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Vilnius to Trakai

Trakai Island is an area of history, and many people have chosen to visit this destination on their trip to the capital. A day trip to Vilnius allows you to check out the surrounding with ease. You can take some of the most exquisite photographs in the lake as the castle is built near the lake. For people traveling to Lithuania for the first time, you must learn a lot of history about the country before the visit. When you have some information about a country, it is easy to enjoy your trip, as you will have few questions. Trakai has everything you have been looking for, from the picturesque island to the classic look traversing the entire surroundings. Many people believe that they can take a day trip from Vilnius to Trakai Island or vice versa. 

How to move from Vilnius to Trakai 

Trakai is about thirty kilometers away from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. It is a place that you must make a point of visiting in your lifetime. You can catch a bus at the Vilnius terminal, which will take you to Trakai. The ride is usually around 45 minutes on a heavy traffic day. However, the time taken may be less, and you can get off at the last stop of the bus. Some buses run on this trip every thirty minutes, and you can find more of them between 9 am, and 10 am. 

One of the best things about this destination is that you do not have to struggle with anything. You just show up at the station and get a bus anytime. Since the waiting time is just a few minutes, you can plan your day trip adequately without the need to worry about the time that you will arrive at the castle of the capital Vilnius.

When it comes to ticket purchasing, you can have your day card or purchase physical tickets onboard the bus, and it will cost you 1.80 euros for each trip. It is important to note that multiple bus companies run this route, and you might be worried about which bus you can pick. However, do not fret. The journey is the same, just pick any bus.

vilnius train station

How do I get to the Trakai castle from Vilnius?

One of the most essential aspects that you should know is that the buses will not drop you at the castle’s door. However, you will be left at the bus station and move from this location to the castle. The journey from the bus station to Trakai castle does not have to bother you because it is a few minutes walk. If you are going to the castle, you can take several pictures as you explore the town. It is one of the best experiences that you can ever have about Lithuania.

Moving from the train station, you turn right immediately after the bus station, you will find a grocery store along the way. If you do not find one, then you are going in the wrong direction. Just follow the path as you move through the town. There is a sign along the way that will tell you the direction to turn. Once you turn, you will see water and here you cannot get lost because the castle is just a few meters away. When you want to go back to Vilnius, then the route is the same. You just reverse it.

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What makes Trakai island castle unique?

Trakai island castle is one of the most beautiful locations that you can visit in Lithuania. There is so much that you can learn on your visit to the castle. You will have to part with 7 euros to enter the castle. However, there is a discount for students, children, and seniors, and you can check out the castle at your own time. Trakai is made up of covered and open-air areas, and you can check out what this incredible destination has to offer. You can check out the three main areas, the underground level, parts of the second level, and the main level.

There is so much history in the castle, and you can learn more about the history of Lithuania as a country and the people. You will understand more why this was the location that was chosen for the construction of the castle. Here there is literature that goes back centuries, and you can read about the wars that were fought during this period. 

Trakai Island

What fun activities can you do in Trakai?

Enjoy a meal in the scenic restaurants

Trakai is located along the lake, and it is a perfect location where you can enjoy a meal along the shore. The scenic views as you enjoy a meal with your loved one is something to look forward to. The meals served are both from the local and international cuisine. It is always good to sample a meal in the most extraordinary destinations as you get to know the local people and history. 

Enjoy a boat ride

One of the main activities you can enjoy is taking a boat ride around the lake, which will take you about half an hour. The boat ride will you an in-depth view of the castle and the location. You will see more of the castle areas, which you could not have adequately seen if you were on land. You can book a boat tour from the many boats that are there in the area. 

Pedal boat

Take some photographs

The area is one of the most unique destinations, and you can enjoy your time by taking memorable pictures. This is the best way that you can spend your day in the area. There are different angles that you can capture in your pictures. On a beautiful that has a clear blue sky, the backdrop is amazing. You can spend an hour or so while taking photos around the area and in the castle.

Explore the local market

There is a small market that is located near the castle. While you are in this area, you can check out the vendors’ items, and you can purchase some souvenirs that you will take with you on your trip back home. It is always fun to explore the different market areas and get a glimpse of the local scene.

Visit Trakai history museum

This is one of the places that will help you understand the country even better because literature covers the whole period since the beginning of the ancient wars and the building of the castle. The museum is along the way as you head to the bus station on your way to Vilnius. In addition, the Trakai museum has other exhibits from artists around the globe and local artists, and you will get a glimpse of what this region has to offer.

Explore the Karaite ethnographic museum

A small museum was constructed as a dedication to the Karaite group of people, and these are Turkic-speaking Jews. These people settled in the Trakai region in the 14th century, and they have been a significant place where you should explore. 

We have discussed the reverse way because many people tend to visit Trakai from the capital Vilnius. Vilnius is the Lithuanian capital, it is well connected to international airports, and many flights from major European cities usually land there. Therefore, many people tend to plan their trip from Vilnius to Trakai. However, after enjoying your time in Trakai, here is your guide to getting back to the capital.

When moving from Trakai to Vilnius, you have several options, and there are usually a huge number of buses that run the route every day. If you want to know the schedule, you can visit the visitor center and get an in-depth report of how the buses move and the time. However, the last bus that usually plies the route leaves the station at 2130hrs, and you must plan yourself adequately so as not to miss the bus.

The second option is that you can take a train, the train system is so efficient, and you will arrive at the capital on time. You can book your ticket from the website as everything is in English. You can choose the training class you want to board, whether first-class or economy. The train will cost you a couple of euros depending on the time that you will be traveling.

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