the east bank of the Rhine river. The village has become a tourist sensation as many people are visiting it on an annual basis. The present-day form of the villages is made up of numerous villages from the Mals in the western part and the real Balzers in the eastern region. The division of the village is still present in the current era, and the locals have some competition that seeks to differentiate the two villages. 

Balzers houses Burg Gutenberg, a building constructed in the 12th century and is on a rocky hill in the central region of the village. Liechtenstein has the lowest crime rates in Europe, and it is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a place to visit during the summer or the winter.

What is the best time to visit Balzers?

The best time you should visit Balzers is when the temperature is pleasant, and the rains diminish. The highest temperature that is recorded is 21 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees Celsius in January. The weather is amazing for both summer and winter sports. You are sure that you will enjoy your stay by picking the right time to visit this destination.

The climatic conditions for Balzers are continental, and the best time that you should see the region is between April and September.

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Things to do in Balzers

Explore the Gutenberg castle

This is the main castle in Balzers and since it is a renowned destination you are sure that you will enjoy your stay in this region. Balzers is in the southern part of Liechtenstein principality, and Gutenberg is among the only five castles that have survived the ruins of time.

Unlike its counterpart, Vaduz castle that houses the rulers of the municipality, the Gutenberg castle is open to the general public, and you can learn more from the museum. The castle is located on a 70-meter free-standing rock, and you can access it via Burgweg road.

Visit Damuels-Mellau-Fashina Ski Resort

Skiing is one of the main activities that people enjoy during the winter period, and you are not left behind either. The resort has the most exceptional lifts, hiking trails, and cross country that covers miles and miles. You can snowboard down the mountain in the Damüls area, which is bordering Austria. There are pine trees and iced grounds, which present a fantastic picturesque that you will never forget. The village is the snowiest in the principality, and you can get up to nine meters of snow during the winter period.

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You are not limited in the number of activities that you can do in this destination. The resort is well equipped, and you are sure that you will have fun and memorable moments. There is a cable car that links the resorts in this area. The skiers that can ski in this region are from moderate to expert. Since the area does not have guided or monitored skiing stations, it is better to allow experts to guide you if you are new.

Explore the Vaduz Castle

The Vaduz Castle is located on a pretty green hill above the Liechtenstein capital, and this rugged castle has a rich history because it is where the rulers of the countries live in. You can stroll through the bushy trees, wide corridors, and the amazing history of this popular tourist destination. While at the castle, you can view the amazing alps mountains, which allows users to take pictures and have the time of their life in this destination.

Recent studies indicate that the Vaduz castle was constructed in the 12th century, and the castle was brought down during the Swabian War. However, it was slowly rebuilt over the long periods of the 19th century. You can make your way to the structure where the prince lives and check out the surrounding environment. As you approach the castle, you will admire the vast parts equipped with medieval portals and modern-day art in the center.

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At the summit of the castle, you can take a seat and relax as you soak in the beautiful environment that will remain memorable in your mind as the backdrop to the Rhine valley in the south and snow-dusted Austrian alps makes the view. The castle is twenty minutes walk from the capital Vaduz, and the entrance to this castle is restricted. However, you have the chance to see what the prince has around.

Vaduz Castle

Visit Schloss Vaduz

The riot of turrets and towers are located on the hillside, and it is situated on a theatrical backdrop of jagged mountains. Schloss Vaduz is one of the fairytale castles that you can enjoy your wildest dreams. It was constructed as a fortress in the twelfth century, and it is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein.

You can take a rare peek at the castle and understand what it has to offer. During the national day, the prince has people coming to the castle to enjoy a glass of beer or wine.

Explore Torkel

Located above the prince of Liechtenstein’s vineyards is one of the most exceptional destinations, which is a Michelin starred restaurant. The garden terrace will give you the best views of the ancient wood-lined interior, which is cozy and amazing.

You can sample the local and international cuisine as well. You can enjoy a rack of venison with lentils or shallot cream. You will experience the best regional cuisines.

Enjoy the most exquisite Njord

If you want a breath of fresh air, the Njord is the right place where you can enjoy the best menu. The bistro has cheeky tables, wooden floors, cream paneling, and a fantastic finish.

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When you are in this location, you can choose the menu you want, from vegetarian to vegan and common. This region is twenty minutes walk from Vaduz.

Get to explore the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

A basalt cuboid coupled with black concrete on the staddle hosts contemporary exhibitions in the area. You can learn more about architecture, art, design, and enjoy some of the works of modern and ancient artists.

There is a collection from Liechtenstein, and you can enjoy the olden views of the surrounding environment as you learn more about the history of the principality.

Visit the amazing Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum

This museum is legendary because it provides a guide through the amazing principality, its past, heritage, and the accomplishments it has made over time.

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You will find a history of the medieval trials of the false teeth, and these were painted in easter eggs. It is a fantastic location where you get a little curious about the destination.

Explore the curious Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein

This museum or chamber is focused on the rich royal heritage splendor, and you will learn more about what the country’s royals consider valuable. Some artworks and treasures date back to over four hundred years in the family. The original private collection has been augmented by notable donations from significant artists as well.

Other significant highlights of this destination are numerous superb artwork, including the Rhine journey. You can also see historical weapons, among other artifacts that date back centuries. There are also moon rocks given to the century from the recognition of their contribution to the manufacture of NASA’s spacecraft.

Explore Nendeln 

Two principal communities are closer to Balzers, and these are Eschen and Nendeln, and it forms a part of the lowland region in Liechtenstein. Nendeln is a place that you must visit because the old foundations of the Roman villa and pottery were established in 1836.

The stoneware crockery and traditional tiled stoves are exceptional features that make up this destination worth visiting. On the other hand, you can visit the Pfrundhaus, a fourteenth-century building that houses the holy cross chapel and displays local art.

Visit Schaan

Join the Schaan and Liechtenstein festival

Schaan is a town located three kilometers from Vaduz, and it is a busy industrial town with the old roman fort foundations. It is situated in a beautiful location that is perched above the town. Once the oldest town in Liechtenstein, there are numerous aspects that you will learn about the city as well as the country.

Schaan is a good place if you are looking for a location where you can hike and enjoy the natural environment. There are well-marked trails with varying difficulty, and you can choose a trail that suits your experience. The Liechtenstein festival is a two-day celebration of entertainment, food, and music during the summer period. You can enjoy this exceptional event in a beautiful destination.